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Top 10 Bakugan Toys 2010

Updated on November 7, 2010

Bakugan toys have been pretty popular for years now. And it doesn't look like the fun will end any time soon.

New Bakugan toys are released every year. And even the cartoons are still going strong. Some of the toys, like the Mystic Elico, have even turned into collectors items. They are hard to come by in stores. So if you really want one of those special Bakugans, your best bet are online shops and auction sites.

To help you avoid buying a toy that isn't popular, I decided to create a top 10 list of bestselling Bakugan toys in 2010.

By the way, the list below is in no particular order.

Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus
Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus

1. Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus

The Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus is relatively new, yet already hard to find in stores. Its greatest appeal has to be the ability to add different pieces and the fact that it opens automatically.

I didn't get that at first (had to look for a video on Youtube), but once you attach the extra pieces and drop the closed Bakugan ball on top of it, everything pops open automatically. Pretty neat feature.

Included in the box is the Bakugan Draganoid Colossus transformation hub, four battle gear pieces, four reference cards (one per battle gear piece), one Gate card, one Battalix Draganoid Bakugan and an instruction manual.

Apparently the pieces can be a little difficult to fit at first, so you might want to help your kids with this at first.

More information on where to buy the Dragonoid Colossus here.(link opens in a new window)

Bakugan 7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid
Bakugan 7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid

2. Bakugan 7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid

A bestseller since it was first released; the Bakugan 7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid. This is actually the first version of the above mentioned Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus.

The fact that it's an older version, doesn't make it less popular though. It still is one of the best selling Bakugan toys on Amazon and many other online stores.

It is a combination of 1 Bakugan and 6 smaller pieces that turn it into 1 big monster Bakugan. These 6 pieces (or Bakugan trap) aren't available anywhere else.

Included in the box are Grakas Hound, Dark Hound, Grafias, Brachium, Spitarm, SpyderFencer & Neo Dragonoid

You can play with the big Bakugan, or all pieces seperately. Which makes it a nice toy for any new Bakugan gamer.

You can read the reviews here.

Bakugan Battle Pack
Bakugan Battle Pack

3. Bakugan Battle Pack

Another good seller on Amazon is the Bakugan Battle pack. This pack includes various styles and colors. Which is why I would only recommend it to someone who doesn't own a lot of Bakugan toys already.

It's a perfect gift for anyone wanting to get started in the game, as you'll get different types in one package.

Included in the pack are 6 Bakugan marble/action figures, 2 character cards, 2 command cards, 3 normal cards and one special ability card.

Bakugan Starter Pack
Bakugan Starter Pack

4. Bakugan Starter Pack

Package deals are always a good deal, and this Bakugan Starter pack on Amazon is no different. It's a lot cheaper than the Bakugan Battle pack because it contains fewer toys.

It contains 3 Bakugan balls, 3 metal cards and an instruction guide. If you're unsure about whether your child will like playing with Bakugan toys, this is a good package. Good value for money and the instructions that are included will help both of you learn the game properly.

Bakugan Brawlers Game Pack
Bakugan Brawlers Game Pack

5. Bakugan Brawlers Game Pack

And yet another pack; the Bakugan Brawlers Game pack. This one is a little bigger than the Starter pack.

You'll receive 2 Bakugan balls, 2 Bakugan gear, 3 Gate cards, 5 Ability cards, 1 Bakugan Super Assault,

Unfortunately, as with most package deals on Amazon, you cannot choose the style and color. So I would recommend this deal for new players or someone who can trade Bakugan toys with friends.

Bakugan Maxus Helios
Bakugan Maxus Helios

6. Bakugan Maxus Helios

Another 7 in 1 toy; the Bakugan Maxus Helios. The 7 seperate pieces can be put together to create one big Bakugan toy.

The pieces stay together well. Some of the connectors feel a bit fragile though. So you might want to help your child put it together the first couple of times. Of course they can be played with separately as well.

This is yet another package that can be hard to find. So you'll want to shop around to get a good deal. Expect  this to sell out around the holidays.

Bakugan Dharak Colossus
Bakugan Dharak Colossus

7. Bakugan Dharak Colossus

The Bakugan Dharak Colossus is often bought together with the red Bakugan Draganoid Colossus. It's only been available for about 6 weeks, so it's pretty new.

It has fewer pieces than the red Colossus. Instead it can light up. As far as I know this is the only Bakugan that has lights.

In the box are 1 transformation hub, 1 Bakugan ball, 4 Bakugan battle gear, 1 ability card and 1 metal gate card.

This toy is shaping up to be a huge hit this holiday season.

Bakugan Gauntlet
Bakugan Gauntlet

8. Bakugan Gauntlet

The Bakugan Gauntlet is great for roleplaying. Just like in the cartoons it can transform.

It can display and hold up to 6 playing cards. These cards are shown by pressing a button at the top front, which will flip up the cards.

Besides the Bakugan Gauntlet, you'll also receive 3 ability cards.

A nice feature for younger players is the LCD calculator. This can make playing the game easier and more fun for children that don't have the right math skills yet.

Bakugan Bakurack
Bakugan Bakurack

9. Bakugan Bakurack

Not exactly a toy, but a great extra for any Bakugan collector is the Bakugan Bakurack. It's available in a variety of colors.

The Bakugan Bakurack is a stylish way to display and transport your Bakugan collection. The rack itself spins and can hold up to 5 Bakuclips (the "tubes" that hold the balls).

The only downside I can see is that there's no designated area to hold the cards. Though you could always wedge them between the tubes.

Important note; newer Bakugan balls are a little bigger and will not fit in the Bakurack.

Bakugan Bakubowl New Vestroia
Bakugan Bakubowl New Vestroia

10. Bakugan Bakubowl New Vestroia

With the Bakugan Bakubowl New Vestroia you can battle up to 3 components. The Bakuramps can be used to store the Bakugan and cards before the battle begins. And when it's time to travel for battle, slide the Bakubowl and Bakuramps in the included carry mat and hit the road.

Compared to the Bakuboard, the Bakubowl offers greater advantages for battles. The Bakubowl is made of a durable nylon that offers greater durability with less weight, as well as greater traction for you Bakugan. The four ramps quadruple the strategic opportunities in battle. Simply put, the Bakubowl has a unique, dynamic design.

In the box is a carry bag, BakuMat and 4 BakuRamps.

Your (or your kid's) Favorite Bakugan Toys

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