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Top 10 Accessories for the PS4

Updated on September 26, 2017
Craig Easom profile image

Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

Scufgaming Controller
Scufgaming Controller

No.1 - Scuf Controller

Scufgaming Controllers

The Scuff controller gained traction back in 2014 with the popularisation of the futuristic setting for Call of Duty (at the time, Advanced Warfare). This was due to the competitive mechanics of the gameplay within this era, from base jumps, jet pack boosting, and wall running. Players needed a controller that could optimise gaming with all of those new, advanced movement mechanics. So enters, Scuf.

Other competitive online FPS games at the time were seeing a crazy level of movement mechanics, such as Titanfall (1 and 2), Destiny (1 and 2), and Overwatch. The Scuff just made sense.

Scuf, on their website proudly presents the brand as being pro-player friendly, in an effort to enhance the gaming experience from the frontline usage of the console controllers.

The Scuf controller currently has four options; Scuf Impact, Scuf Infinity 4PS PRO, Scuf Infinity 4PS, and upgrade your controller.

All of the options give a variety of upgrades and player enhancement abilities when playing online competitive games like Call of Duty or Destiny 2.

Some of the key features to the Scuf controller is most importantly the addition of the buttons which are located at the back, to the centre of the backside of the controller, and these can be used in replacement to the X, square, triangle, and circle. It is worth mentioning that when arranging an order on the Scufgaming website you can customise how many of these buttons that you would like adding to the back of the controller. As a player may only desire a square and circle button.

Also, the Scuf controller feels more durable in strength, has an army-standard grip on the sides of the controller, and has made it so that shooter and aiming buttons can be pressed half way in before they will immediately come into effect. This has been done to increase the speed that it takes to get the player into shooting positions and action mode.

The Scuf controllers are commonly used amongst pro players within the video-gaming community, and will often be seen used by Call of Duty professional players like the Faze and Optic clans.

Scufgaming also has a fair few sponsors and affiliate deals with gaming streamers on platforms like YouTube and Twitch that sees such popular channels as Ali-A (Call of Duty streamer) and HollowPoiint (another Call of Duty streamer) rock it out with the Scuf controllers.

It may also be worth adding that Ali-A, the number 1 Call of Duty streamer, has a sick personalised Scufgaming controller that stands out if you have seen any of the YouTube channels videos showcasing the controller (is light blue, with an Ali-A logo printed on the right handle - for his PS4 Scuf controller).

Should you buy the PS4 Scufgaming controller?: This is a question that requires a lot of different answers, as it all depends on your position as a console gamer, in that it would be worth taking note of whether you play a lot of online competitive gaming, and whether you have the disposable income to justify the purchase.

How much does a PS4 Scufgaming controller cost?: A PS4 Scuf controller costs just about, and above the amount it would cost to purchase a new PS4 console. Many gamers at this point should be thinking like a true consumer, in that this would either be a resounding yes - I would spend whatever it costs, or a simplified no - never going to happen. Some people would rather chop their writing arm off than pay this amount of money for a console games controller.

The exact costs on the official Scufgaming website for a Scuf controller is as follows: Scuf Impact - $140-$170, and relatively cheaper at $50 to have your current normal PS4 controller transformed into a Scuf controller.

What is the difference between a transformed normal PS4 controller into a Scuf controller, and a Scuf Impact controller?: The PS4 original controller once pimped out into a Scuf controller will have all of the perks of a Scuf controller, whilst also retaining all of the perks of the original PS4 design controller.

The Scuf Impact honestly transforms the PS4 controller entirely, buffing the controllers key shape into an Xbox One-looking Scuf controller. However, fear not, as this is still a PS4 Scuf controller given that it has the iconic middle screen and bottom barrel joysticks. The change in PS4 controller design comes with the army-like strength, grip, durability and ease of use.

Our Scufgaming controller recommendations: If you are a competitive gaming fanatic, or perhaps simply an enthusiasts, and have the disposable income to spend on a big accessory purchase for the PS4 and have found interest in the Scufgaming controllers, then we advise buying the Scuf Impact "Designer" collection ($160).

No.2 - PS4 HD LCD Monitor (HDMI)

The Ultimate PS4 HDMI Monitor

- Product by Hori.

PS4 users may have never even thought about having an additional monitor for their favourite gaming console. But then again, who has not. The idea simply forms in your mind one quiet evening when playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, in that would it not be useful, if not fun to play on a screen that is not the TV's.

Yeah, the TV is great but could I not switch to a separate monitor screen for a change in surroundings and atmosphere. The first monitor that sure enough comes to mind is that of the PC's, and laptops, but this is never quite what it seems it should be, as the game feels like its sound is being massacred, and this option would require some substantial accessories to make the option viable for a console system to be included.

This is when Hori's PS4 HD LCD monitor comes into the picture, as it is an attachable monitor that sits comfortably on the PS4/PS4 Pro console. It looks a tad like a laptop when opening the box to see the inners, and it attaches firmly to the PS4 console with ease.

The foldable (laptop-like) monitor is the perfect accessory for PS4 console users, and the best part is that it allows you to carry your PS4 around portably and can be played anywhere that has plug accessibilities. Not the lightest gaming unit to carry around portably, but definitely gives gamers the option.

Perhaps someone is taking all of the time on the accessible TV that you use for your console gaming, and this gives a more compact avenue on playing your PS4 console, as this monitor can be very easily attached and detached from the gaming unit. Never seen a gaming accessory that fills so many childhood imaginative dreams before... Well, now you have.

Want to know more?: Why not check out the product being unboxed (and tested) on Unbox Therapy (YouTube channel giant) - PS4 screen product (get URL!!!!)

The Turtle Beach Stealth 520
The Turtle Beach Stealth 520

No.3 - Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Wireless DTS 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

The Greatest PS4 Headpiece - Turtle Beach Stealth 520 (Wireless)

- PS4, PS4 Pro compatible

Being a PS4 competitive online player, it remains at the top of the list in having the greatest headphones that makes for easy sailing in not having to think too much about the audio experiences when in-game.

There are certain headphones, earphones, and bluetooth earpieces on the PS4 gaming market place that simply just do not cut it. As, most of these budgeted and high-end pieces of tech audio listening devices always seem to have catches or clauses to owning them.

The problems can come in the form of not being immersive enough for main audio product usage, not great for listening to in-game action and friends in party chat, or all around not great in being comfortable.

It is well known amongst the headphone market within the gaming industry that they sell workable budget headphones or earpieces, but they completely lack comfort. And, the higher end of the headphone market where they offer greater audio quality but still have terrible comfort for ease in use.

The Turtle Beach brand has long been in good form over the years, and this is perhaps their most popular selling item on Amazon if this is anything to go by. It has the comfort, great audio quality, and for an affordable price it ticks all of the boxes for us, as we review the best on the marketplace at the moment when compared to affordability and ease of use.

How much does the Turtle Beach Stealth 520 (wireless) headset cost?: The current price for the product on Amazon, manufactured by Turtle Beach, is £84.99 per unit.

No.4 - Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0

The Ultimate Sony-Made PlayStation Headset (Wireless)

- Colour options - black or white

- PS4, PS4 Pro, PS3, PSVita compatiable

The Sony-made wireless stereo headset 2.0 is our additional choice of headset to add to our list for the greatest PS4 accessories. Unlike Turtle Beach, this Sony created headset does not have the capability to help you super-hear enemy footsteps from across the map, but it does have amazing audio quality.

This is a great Sony PlayStation 4 accessory, and we would advise those who are looking to keep their purchases within the Sony brand, to buy the wireless stereo headset 2.0. To keep things on par with the previously listed Turtle Beach Stealth headset, this headpiece is also wireless and looks stunning.

Which headset is better, the Turtle Beach Stealth 520 or the Sony PlayStation Official Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0?: Neither are necessarily better or worse than the other, but they do both have their benefits that may suit certain game types better than others.

For instance, a Call of Duty gamer may prefer the Turtle Beach wireless headset because they like to hear enemy footsteps and gun reloads coming from behind them. Alternatively, a third person gamer may prefer the Sony brand and feel more comfortable in getting an equally as good headset by a brand that speaks to them, the Sony PlayStation wireless stereo headset 2.0.

No.5 - Discoball® [Upgraded] 5-in-1 Multifunctional PS4 Console Vertical Cooling Stand, Dual Cooler Fan and Charging Station PlayStation 4 DualShock Controllers

The Ultimate PS4 Stand, Cooling, DualShock Charger/Stand, with Video-Game Storage

- includes 5-in-1 storage

- Amazon 5 star user reviews

Having a PS4 is an amazing experience, and there are so many great accessories on the market at the moment to enhance/better the experience.

We know the nightmare side to owning a PS4 console, and this includes the storage space for this physical console itself and the video-games that you have in addition.

This stand basically simplifies life, enabling you to take the PS4 console from under the entertainment unit and alternatively stood to the side or on top of the entertainment unit. It gives the gamer the opportunity to show off their pride for being a PS4 owner/user.

The PS4 stands up in this stand (worth knowing when making your purchase decision) in a snug gap, and to the left hand side there is a DualShock controller holder/charger stand (that can fit up to 2 PS4 controllers), and to the right hand side there is a video-games holder. Perfect for tucking away your games in a reachable, no damage zone area.

The one feature that we have purposefully neglected to tell you guys is the cooler feature, as it is one of the most useful necessities for the PS4 console.

Many PS4 owners will know the challenges that are being faced when dealing with over-heating problems that can disturb the player-to-product experience, and the cooler simply keeps the console cooler whilst being placed around other entertainment unit devices. The cooler can be turned on and off at your will at the front of the stand.

How much is the Discoball 5-in-1 PS4 multifunctional console stand?: £17.59.

Should you buy this stand as your dedicated space to store all of your PS4 console needs?: Well, we have researched on Amazon the stands that come available to PS4 owners and this was the finest that we could find. Are there better PS4 stands out there? Perhaps, but who wants to pay more for a standardised product.

No.6 - PlayStation Camera

The Way to Bring Real-World Movement Into PlayStation Next-Generation Gaming - Using the PlayStation Camera

The PlayStation camera is compatible with the PS4, and enables the player to immerse themselves further into gameplay with physical movements.

The basics to get started in virtual gaming with the PlayStation camera.

Firstly, you will need the PlayStation camera, a product that costs £39 on Amazon.

Secondly, you will need the Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controller (Twin Pack), a product that costs £64.99.

No.7 - Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controller - Twin Pack

The Ultimate Physical Advances in PS4 Gaming

- PS4, PSVR compatible

The PlayStation move motion controllers require having the PlayStation camera for the PS4 compatibility to work. These motion controllers are also PS4 compatible, and allows access to games libraries that have been directed towards PlayStation move gamers.

The PlayStation camera can pick up your movements, and the motion controllers can be moved around to direct movements on the screen that will pick up each directional movement.

No.8 - Elgato Game Capture HD60

The Ultimate Gaming Streaming Capture Device

- Next-generation gameplay sharing for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360

- 1080p quality, 60 fps

Nowa days everyone has come across video-game streaming on YouTube and Twitch, and live streaming online FPS gameplay has blown up on Twitch.

Many of your favourite Twitch/YouTube streamers will be capturing their gameplay footage with the Elgato Game Capture HD60, and is the most up to date capture device that can be found on the market anywhere.

Elgato is a simple enough gaming capture device to use, and it comes with its own editing software that once again is easy enough to use. The reason there are so many streamers online is because of the simple use of the Elgato HD60.

Sounds good. How much is the Elgato game capture HD60 device?: £129.90, at Amazon.

Should you buy the Elgato HD60?: The Elgato game capture HD60 is without a doubt the best game capture device on the market for next-generation console gameplay streaming. Especially if you are looking to get into live streaming on Twitch, as it is also great for rendering gameplay videos on YouTube.

No.9 - Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel

The Ultimate PS4 Gaming Steering Wheel (with Foot-Pedals)

- Product by Logitech

- PS4, PS3 compatible

Are you a serious racing game PS4 player, then chances are you are in desperate need of a steering wheel to simulate the closest, and most fun experience to the realities of racing cars.

The closest that you are going to get to the in-car experience of raving cars is the Logitech G29, as the racing wheel feels comfortable, and the in-game experience is immaculate.

The addition of having pedals is a must, as what would a driving simulator be without the foot pedals. It just would not be the same without them, and Logitech G29's are amazing in that they have a chrome finish.

No.10 - Logitech Driving Force Shifter for G29 and G920 Racing Wheels

The Ultimate Gear Shift for the PS4 Racing (Steering Wheel) Experience

- PS4 compatible

This is the perfect addition to the steering wheel that we have just listed, the Logitech G29, and has a perfectly comfortable gear shift design that has leather and steel components. Looks and feels realistic, and nice in use.

Only provides the gear shift, so you will already need to have the G29 or G920 steering wheels, by Logitech. A great addition, all the same.

Wrapping Things Up

To sum up, every item that has been added to this list has come out of research, and general knowledge and personal usage of various PS4 console accessories. These were our best pickings.

If you have any other PS4 accessories that you feel should have been added to this list then be sure to let us know down below.

Any questions regarding items on this list, and if you need any elaborations into particulars, then once again, be sure to let us know.


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