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Tips on Choosing Your Club Captain in Football Manager

Updated on October 9, 2013

In Football Manager 13, you play—obviously—the football manager. One of your jobs when you join a new club is appointing the club captain, vice-captain, and a host of other team leaders that can do the job if both the captain and vice-captain are off the pitch.

Now normally since you’re the new guy on the team, you should let the current captain stay on if he’s a regular part of the first team. Replacing him right away will just upset him and make him consider leaving (yes, Football Manager is that realistic) and even the other players may be affected if they like and respect the current captain. So if you want to replace the captain, you may want to delay it by first appointing your desired captain into the vice-captain position. If you really, really want to replace the current captain, then you really ought to put him in the vice-captain position as a consolation.

Here are some other tips for selecting a club captain:

  1. The captain ought to be a regular starter so the team is always playing with the same leader on the pitch. He should also be one of your better players, so you don’t have to replace him as often and the team won’t have to always play with a new captain. It also helps the motivation of the team if the captain is always there.
  2. The captain should also be a senior member of the team. Not only should he be older than most of the team, but ideally he should also have been a member of the club for more than few years. The team may not respect a captain who’s younger, or who’s a johnnie-come-lately to the team.
  3. The most important factor for a captain when it comes to attributes is the influence. The captain should be a great role model for the rest of the team, so he should have high ratings for Work Rate, Teamwork, Determination, and Bravery.
  4. Of course, the captain should also be among the most liked team players. A captain whom the others dislike won’t help you at all.
  5. Your captain ought to have a personality that’s right for the position. Required Personality traits include “determined”, “professional”, and “born leader”. For best results, the personality of the captain should also match the personality of the club.
  6. The position of the captain on the pitch will also affect his influence. A mid-fielder will have a greater influence on a larger area of the pitch than a goalie, but if you want to shore up a particular aspect of your team such as the defense, then a goalie captain may actually be appropriate.

For newbies who are just starting out or contemplating on playing Football Manager, remember that the game is very detailed. You have to consider all the above considerations just for appointing a club captain, and even a newcomer should know that a manager’s responsibilities cover a lot more. But take heart, there’s a classic mode, so you can dip your toes in without getting mired in the details. But in truth, it’s the details that make the game twice as fun!


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