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Tips for Fighting the Wither

Updated on June 18, 2016

The Wither

The Wither is a truly frightening beast
The Wither is a truly frightening beast

Gear up!

Step one to fighting the wither should start long before anyone even thinks about fighting the Wither! Enchanted Diamond armor is a must. The best things to get on your armor for this battle will be blast protection IV and protection IV, if you put at least one of these on each piece of your armor, you will take considerably less damage from the explosive attacks of the Wither. As for weaponry, you will need both a bow and sword. The bow should have power V on it, while your sword should have smite V on it. Power V is the strongest a bow can get in the power department and will do a solid amount of damage. Smite V hurts the undead the most, which is exactly what the Wither is, undead. Both of these weapons will make dealing damage to the mob so easy!


An enchanted bow, set of diamond armor and diamond sword (from left to right)
An enchanted bow, set of diamond armor and diamond sword (from left to right)

Location, Location, Location!

There are so many places in the large world of Minecraft, where could be the best place to fight the Wither, a monster who will chase and kill any living thing? Now, there are ways to fight the Wither in the Nether and have it be glitched out so it won't attack you, but I will not be exploring that today. The best place to fight the Wither is in the Overworld, deep underground. Most people at this point will have made a mine down into the ground in their search for diamonds, this is perfect! What you need to do is to make your tunnel 2x2 and give it considerable length. At the very end, make a three block tall area to spawn in the Wither, spawn it, and run back down the hall! It's as easy as that! Though, one note of caution, be careful of underground, lava lakes.

A Good Tunnel

A 2x2 tunnel, with a three high area at the end to spawn the Wither
A 2x2 tunnel, with a three high area at the end to spawn the Wither

Bring Back-up!

Though a good amount of people in the Minecraft community only play by themselves in a single player world, another good amount of people play online on servers with their friends. Never under estimate the power of multiple people! If all people in the group have followed the "Gear Up!" section of this article, the Wither will be dead in no time! Having a few people shooting their power V bows at once will take the Wither's health down fast, as will everyone hitting it with a smite V sword.

Extras and Conlusion

There are a few more things people can bring to the party, including potions and beacons (if someone has killed the Wither before). Strength will be your best friend in this scenario and can help boost the damage you do on the extremely hostile mob. A bucket of milk may also help, as the Wither may inflict you with Wither II, which will deteriorate your heath. So, the thing that should be taken from all of this is simply, make a plan! Don't go into a fight without thinking first. Did I miss anything? Please tell me in the comments below and vote in the poll, while you're at it!

Wither Fights!

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