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Tips for playing Turned Zombies on Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Updated on February 25, 2013


In this guide I will talk about some tips that you can use when you are going to play turned zombies the new game mode on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. This game mode features you as the zombie, and allows you to play against other players in order to try to attack, and knock the other players out. It is a fun game mode and alternative to playing the normal zombies.

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What is turned

When you are going to play Turned zombies my first tip is rush for that initial perk. The way the game works is you build up points by either attacking the 1 human that's alive, or killing the other turned players if you are the human with the weapons. You cycle through weapons with every kill and usually start with the executioner. Right now there is only 1 map for this game mode, but expect more to come in the future. The game mode ends after a time limit which is established in the beginning and I believe is 5 minutes. In this game mode you will receive points for every kill you get, and perks do pop up around the map.

Tips for Turned

First off is rush for the bottle. You want to become the first human if possible, giving you the best chances to get some quick points, and shoot some zombies. Remember that when you start as the player you are going to want to follow one of two strategies.

First is run around. If you spawn outside, than you have a lot of area to cover with your gun, and most likely do not want to sit still especially if the zombies know what they are doing. Not that you want to spend the focus running, but moving side to side, and making it harder for the zombies to hit you is a crucial strategy to this game mode. You are going to want to focus a lot of your efforts and energy killing the zombies, and also not getting hit.

IF you can manage to get into the diner then do so. Get into the corner, and shoot anything that walks in. This is a good area to camp, and will usually get you a bunch of kills. Unless you are playing against significantly inexperienced players, then you will not survive for a lot of kills anywhere you go, unless you are in a glitch. So keep in mind that the diner is a good place where you can usually get between 2-7 kills. Then you want to focus a lot on attacking as a turned zombie again.

When you are the zombie and you are going for the player there is a good way to ensure you get a kill.

FIRST- let a player run ahead of you. if they zombie dies then rush in there and attack while the player is swapping weapons. You do not swap instantly and this is a good time to rush in and attack. The player will be caught between weapons giving you a free swipe and potential kill on that player.

NEXT- wait for the reload. Run around and try to run down the players ammunition. If he is using the executioner than wait until his 5 shots are gone. Then rush and and make him try to use his knife. Make sure you use the sprint and most likely his knife will not work.

THIRD- Look for nukes. If you are a zombie and get a nuke you will then kill the human, and become the next human. This is a good, free way for you to gain that beneficial kill over him.

Fourth- Look for the double xp. Remember this game is point based, so getting a double xp will benefit you and allow you to get twice the xp when either the human or zombie. You want this to benefit you and help you get those crucial points faster.

FIFTH- use your other zombies to your benefit. Remember that each player will usually get 1 kill before dying. So you do not want to be the first to run into that player. Let one of the other players run in and get killed, and then you run in and get the kill to be the human.


So overall remember to take advantage of running around, attacking, and using that diner if you can. Also remember to play it smart when trying to attack the human, and don't be the first one to get killed.


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