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Tips for playing Hijacked on Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Updated on January 31, 2013


In this guide I will talk about, and show you my video on what the best spots on Hijacked are. I will show you the best places to go, and what the best spots are on the map. With all that being said, I will be doing these guides for all maps within the next few days. So check out my other guides and videos that will be posted.

Also please check out and follow me on Twitter @Johnrr631992 .. I post updates about what is going on, new videos, and upload new content daily on there so please feel free to check that out.


Okay guys so to explain the photo. I highlighted most of the important parts of this map that I talk about in the video below. This is mainly a video guide for you guys to check out and watch me walk you through what the best part of this map in fact are. But I will talk about below also the points I highlight in the video.

First off the underground... This is a very important area for objective based games, and will allow you a safer passage to get from one side of the map to the other without having to worry about getting shot. With that being said you really need to watch the corners underground because there are usually campers under here that will prevent you from sometimes doing what you would like to.

Next spot that I will critisize is the outer ledge, balcony, platform, or whatever you want to call it. This area is the outside of the map, and runs from one side of the map to the other. It's not that I do not like this area, BUT you will usually die on this side of the map. There is not much you can do on this side of the map that will not get you killed. So with that being said I do not see any point in people trying to use this to any advantage other than camping people trying to run from one side to the other using this balcony. With that being said don't use this area unless it is an absolute must or a teammate is going to watch you back.

Next up is the buildings. These are great but be careful of people who are going to be camping you on these areas. It can be tough to get by or get through these areas and I strongly suggest that you use the upstairs more than the down stairs and watch the stair cases and ladders.

I personally enjoy running and gunning on this map, and usually do not camp. But watch the video below I am uploading for me to talk a little more in detail about the negatives and positives of this map.

The Video

This video I made specifically for this hub which features me going around showing and describing each spot I talked about above. With that being said, please feel free to check out the video.


In this guide I talked about the benefits of playing hijacked and the best spots. Check back soon as I will be doing this for every map, and will be providing a video for every map. Thanks for reading :)


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    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 4 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      It drives me completely crazy sometimes. I really get annoyed with the awful ratio especially considering the bullet types. But it is just a game, and they need balance, but still haha.

    • profile image

      Wraith 4 years ago

      LOL. I will admit, weapon damage vs. ammo type irregularities have bugged me quite a bit. I mean, in CoD4, the M14, M21 (which is essentially the same gun with a sniper scope), G3, M40A3, and R700 all share ammo. HOWEVER, the base damage for all (yeah, ALL) snipers is 70 (M21 vs. .50 cal....riiiight....), the G3 does 40 damage up to 1500 inches (37.5 meters), which drops off to 30 damage up to 2000 inches (50 meters), and the M14 does 50 damage, which drops off to 40 damage (same ranges as the G3). I mean, the M14 and G3 are virtually identical (checks stats...)....... uhh... never mind, it would seem that is not quite the case. Aside from max rate of fire, recoil, center speed, and reload speed (the reload cancel one), the M14 is statistically better. Raise and drop times are about twice as fast, reload animation times for partial and empty clips are about 1/4 and 3/4 of a second faster, respectively. (Sorry about all the numbers, it's just stuff I find interesting...)

      I do realize this is all for the sake of "weapon balance," but seriously... In real life the rule of thumb is, ammo type ∝ damage.

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 4 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      It's funny I got into an argument on nuketown the other day. I was saying how it was ridiculous the snipers on the game and the kill radius compared to other guns.. And someone came back and said, yes but a sniper is supposed to be a one shot kill gun.. I agreed and said, yes, but it technically fires the same size round as most Light Machine guns, so how can you make the sniper one shot kill, and the LMG's 3-5 shots in core.. It was a heated argument, but in Hardcore I do enjoy the light machine guns when not running around.

    • profile image

      Wraith 5 years ago

      Well, if you take into account the sheer amount of damage the MK48 can do, with a maximum of 49 and a minimum of 30, it is a 1-hit kill in *almost* all hardcore situations. I tried out the MK48 again after I learned that, and LMAO, it felt like a whole new gun. Silencer and rapid fire only drop its range by 30% and 56%(?), which only really affect shots-to-kill in core (not to mention, in core, without either of those, it is a 3-shot kill up to 88 meters (from the top of the plane fuselages to the pipe at the bottom of turbine isn't even that far)). So, if you put laser sight, suppressor, and rapid fire on it, its pretty much a 1-hit PDW in hardcore. XD

    • profile image

      Wraith 5 years ago

      Well, if you're quick to aim and quick to shoot, the MK48 is almost always a 1-hit kill in hardcore. The other LMGs drop off to 2 shot kills at a distance (I think...).

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      This is true. I think it depends on the game mode.. You bring a LMG into hardcore on this map, and your going negative 20 haha.. BUT core with LMG you going plus 20.. For me the toughest part is saying a gun that is good for every game mode.. But personally I like shotguns on this map when playing core.. Just drives people crazy who hit you a couple times, then you turn and blast them away in 1 bullet.. Haha

    • profile image

      Wraith 5 years ago

      I personally find that the LMGs with a higher rate of fire, shotguns, and launchers (SMAW and RPG) are particularly effective on this map. I mean, domination is one of the ideal game types for getting double/triple kills with them, and this map (even in TDM) is extremely good for that. You can use the LMGs to provide plenty of 'wall-searching' fire, since there's only 3 paths commonly taken between the front, middle, and back of the ship, and not much in the way of area to search. And shotguns, because (obviously) the distances most person-to-person combat take place at are 2 or 3-hit kill ranges for most of them (if you use them right).

      Heck, you could even take a fully automatic assault rifle and the Executioner (or KAP-40, but the Executioner takes more skill, IMHO), and be set for pretty much any encounter on this map!