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Titan Brawl

Updated on August 19, 2016

Grab your mobile for a MOBA on the go - Fiery fights in less than FOUR minutes!

Minute 1.

You are ready. You've seen them.
You've stumbled upon those magnetic eyes that defy you. And you want to say yes.
All the preparation comes down to this. You know it’s time.
You take a deep breath to grab hold of all your courage and….you tap.

You are ready to respond to the Call of the Brawl!

Minute 2.

Let's get this contest of might started! You have arrived to the Arena.

3.2.1 - GO! Three minutes. Two lanes. One totem to defeat.

Fear not! You are not alone. You have Champions standing by your side.
And since they know your enemy will only respond to strength each of them is equipped with a Special Power that prepares them to be much stronger.

You've got three minutes to protect your Totem, defeat your enemy and prove your strategic skills.

You deploy Korang, your first Champion on the right lane. He's marching in front of enemy minions to defend your territory.
You hold your breath for one second.
There is no going back.

Minute 3.

Your blood is racing - The fight is on!
Korang is engaging to Maya - his opponent - and you are testing each other's strengths. Like a one-woman battlefront, Maya´s five second attack sprays the field with hot lead.
You turn the tides of the battle by using a rapid-fire pounding with Korang's fists and thus, you defeat your first opponent. Pity Maya, who faced this foul-tempered hero.
Do not cry victory too soon, though - You've won the first battle but the brawl has just begun.
You've got one minute to destroy your opponent's Totem

Will your Heroes rise to the challenge?

Minute 4.

There's no time to lose.
While you are sending your Heroes, so is your opponent.
The lanes are getting hectic and you're starting to lose focus.
You have to act quickly.
You go all in! You pick Yorke.
The Titan that once ate an entire village and their livestock in a single day.
Remember taking down the enemy is as important as attacking their Totem.
30 seconds.
You want to use a Special Move but you do not have enough Mana.
What now?
10 seconds.
Your Titan courageously marches towards your opponent's Totem.
5 seconds.
It's Titan vs. Totem - What's it going to be?

Visit to become a tester!


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