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Tokyo Ghoul Merchandise

Updated on November 9, 2014
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Tokyo Ghoul Merchandise
Tokyo Ghoul Merchandise | Source

Anime Merchandise: Tokyo Ghoul

Are you a human? Are you a ghoul? Well, no matter what you are, whether human or ghoul, both have a peculiar craving on a certain anime merchandise in the market. And that stock would be -- the Tokyo Ghoul Merchandise that has been slowly gaining fame beneath the shadows of society.

Unleash your insatiable hunger for anime collectibles as you ravage through this wide selection of Tokyo Ghoul merchandise and show the whole world the gigantic otaku appetite you have!

Explore for a more varied selection of Tokyo Ghoul Stuff

The selection here includes DVDs/Blu-rays, Manga, Cosplay items, Posters, and a lot more. Grab them all while they are fresh and crunchy!

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Tokyo Ghoul DVD

If you still haven't watched Tokyo Ghoul, here's a brief summary of what it's all about:

Hiding beneath the shadows of modern day Tokyo, creatures known as ghouls blends with the society and cannibalize humans whenever they are hungry. Despite the rumors about them going around, little is actually known about them as their whole existence is still a matter completely shrouded in mystery.

One day, a college student named Kaneki Ken meets an attractive lady named Rize at a certain cafe known as Anteiku. Much to Kaneki's delight towards getting to know her, little did he know, this fateful encounter shall drastically change his life forever.


Catch the captivating story of Tokyo Ghoul for you learn the difference of being in both the world of humans and ghouls simultaneously, and discover what darkness the society hides within its clutches. Here's a DVD for you to witness this anime mixed with action, drama, mystery, and horror.

Tokyo Ghoul Music CD: Unravel

UNRAVEL +bonus(digi-pak)(ltd.)
UNRAVEL +bonus(digi-pak)(ltd.)

This is the special music CD of Tokyo Ghoul that contains most of the soundtrack/tracklist of the whole series. This includes the songs; (1) Unravel, (2) Fu re te Fu re ru, (3) Acoustic installation, and (5) Unravel TV edit.

The CD itself of course contains the art from the anime as a cover. And also, this is a work of Toru Kitajima, who once was part of a band known as the Ling Tosite Sigure.

Now about the song, it's Unravel for me all the way. It's my favorite in the songlist of this music CD. After all, Unravel is the OST (opening song theme) of the series. Combine that with the meaningful wording of the song and its moody melody, it syncs great with the anime and so pleasurable to hear and to listen to.

Kaneki Ken (White Hair) - Poster
Kaneki Ken (White Hair) - Poster

This collection comprises of 8 pieces A3-size (42cm by 29cm) Tokyo Ghoul posters. The picture on the right side of the item is an example (which is included in the set) while the rest of them can be viewed on the listing itself. All of them are Kaneki character posters though, ranging from calm and normal black-haired human mode to cool and badass white-haired ghoul mode. All posters are made of high-quality paper material.

Now grab those awesome paper posters while they're blazing hot off the hook! Any fan of the anime would drool over these cool pieces of paperwork.

Kaneki Ken Cosplay Mask

I know, I know! Who doesn't want to cosplay as Kaneki Ken especially when he's in his serious white-haired ghoul form? No one, right?

Well, now's your chance to go around the town as a ghoul-incarnate with these Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken Adjustable Cosplay Zipper Leather Mask.

Oh, just look at that! It's so creepily amazing and well-made that I can't help but be amazed on the details and overall quality of the item.

These cosplay masks really looks as legitimate as the original ones in the anime that you'll actually be rocking the ghoul world if you decide to get one. I myself wants one! But yeah, maybe next time. Oh well, if I'll still gonna have it someday in the future, then maybe you can have it for now.

By the way, these masks are available on both Amazon and eBay (with probable minute differences and similarities) so choose the one you that best suits you. I can vouch for any version though because they're both great cosplay items.

Touka Kirishima with her Ukaku Kagune
Touka Kirishima with her Ukaku Kagune

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