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Tonka PODS

Updated on October 14, 2009
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Tonka PODS are a great alternative to traditional sand boxes and can be a great addition to an existing sand box. The pods have a hinged cover that doubles as a ramp for a child's bulldozers and backhoes entering the pods. The Tonka pods come with removable legs to adjust the height and to connect multiple pods to each other. I find the Pods are a little bit sturdier free standing side by side and just as much fun. While shopping specifically for Tonka PODS a few months ago I found the prices varied by pods. The pods come in different sizes and themes; sand, water and gravel. Recently I have found the Tonka PODS and accessories on sale at several department stores for much lower than normal prices and I have been adding on to our collection. The POD accessories, materials and vehicles store neatly in the pods when not in use, the covers lock in place with the spin of a knob and the handle makes it convenient to carry.

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filling the pods

Once you own more than one Tonka pod it is lots of fun to fill them with different materials. Gravel, dirt, water or sand can be interchanged as well as the POD accessories. Tonka PODS filled with materials will provide hours of entertainment and create a wonderful outdoor play spot. We found bags of accent stones and jewels intended for a fish tank in a dollar store for a dollar a bag that work quite well. This idea is not intended for children under three. A bag of play sand is inexpensive and will refill the pods many times.

sandboxes vs Tonka PODS

Sandboxes require quite a few bags of play sand to fill them. Outdoor sandboxes left uncovered will soon become a regular stop for neighbor cats who leave behind fesus,urine and parasites. Even if kept covered the sand spillage around the sand box will attract stray cats sometimes. As much as kids love to play in sandboxes it can become unsanitary.

The Tonka PODS are washable, portable and easy to keep covered. PODS require much less sand to fill them and can hold a variety of materials. We set up an outdoor play area on a covered porch so the pod play is not affected by weather. When the area becomes a bit messy or sandy it is not much trouble to remove the pods for cleaning. Pods can create a more sanitary play area for your child.


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