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Tips on Downloading Movies to Sony PSP's

Updated on March 19, 2013

Get movies to your Sony PSP

Times have gone when one had to rely upon cassettes or even CD’s for storage of information of any kind. CD’s are popularly used even today to store information. But, with that there are other sources as well. These storage devices are not just compatible with the computer but other gadgets as well. Like for instance the PSP console. There is so much craze related to the PSP’s amongst so many people. To tell you the truth, it is not just the kids who love it. There are people of different age groups who are glued to their PSP’s.

The PSP’s are not just about games. The latest technology has the brought in the option of watching movies also using the means of PSP. So, if you have only games stored in there, then you need to good a step ahead and choose the option that reads, Movie for PSP download. If still not sure as to how you can do this, there the following steps will pour some light on it. They will help you with the different options, using which you can download movies on your PSP.

Sony PSP, today's most popular portable game console.
Sony PSP, today's most popular portable game console.

The first thing that you would have to do is download a kind of software that will help you in transferring files, be it movies or game to your PSP.

The information that you want to be saved on your PSP like games or movies should be uploaded onto your computer. Like for instance if you are going for movie for PSP download then you should place the movie DVD in the PC and copy the file onto to the computer.
Then one should ensure that the movie is in the exact format as the one which is compatible with the PSP. The one that goes well with the PSP is MP4. So, if your movie is not in that format, then you should convert it.

There is innumerable conversion software. If you have the best one in hand, hold onto it. One can leave it on the computer as it is used many a times.Once that is done, one can transfer the movie to the PSP using the USB cable. The cable as such comes with the set of PSP.

With the above mentioned procedure, you are bound to carry this task easily.


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    • nufoundglory profile image

      nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia

      Hi, Anthony, thanks for the comment. I myself have sold my own psp's back in 2011 when ps vita first hit the store. Vita is great when you play games, but too bad Sony is too paranoid about homebrews and custom firmware that it's not as useful as the legendary psp.

    • Anthony Binks profile image

      Anthony Binks 4 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Very useful Hub, I just wish I didn't sell my psp now. I thought it was a great piece of kit but wasn't sure on how to go about downloading games/movies etc for it. Oh I wish I had of seen this before.