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Facebook Game: Tips of how to gain coins, sand dollars, and more experience in Fishville.

Updated on April 24, 2011

Fishville in Google Chrome

Compared to all other browser, i preferred Google chrome because fish move faster and all my activities is happening in real time.


Ways to gain XP in Fishville

  1. Buy and sell fish. For higher level Kole tang and Convict surgeon are best fish to buy and sell because they will help you level up much faster than other fish as their value increases to match your level. But they were priced 15 and 25 sand dollars, expensive but worth it. Other than VIP fish the fish mastery fishes especially the Indigo hamlet and Cloudy damsel are good for XP gaining and coin earning.
  2. Buying decorations that have higher XP like Castle Ruins, Aztec Pyramid and Sunken Galleon. If you don't want them in your tank, you can sell them but of lesser coins back.
  3. Always purchase new fish and sell them the next day, you'll gain more experience in every new purchased fish than in an older fish.
  4. Train your Arena fish. By keeping them on training they will give you more XP and coins. The medicine and other stuff will be free when you keep on battling through arena collections. The higher the fish level the higher the XP and coins you gain.
  5. Visit and clean neighbor's tanks. Try to click the treasure chest, clean tank and feed their fish. In this manner the algae collection can also be an extra XP upon trading in.

Ways of Earning Coins

  1. Always give love to your fish twice a day. Give love by clicking the red heart in the lower left-side of your tank.
  2. Sell old stuff. Selling old and extra stuff you have can help you earn coins.
  3. Visit and clean neighbor's tanks. Try to click the treasure chest, clean tank and feed their fish. In this manner the algae collection can also be an extra coins to trade.
  4. Training Arena Fish can add some coins too.
  5. Always send and receive more gifts if possible. You can easily convert them to coins.

Ways to Earn Sand Dollars

  1. Leveling up (1 sand dollars for every level),
  2. Visiting friend's tanks by clicking treasure chest (needs luck)
  3. Attaining diamond awards,
  4. Completing and trading essences collection.
  5. Play everyday, and in every 5th day of consecutive days of playing you'll be awarded with 1-3 sand dollars.
  6. You can also buy credits and convert it to sand dollars.

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