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Tips for Kingdoms of Camelot - The Marketplace

Updated on July 15, 2010

Some other tips for playing Kingdoms of Camelot would include how to use the Marketplace to your advantage. The Marketplace is a great place to buy and sell resources, which allows you to use up or acquire gold. If you have an abundance of a particular resource, food for example, but need another resource, such as stone, you could sell your food and purchase stone from the Marketplace.

The level of your Marketplace determines the number of transactions you can conduct in the Marketplace. Therefore if you need to sell and buy at the same time you would need at least a level 2 Marketplace. If you have purchased a resource from the Marketplace, it will take up to a half hour for the resources to get to your city.

Transactions conducted in the Marketplace have a Market Tax of 0.5% associated with them. Therefore, you need to have some reserve of gold on hand to pay for the transaction. Keep in mind when you are selling a resource the transaction will not take place right away. The Marketplace is player driven. You select a resource that you want to sell, select the quantity to sell (note the Marketplace rounds down to the nearest 1,000) then set the unit price you want to sell the resource at. Once you submit your transaction it will appear in the window to the left. At which point you need to wait for another player to want to buy your resource for the unit price you have set. There will be competition for selling the resource so be smart on the unit price you set.

For purchases, go to the resource that you need and select the quantity you would like to purchase at the unit price that the other player has set.  This transaction will happen right away and take up to half an hour for it to arrive at your city.  You can speed this up if you have a Caravan Portal, which can be used by clicking “market” in the speed up/progress bar in the bottom right of the game screen.

A key tip for the Marketplace is you cannot hide gold or resources in the Marketplace.  If your city is attacked and you are defeated you will lose any gold or resources you have in the Marketplace.  Another tip would be that if you are able to build a second city, try building it in another province.  Each domain is split into different provinces.  Provinces are separated by a dotted red line.  Each province has its own Marketplace.  Putting your second or third city in a different province allows you to take advantage of the different prices and players of that province.  The Marketplace can be a great place to acquire resources you need, but also sell excess resources.  Stay tuned for additional tips for Kingdoms of Camelot. 


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