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Tips for Kingdoms of Camelot - Managing your Gold

Updated on July 15, 2010

Here are some additional tips for playing Kingdoms of Camelot. After you have built up your resources, upgraded your buildings, wall and castle you need to start managing your gold. You will need to have a reserve of gold to help research different technology and also to purchase resources in the market. There are multiple ways of earning gold. First how your gold is calculated is as follows:

Net Income = Revenue from taxes – Knights Salary

One of the ways to earn gold is to tax your population. The higher your population the more revenue you receive from taxes. I would recommend having 6 Knights to start with, later you can add increase the number of Knights. You will need at least 4 Knights to manage the different jobs, such as Steward, Marshall, Alchemystic, and Foreman. The other 2 I would use for attacks. Later you can have additional Knights to lead multiple attacks. As you increase the skill level of your Knights their salary will increase. So keep that in mind as you are assigning Knights and skills.

You can raise your tax rate to create more gold. However, this will cause your happiness to go down and possibly cause your population to decrease.

Another way to create more gold is to keep your tax rate low or keep it at the level of your Tavern. When needed you can go to your castle and select “Increase Gold.” This will increase your gold reserve by the amount shown. However, this will reduce the happiness in your city by 20 points. This can be recovered very quickly with a low tax rate. You can repeat this process approx. every half hour or whenever your happiness reaches 100.

Even if your gold reaches Zero, you will not lose anything. Your knights will not desert you, they will continue to work whether you pay them or not, however their loyalty to you will go down, this effects their combat skill and efficiency.

Another way to get gold is to begin raiding barbarian camps and cities that are not in an alliance. The resources you get from that you can use to build your cities and/or sell them on the market for more gold.

Recall the problem with gold though is that if you are attacked your Storehouse doesn’t protect it, so keep it reasonably low, that way if your storage is high enough to cover your main resources and you won’t have much gold to take. The attackers will go away with nothing and would have wasted their time marching to your city.

If you think you are going to be attacked and have a lot of gold, if you have another city move your gold to that city. Or if you are part of an alliance ask for help and move your gold to an alliance member. Overall you do not need to have a huge reserve of gold in your city. You need just enough gold to cover the loss per hour to keep your Knights loyal.

To get more tips on how to play Kingdoms of Camelot take a look at Tips for Kingdoms of Camelot - The Marketplace.


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