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Tips for Kingdoms of Camelot - Managing your Troops

Updated on July 17, 2010

In Kingdoms of Camelot managing your troops is key.  Having the correct balance of troops and managing your resources is critical to your success.  It is very important that before you start to build your army that you have enough hourly food production to support your troops.  If your hourly food production is in the negative it means your troops are consuming more food than your city can produce.  You will have to either increase your food production by either upgrading your farms, upgrade your fertilizer research or capture a wild that is either a lake or grassland.  If you cannot do any of this then you will need to dismiss your troops.  Hopefully it won’t come to this.

So once you have ensured you have enough hourly food production to support your troops you can start building your army.  Before you start to train any troops go into your city, select your castle then click on the options “Hide troops in sanctuary.”  What this does is protect your troops in case you get attacked.  This will be helpful when your city is just starting out.  If you are attacked and lose, you would lose all of your troops if they are not hidden in sanctuary.

Looking at the different troops there are Scouts, which are good to have in large numbers later in the game.  This is when you are ready to defend the city.  If you have thousands of scouts they will destroy enemy scouts that come to scout you in lesser numbers.  They will lose everything and you will get to keep your secrets and the attacker will be attacking blind.  However, to start you do not need thousands of scouts.  To start you will need 5,000 scouts minimum. 

Transport troops and wagons are the most efficient might builders and they eat less than regular troops.  But they have no combat value.  So build as many as you feel necessary to transport your resources to and from your cities or allies.

Militia do not have a lot of attack power, but they are great troops to use as a first wave for attacking wilds.  They are quick to train.  At minimum you will want to start out with 5,000 Militia.

Pikemen are middle of the road.  They have decent attacking power and are good at defending against Calvary with their long pikes.  To start out with you only need about 2,000 Pikemen.

Archers are pretty good fighters and do not eat a lot of food.  As you improve your Fletching skill your Archers become better fighters.  They are usually good as a second wave for attacking wilds.  To start out with you should have at least 10,000 Archers.

For defending your city, Swordsmen are probably the best unit to have and they eat approximately the same as Archers.  They are well armoured.  Their shields make them effective against archers.  To start out with you should have at least 10,000 Swordsmen.

I would recommend staying away from Cavalry and Siege Engines.  While they are powerful troops and give you the highest might scores per unit owned, they consume a lot of food and could eat you out of house and home. 

This is just a recommendation on how to manage your troops when you are getting started in Kingdoms of Camelot.  Stay tuned for how to manage your wall defences.  If you are interested in learning more about Kingdoms of Camelot you can check out the following posts Tips for Kingdoms of Camelot - Getting Started, Tips for Kingdoms of Camelot - Managing your Gold, Tips for Kingdoms of Camelot - The Marketplace.


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    • profile image

      Lord Tito 5 years ago

      i am new, iwill try , come back later

    • profile image

      jerry 6 years ago

      i agree too.

    • profile image

      Anthony 6 years ago

      This page was very helpful. Tho, i wish there was something on troop combos to attack defended cities. There is a lot of info on defense but very little on how to select the best combination of troops to send for attacks.