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Tomorrow was a card dealt to the walkers and the movement of life's rhythms

Updated on May 16, 2016

Assigning the Hidden meaning in hands of Healing Arts

That death never once did hand a set match in Tarot was that the hand that holds it carries it in all the genes and gifts that nature nurtured to the training of hearts magical gifting. None times the lotus dances and five times the work of many a man to hand hold a baby in the wings of flights. I had in nature gifted cards for the trees to be in glory of their home rites, for long sense forgotten and mishandled had their breadth been.

This then in the missing card to hold to such meaning would then strip the magic, they had transformation then in the context yet energy to matter be the house of hands held in the dealer's thoughts and mind. Had many a rider and punk been steamed to mention a few, yet never a noble card held for the spirit of all life and meaning that the planet never laid death, just the potential all energy in assurance of your heart's desire. Lust for profit, like the olden days of courting rites. I guess nature's mate was not in the mind yet in the hands that flipped never an inverse nature except for the minds and wishes of the handlers. Had the ill-dignified been in nature nature would have been in chaos of the creator and then in the right of rite all the in born errors of life as it would.

The card game and full houses of all the kings and staff, discs, chalices, and reeds, rods, and more than outward balancing acts woulds set a stage of the theater of the thought dead yet played fools for the High courts, yet then in the people of the land you would a making be the hidden voices too, reflected in the magical seals of the meaning of all governments, made in secret lies of the right for free religions in the United States, in the early days. Had such witchery been in the own Christian houses that settled and then Runes that mitigated the spreads of the meaning of time, yet in nothing that crosses the question in the self read to spirit of the graven energy looking for portal doors and made real to the physical words in hands, then my own Heaven be a reflection of the wonders of all life and all beings. Save for fact that rarely can a man in station live his own creator song, and leave I would one day.

They who would sit idol and make statue states the prisons of the trapped to watch like longing would then in the meaning of consciousness, be damned as for sure I am the criminal of all minds landscape. I would break all the seals of Heaven's gate to unite Hell, Earth, Heaven, and Ether back to the combined soils of the right robes. Save for it may beacon already, then nature would have it's hunger filled with the rites of passages made whole then discovered. Such a filter to hold the hands of life in nothing ventured nothing gained. Had a lust for the sites of power really been in the seekers?

Such that forks are for rooting food to the mouth and grounded landings on the planet of origin or the dreamscapes of the little ones and dears that call a man a Father, even in the never having studied religions. My children would see that all would be explored like the casts of olden travelers, be wise to seek companions in other temples of worship in case a need of spirit and hands that help are in two ways four sometimes, in an embrace. That you may learn your religion in the house of another best is a lesson of what you are and are not. You are the lesson of your heart, steal and be stolen, love and be loved, spirit and be spirit, life and be life, judge the judges and jury the jury and be yourself witness to the costs of chaotic life in the organism whole and alive with all life.

I would be fought a tethered by all forms of houses and meaning to hold my heart in balance with what laws of nature, the physical was a trap for us all anyways and nature rarely wastes it's appetites on the follies of man, it is a beast at times, at times a flower, at times, a spherical globe of reflecting light in a fluid of star light golden hues, it was a meaning that accursed as words were in the being some never forgot their own wording as in the mind they may well sin the hell they damn others to, then stand a witches trail and by hands of your making in all creation everlasting feel my forgiveness as a never needed here, just in my worlds.

I may never see you and this is truth to the roof, you may never touch land or fear you trapped for ever in the laws of the worlds you walk, save that you Damned the Universe and I walk in your worlds, you would be this to know you heart to heart of all hearts electric in the impulses real and measured. Look to the lyres and the lutes of the drumming circles and the books that like ladders are armed in the swan song of sirens to sirens all call nature a home in the waters of life. You have your birth homes mapped out in all aspects and then you see them all in all aspects and religious heart made all works of art in the temple whole, for life is religion of arts and art to heart education influences all the symbols of life, we are so blessed in the combined natures of the wheel of influences.

Thank you for the chance to share your world's offerings with my heart to your minds and be known to your own truths in time. I had been a heart, and still would nurture even the brightest star to shield a heart I love, through harming all my being two to three then four without the Father that would still see them in all creations. So blessed were they to my heart I would have killed them to spare them the wraith of Hell and trails of an untrained mind, and not use them to garner favors of the courts. I would have given up my totality, and in this there is a beginning and they would wake anew one day, for light to fallen star is only as they would dream a short nap in time's holding.

Much thanks and with gratitude, yours Steven Philip Lindquist nature's child and Universal solider of walking the Universe in the heirs of heavens, had they even called them heaven yet?


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