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Titanfall Mechs: Tips and Tricks

Updated on March 28, 2014

Titans are the mechs of Titanfall. Even without doing anything, a Pilot (player) can call down a Titan in two minutes. The call down time can be reduced by killing enemy AI and Pilots, doing damage to Titans as well as scoring map objective points.

Pilots can call Titans anywherewhereas long as there are no roofs to obstruct the fall. Newly called down Titans will have a Warpfall shield that protects it from any damage as well as deals damage to any enemy unlucky enough to be caught in it.

There are three types of Titan chassis available to the player as well as a total of 5 custom loadouts. Only the Atlas Titan is available out right and you have to finish the campaign with both sides in order to unlock the Ogre and the Stryder.

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General Titan Tips

  • Although it can be difficult to time, any enemy directly beneath a falling Titan will be killed in one hit. This includes enemy Titans as well. One tip is to rodeo an enemy auto-Titan so that it crouches down and call your Titan on top of it. This can work with piloted Titans although it can be a risk if your opponent knows what he's doing.
  • The Electric Smoke can kill an enemy riding on your Titan's back. As soon as you hear an enemy hopping on, pop the smoke and stay in it.
  • Alternatively, using Cluster Missiles can kill a rodeoing Pilot as well. This method deals a fair bit of damage to you however, so use it wisely.
  • You don't need to be directly on target when trying to melee pilots on a Titan. Once a Pilot is in melee range, your Titan will punch the Pilot directly.
  • You can get out of your Titan faster when you crouch and look down before disembarking.
  • An offensive Electric Smoke coupled with a Cluster Missile can chip away at an opposing Titan's health very very quickly.
  • Titans are very effective at dispatching ground troops. The earlier a Titan gets called down, the better it usually is for a team.
  • The best time to use the Spare Titan burn card is at the start of the match. Your Titan will have free reign over everything for a few minutes or so.

IMC Atlas Titan
IMC Atlas Titan


Dash: 2

Shield: Moderate

Health: Moderate

Core Ability: The Atlas' core ability is the Damage Core. When activated, this increases the damage of all the Titan's weapons significantly.

The Atlas is the default Titan chassis of the game. It's unlocked at the start of the game and is immediately available for custom loadouts. The Atlas is the jack of all trades of the Titans and as such, don't particularly excel in one area. The Atlas can adapt to a lot of situations be it offense or defense. Because of the Atlas' Damage Core, the best weapons to use on an Atlas would probably be high rate of fire guns such as the Chaingun, the Quad Rocket or a burst 40mm Cannon.


  • The Chaingun is probably the most effective weapon in conjunction with the Damage Core especially with the Accelerator addon.
  • The Quad Rockets have a very high damage output as well. Using it close range where all rockets can connect is probably best.

Militia Ogre Titan
Militia Ogre Titan


Dash: 1

Shield: High

Health: High

Core Ability: The Ogre's Core ability is the Shield Core. This significantly increases the damage the Ogre's shields can take.

The Ogre is unlocked by completing both IMC and Militia campaigns. The Ogre is a defensive tank, able to withstand a ton of punishment. It sacrifices mobility for a more powerful shield and larger Titan health. The Ogre is best used as a defensive Titan although can perform well in other circumstances as well, depending on the particular Pilot's skill. It's also the best Titan to leave on auto-pilot since it can handle itself pretty well.


  • The high shield of the Ogre makes it ideal for splash weapons such as the Triple Threat.
  • The Big Punch is a beast on Ogre. One punch can take away a third of a total HP of another Ogre!

IMC Stryder Titan
IMC Stryder Titan


Dash: 3

Shield: Low

Health: Low

Core Ability: The Stryder's core ability is the Dash Core. The Dash Core provides unlimited Dash boosts.

The Stryder is unlocked via completing the campaign once. It's stripped down design allows for greater mobility at the cost of a less powerful shield and health. It's best to avoid head-on confrontations when using the Stryder, opting instead for flanking and long range engagements. The only exception would probably be when you have an active Dash Core. With the Dash Core active, you are very mobile and you are able to circle around a Titan efficiently allowing you to engage while mitigating a lot of damage.


  • The best Stryder weapon would probably be the 40mm cannon with a Cluster Missile. Remember to keep your distance!
  • Stay away from head-on encounters. Don't be afraid to retreat when necessary. Always have a Dash available to get to cover quickly.


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    • SlydeDraco profile image

      Sean K. Lueck 

      4 years ago from Kanata, ON

      Good info. I like the warpfall transmitter to drop titans faster, too. Can get a drop kill that way sometimes, if you time it right, but it's still hard to do.

    • Pazthelobster profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      It's crazy fun when it happens! Thanks for reading!

    • Dreamhowl profile image

      Jessica Marello 

      4 years ago from United States

      I love electric smoke, just because I get enemies riding on my back at least once a match with the Ogre Titan. And I've never thought about riding an Auto Titan and calling my Titan down on top of it - I'll have to try that next time. Voted up and shared!


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