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Tomy Char-G RC Car : 90's Classic Kids Toy!

Updated on April 2, 2018

I am a sucker for remote control cars. From time to time, I reminisce about the old school toys I had and wanted to have in the 1990s. I started to think about the remote control cars I used to have. The internet wasn't around back then, so you relied on catalogues to get your toys or you local toy shops for birthdays and Christmas. The Tyco R/C cars came to mind. My mum and dad were reluctant to get us R/C cars as kids. Kids being kids, these things usually got broken. They weren't cheap either, but me and my brother managed to get a Tyco R/C for one of our birthdays. My Brother had a Tyco Python (Which broke). I had one called, Jacknife. I always wanted a Rebound. These were very popular back then, but all of a sudden I remembered me and my brother getting a Tomy Char-Gs for one Christmas!

(I'm also looking for the name of a model I loved but have forgotten what it was called. It's rear tires were rubber strips and the wheels would go tall and skinny when accelerating. If you remember the name of this one let me know in the comments box below.)

My F-1 TOMY Char-G Yeh Baby
My F-1 TOMY Char-G Yeh Baby | Source

I couldn't remember the names of these when they first popped in to my head. I searched for ages online to try to find out what they were called. I remembered I had the F40 style one and my brother got the NSX version. I still couldn't find them anywhere. The Tomy Bit Charg kept coming up but this wasn't it. So one detailed Facebook status post and a friend of mine came up trumps. Char-G's!!!!!! That was is it, I had to find one. I searched eBay and found the exact ones that me any brother had back in the day, both boxed! The unfortunate thing is they were in America. So, a quick search on and I managed to find ONE. This was the one my friend had and the only other version I knew of. I had to get it! A quick but it now and a fews days later I had a Tomy Char-G again! I'm in my twenties!

Original Box
Original Box | Source

The box was in pretty good condition considering it was almost 20 years old. The car and charger were in excellent condition. So I was very happy! Unfortunately it didn't have the instructions. I didn't really need them but it would have been nice,for a bit of nostalgia. So plopped some brand new juicy batteries in and the memories flooded back with the red light on the right hand light. I switched the button to off on the car and put it against the terminals and held the buttons. Nothing. I was gutted I was happy enough that I had one again but it would have been nice to make it do endless 360's again. After a bit more trying the green light fired up and it was charging! Yeeeehaaa! After 45 seconds it was charged! I forgot that these had rear lights. I was a kid all over again I just wish I had someone to race!

Rembere doing this?
Rembere doing this? | Source

These are very rare now so will no doubt become quite collectible in a few more years just like the Bit Chargs. I will probably put this back on eBay in the future and let someone else enjoy it just as much I did (hopefully they won't be as old as me ). From what I remember the cars you could have were an F40,NSX, 3 F1 Variations and I found a video on YouTube of a Porsche. Now I really would like to have that one or at least the F40. These were great toy back in the 90s I can't remember their retail price back then, but I'm pretty sure they were reasonable as many of my friends remember them. These don't have anything on what is available today, thanks to the internet. I mean, these are just mack daddies of R/C right now. I hope this article brough back some good memories and a source for people searching because there isn't much on these Tomy Char-Gs anymore.


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    • profile image

      Antonio Soares 

      16 months ago

      I've one like that, and i guess it has at least 25 years.

      Last time it was used (maybe 25 years ago) i remove at the time the battery. The car is ok. I put new batteries, but it doesn't work. I even don't know if the car is carged in ON or OFF.

      Anyways, i would to see it again, working.

      It was a pleasant car, wonderful


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