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Tips for Kingdoms of Camelot - Managing Wall and Field Defences

Updated on July 18, 2010

In Kingdoms of Camelot wall and field defences are important to protecting your city.  It is important to have a good assortment of field and wall defences.  When first starting out, you should build up your resources and buildings.  This will allow you to build your field defences. 

However, do not go overboard on the building in the beginning of the game.  You need to keep a balance between your army, your wall level and your defences or you will make yourself a target for attacks.  I would start building wall defences only after your might has reached the 100,000 mark.

Traps are good to have in the field.  As they are buried they are unsuspecting to troops that come through.  However, if you are successfully scouted the attacking army could send enough Militia men through to clear your traps.  So do not use up all of your field spaces for traps.  When starting out I would build 1,000 traps.

Caltrops are good at taking care of infantry men, such as Militia men, Pikemen or Swordsmen.  However, once cleared you will need a second line of defence.  Caltrops can be built earlier on in the game and do not need you to have a very high level of resources or other buildings.  So it is good to start out with these field defences.  I would recommend starting out with 2,000 Caltrops.

Spiked Barriers are good at stopping Cavalry and Siege weapons.  They are the second easiest resource to build.  I would recommend building 1,000 Spiked Barriers to start out with. 

Once you have upgraded your Wall to a level 6, Blacksmith to a level 6 and your Fletching technology to a level 5 you will be ready to start building Crossbows. Crossbows will sit on your wall at the best vantage point to shoot at your enemies. These will really come in handy to take out any attacking forces that are able to get through your field defences. To start out with I would recommend that you build 5,000 Crossbows. Beware, Crossbows will require a large amount of wood to build, so ensure that your Sawmills are able to produce a large amount of wood.

You could also build Defensive Trebuchets, however, I would caution in doing this. The Trebuchet is excellent at destroying attacking Siege weapons, but it is only good for one shot. After the one shot you will need to rebuild and reload the Trebuchet. It is an expensive wall defence to have. If you have resources to spare, then go for it, but I would invest in Crossbows instead. You could go ahead and build 200 Trebuchets.

However, be careful in how you build your wall and field defences. If you build them too fast and do not have an army to support your city, if defeated in an attack you will lose these defences and it will be extremely costly and timely to rebuild. For more information on how to get started with Kingdoms of Camelot check out Tip for Kingdoms of Camelot – Getting Started, Tips for Kingdoms of Camelot – Managing your Gold, Tips for Kingdoms of Camelot – The Marketplace, Tips for Kingdoms of Camelot – Managing your Troops.


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