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10 Tips that Will Raise Your Elo in League of Legends

Updated on May 23, 2016

1) Don't Rage

Raging is one of the worst things you can do when you are on the quest for elo. People think its "just a little harmless rage," but by raging you are committing yourself to failure. Just think of what you can do to help your team win instead of what your team is doing wrong. Make it your objective to carry every game and never rage.

2) Always Ward

Warding is clutch. Wards prevent ganks and save you from feeding and no one likes a feeder. I mean feeder really don't have any friends in LoL. Ward your lane and only push when you are warded up. The good thing about this is if they do end up ganking you, just run back and they lose experience and gold by wasting time on you. This also takes pressure of your other lanes. Be smart and always ward up. Once you get in a habit of warding and obtaining vital vision of the map you will see your play improve astronomical. Most people will be surprised that it is not the big things that you do, but more of the constant little things that give you the advantage.

3) Watch Streams

I'm not talking about the streams with water in them. I'm talking about professional streamers that play games that you can watch. For free! Watching pros is how you get good and how you learn the right things to do. Watch streams and mimic the pros. Another thing to note is that you want to watch streams of players who actually take the game seriously. Watching streams for entertainment if fine, but it will not serve you very well when you are trying to get better. Focus on streams that can give you value and information to make you a better player.

4) Duo With a Skilled Friend

Duo is a great way that you and a friend can play ranked games and gain a huge advantage. Notice how I said "skilled' friend. Don't duo with your friends that aren't good and never try to help a friend out of elo hell. If a person is in elo hell they are probably there for a reason. This sounds harsh but it is the truth. Duo with bad players won't get you very far. I like to look at duo queues as very complex and love hate relationships. There are very nice to have, but it can be hard to find someone that is similar to your skill level and has the same commitment you have to the game. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to focus on improving your own game; look for a duo but don't rely on it.

5) Win Your Lane

The professional players always say win lane and you will win the game. Winning lane gives you a great advantage. It makes you strong and your lane opponent weak. Try to win lane at all costs, and if you can't win lane do everything in your power to not feed. If you are losing focus on trying to farm. If you can't farm, gank or go to the jungle. Don't just sit and die every two minutes.

  • Trade Well. Make sure you are doing damage to your enemy and not taking any damage for free. This is the first step in winning lane.
  • Farm Well. Last hitting is important and will really affect how you perform in the later stages of the game. Mechanical skill are a must in maintaining an advantage in lane and winning it.
  • Ward and have map awareness. You need to focus on what is going on in the map and pick the right moments to go aggressive and strike your enemy down. Know what is going on and stay smart.

6) Focus On Fun Over Elo

This may sound cliché but it is true. Philosophy is key in League of Legends and it will reflect your performance in ranked games. Good players with bad philosophy will have low elo. It is a hard truth but once you figure this out you will gain tons and tons of elo. Focus on having fun and you will rage less and performing better. It is called a game you know? The main point here is to not become consumed in winning the game to the point of it making your frustrated or unhappy. You must keep a level head and always try your best to win.

  • DON'T SURRENDER. A lot of people get behind a little bit and immediately try to spam surrender votes and give up. It is not how you handle your victories that determines your character. It is how you handle your defeats. The game is not over until the nexus is dead. Remember this and you will win a lot of games that you thought were lost causes.

7) Improve Last Hitting

This is for you low elo people. Last hitting is clutch in every lane. It determines how much gold you getting and what items you can afford. Make sure you last hit well so you can make the most good and get the best items.

  • Practice your last hitting in bot games if you have to. It is important that you master this skill because it is essential the game in general.

8) Don't Get Caught Late Game

You have no idea how many games are lost because someone is farming by themselves late game and end up getting ganked by the entire enemy team. A death like this late game can lead to a baron and then a good game. Don't be the guy who always gets caught and always encourage your team to stay together.

  • Here is another situations where wards come into play. Even if you are not support you still should be buying them and trying to get map control. This is so important, because not only does it prevent you from dying, it also sets up kills for your team and lets you know where the enemy is.

9) Learn Over Powered Champions

Learning the most unbalanced champions will help you win lane and win game. While you should learn the overpowered champions, don't play them in ranked until you are really good with them and never play champions you don't know how to play because they are op. Expand the champions that you can play and play well and increase you elo.

  • Lets Face it. The game is too complex to every be completely balanced. There are always going to be champions and strategies that are over powered. Instead of resenting this, accept it. Mold it and take it on as your own. Learn the weaknesses of the game and exploit them for your advantage.

10) Learn A Carry Role

Good ranged carries always gain elo and gain it quickly. Especially in low elo, ad carries make or break the game. Late game, they do all the damage and if you can position yourself right, you will win every team fight. Learning carries take a lot of time and practice but it has a great pay off in gaining elo. Not everyone is fit for ranged carry. If it is extremely difficult for you and you find it boring, don't play it. Find your best role and master it.

  • Increases your control over the game. Carries have an enormous effect on the sway of the game, which is why if you are a good one, you can make or break the game. More importantly, you want to play to your strengths and what you feel comfortable with.


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    • profile image

      ELO HELL 4 years ago

      This is bulls**t

      You can't do anything if your team have no idea how to play.

    • MountainManJake profile image

      MountainManJake 4 years ago from Seattle

      Overall I think it just takes practice. Laning with a friend definitely helps, strategy and all. You just really have to get the hang of a champ and counter-build your opponent without ruining your late game build. Good hub!

    • profile image

      Blang 4 years ago

      I disagree about playing ranged AD. In low ELO games the game is usually over much before a ranged AD can truly shine.

    • passthejelly profile image

      Mark Passarelli 5 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      Why Darius ofc??? lolol

    • profile image

      Darius 5 years ago

      What's your favorite champions choose? the entire team i mean.