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Tips for Kingdoms of Camelot - Getting Started

Updated on July 15, 2010

When playing the game Kingdoms of Camelot there are many different ways to play. The following is one of the many possibilities on how to structure your game play. The first thing you should do when you start playing is to take care of your resources. Setting up your resources early will help you in the long run.

When you start the game you have 13 resource fields. I would advise that you start out with 4 sawmill, 4 quarries, 3 mines and 2 farms. It is advised to go heavy on the sawmills and quarries in the beginning because you need the most of these resources to build the different buildings and structures.

When you update your castle you will get another 3 resources. I would recommend you build 1 more sawmill and another 2 farms. After this build other resources as you see fit. However, to look ahead later in the game when you are building your army you will need a lot of farms to help feed them. Once you have built your resources, upgrade one of each resource to a level 2, then proceed to your city to build structures within your city.

One of the first buildings you should start with in your city would be your Storehouse. Your Storehouse will allow you to keep your resources safe from attackers. For each level of your Storehouse you are able to protect up to 100,000 of each resource. Unfortunately, you cannot protect your gold. There is a way to manage your gold. I will get to that later. Another way to protect your resources and to maximize your storage capacity would be to research your “Shrinking Powder”. This increases your capacity by 10% for each level of research.

This is a great transition into our next building, which would be the Alchemy lab. Once this is built you will be able to research different technologies, which will be helpful to building up your city and army.

Next I would build a few cottages. Each cottage will be a valuable source of might. Barracks are also a valuable source of might, but cottages are built in a fraction of the time. To begin with you would want to build in the neighbourhood of 10 cottages. The first cottage will give you a might score of 10 and for each additional upgrade that score doubles. You will want to have a high Might because it will deter other players from attacking you. It may also make you valuable for potential alliances.

Next I would build at least 3 barracks. Each barrack allows you to build troops quicker. After each additional barrack you build, your training speed increases by 10%. Ideally you would want between 6 and 8 barracks within each of your cities. I would upgrade at least one of your barracks to level 2 right away.

Once you have a level 2 barrack you will be able to build a Watchtower. Once built try and get your Watchtower to a level 4 as soon as possible, information is key in this game. Each level of Watchtower gives you more and more information about the army scouting or attacking your city.

You will want to build the Workshop, Blacksmith and Stable next as they will be required to upgrade your wall and for specific levels of technology research. I would like the requirement box dictate what building to work on next. Next you will want to build a Knights Hall and recruit knights. If you have Facebook friends that also play Kingdoms of Camelot recruit them as knights. They start off with 5 more skill points in every area as opposed to friends who don’t play.

For the other buildings like the Tavern, Embassy, Rally point, Relief Point and Marketplace they are useful, but you don’t need them right off the start.

Finally you will want to upgrade your castle and wall. For your castle and wall upgrades they will take longer than other structures. I would recommend that you time these upgrades and build while you are sleeping or at work.

Hopefully you find this information helpful. I understand how daunting it could be when starting out, wanting to make the correct decisions and strategy.  For more tips please check out Tips for Kingdoms of Camelot Part 2.


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