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Today's Pickups - NJ Baseball Card Show

Updated on April 11, 2010

Nolan Ryan 1991 Pacific HoloGold 4

What I Picked up at the Show

Well, I had a good time at the show today, despite some of my favorite dealers not attending this month due to a conflicting show.  I still managed to pick up some great stuff to post on eBay and to sell at the local flea markets that I do here on Staten Island.

My first stop had me going through quarter boxes.  I love going through this type of stuff.  It's mostly stuff you probably don't need but there is usually a surprise or two waiting to be found.  This dealer had 8 800-count boxes stuffed full and a lot of it was pretty basic stuff.  He did have a lot of early 80's O-Pee-Chee stars in his boxes which I passed on only because I was looking for bigger game.  Make no mistake though, those O-Pee-Chee cards that we've laughed at are in far less supply than the Topps cards they parallel and they are printed on white stock making them look so much better.  One day, prices will reflect this but not yet.

I did take a few Mets, Jets, Giants and Yankees cards that will go right into my dollar boxes.  Along with those I added 1976 SSPC Robin Yount ($12), Carl Yastrzemski ($5), Carlton Fisk ($5) and Jim Rice ($2), 1987 Classic Yellow Update Mark McGwire ($10), 1980 Topps George Brett ($8), Johnny Bench ($3), Tom Seaver ($3), 1981 Topps Brett, Schmidt, Ozzie Smith, Reggie Jackson, Yount, 1981 O-Pee-Chee Reggie Jackson and 1985 Topps Dwight Gooden.  The Gooden I picked up as he is going into the NY Mets Hall of Fame this year so interest in him (and Darryl Strawberry) will be high in NY.  I also added 1984 Topps Joe Montana and a few hockey stars from the early 80's.  I topped it off with a 1987 Sportflics Keith Hernandez which I was missing from my personal collection (Very Happy with that!!).

In all, $9 in quarter cards yielded about $100 worth of cards + my missing Hernandez. That's a good start.

This same dealer offered me a stack of basketball cards for $2.00.  I'm not really into basketball cards but 16 cards for $2.00 and it's all refractors and rookies.  So that should go well once I figure out what they are.  He also had a stack of graded cards offered at 25% of sticker price - again all basketball.  I picked up a 1997 Finest Tracy McGrady RC PSA 10 and a 1998 Finest Dirk Nowitzki RC PSA 10 for $7.50.  I'm not an expert on baseketball values but I thought that was OK. 

Walked around to the dealer I usually come here to see but he readlity admitted that he didn't add much to his stuff from last time.  He did bring along graded cards at $1 each.  Obviously this is all garbage right???  Well, mostly yes (15 Alex Escobar RCs counts as garbage in my book!).  But I did manage to pull a few cool things for a $1:

  • 1979 Topps George Brett PSA 7
  • 2005 Topps 1st Edition Ronnie Brown RC BGS 9.5
  • 1991 All World Boxing George Foreman BGS 9.5
  • 1999 Topps Traded CC Sabathia RC PSA 8
  • 1999 Bowman's Best Michael Cloud Atomic Refractor PSA 9
  • 1991 Pacific Nolan Ryan HoloGold Inserts - not graded but worth $90!!!
    (that's the card seen at the top of this hub)

$6 well spent.  The Ryan alone will be worth it but I think the Michael Cloud Atomic Refractor will sell well too.  There are many people trying to collect those.  The Sabathia RC is only because I sell in NY.  The Ronnie Brown is a wildcard depending on his coming back well from injury.  The Foreman card was just because it was 9.5 and I like George.  I get asked for boxing cards all the time so I'm sure George will sell.  The Brett card may or may not - a 7 isn't great - but it only cost $1.

I then visited a dealer I've never seen before.  He had a lot of nice stuff, true vintage, nice 70's vintage (yes, most of the 70's cards are now considered vintage) and a few stacks of game-used cards.  Here is where I thought I might have some fun.  He had a lot of them and some of the cards were of great players, though not terribly expensive stuff.  I asked what he could do on price and he offered 70% off marked price.  After going through them once I figured that really wasn't going to help me.  There were no Mets or Yankees and no Pujols or any other guaranteed-to-sell stars.  I offered $2 each if I could find 50 of them.  I explained that the $20 Uggla patch still wasn't useful to me at $6 and he understood.  He agreed and let me have a good time. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted.

I pulled 50 cards - 47 are baseball, 3 are football autographs.  Of those about 15 of them are of Hall-of-Famers or current players who will go into the HoF some day (Randy Johnson and Todd Helton are in that group).  A few multi-color patches were nice throw ins and about 10 Chrome RC autos also balanced the group out.  Adding up the value on the 50 cards gave us a nice $550 in value. 

Ok so $9 in quarter cards, about $10 on basketball cards, $100 on the Game used lot and $5 for some supplies for the game used cards brings us to $124 total for at least $600 in value (not counting the basketball cards because I don't even have a price guide for them).

I went back to the first dealer I saw since he had lots of weird stuff.  I even thought about pulling more quarter stuff but then I settled a few Allen Iverson graded cards that caught my attention:  Finest RC PSA 10, Lucky 13 Insert PSA 9 and Draft Redemption PSA 9.  At the height of Iverson's career, these 3 were expensive cards but have cooled considerably since then.  Still for $25 it seems like a good deal.  These will be up on eBay soon since I think they should go well, hopefully I make the $25 back!!

Well $150 spent.  I'll keep updating with some of the sales from this batch.  I hope you all enjoyed it.. Remember, never pass up the cheap stuff, you might find some really great stuff in there..


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    • dblyn profile image

      dblyn 5 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      The 1975 Topps cards are already considered vintage. Its a beautiful set and definitely a set to pick up now..

    • profile image

      james 5 years ago

      1975 topps are very

      interesting. Maybe

      next year they will be

      considered vintage.

    • dblyn profile image

      dblyn 7 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      OK, The 3 Iverson graded cards went for about $40 together which isn't what I was expecting. Of the 50 game-used and autos about 40 have already sold averaging about $3.50 a card. Some did great that I thought were pretty common. Some did awful that I would have sworn would be world-beaters.. You just never know. The Nolan Ryan Hologold sold for $25 just as I thought and the graded cards did surprisingly well bringing in around $5 a card - not bad turnaround. The basketball stack for $2.00 yielded a few refractors, ech of which sold for $3.00 or more and all went overseas which I thought was odd - and they were nobody special. Still got my money's worth out of that. The SSPC cards went well and the rest of the quarter stuff is currently still in inventory (much of it was NY-related which goes at local markets. The McGrady graded went for $7.50 so I did ok on that too. Not bad overall, but not as well as I had originally thought. The $100 on Graded cards was a lot to spend and I made it back, but there simply wasn't enough profit in it to make me want to do that again. Lie and learn...

    • dblyn profile image

      dblyn 7 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      The Nowitzki PSA 10 RC sold for $9.99 Buy Now. DOubled my money there!!