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Top 10 Best Agility DOTA Heroes

Updated on March 23, 2013

Defense of the Ancients popularly abbreviated as DOTA is a Warcraft 3 map that shocked the gaming industry a few years ago. Blizzard, the company behind the game, was not expecting too much. Although they were confident about the upcoming success of Warcraft 3 back then, they failed to realize its true potential. The creation of DOTA was probably the best thing that happened to Warcraft 3. Billions of PC gamers both young and old are hooked to DOTA even until now. Though there’s a great drop of DOTA players after the introduction of its successors like LOL and HON, we can’t still deny that DOTA remains as one of the most popular LAN PC games today.

I’ve been playing DOTA for a couple of years now making it easy for me to come up with this list of the Top 10 Best Agility DOTA Heroes. I know many will argue about Drow Ranger not being a part of this list but I really believe the heroes mentioned here are far stronger and more versatile. Shout out to all DOTA fanatics out there and I hope you have fun while browsing through this list!

Kardel the Dwarven Sniper boasts the farthest attack range in DOTA. He also has an AOE skill which causes both damage and slow. His second skill provides a mini-stun chance to his attacks while his third skill considerably increases his range. And to complete his arsenal, Kardel’s ultimate skill can be locked to an opponent and shot after a few seconds dealing decent damage. Kardel’s attack speed is less to only a few. With the right item set, he can easily own even heavy hero carries like Faceless Void and Phantom Assassin. His long range will play a major role especially during the late game. He can stay away from the clash while eliminating enemy heroes one after another. Though he is a common target of early game ambushes, this weakness he can easily overcome this weakness with a Lothar’s Edge or Force Staff.

Killing Mirana the Priestess of the Moon requires an entire team especially if the user is skillful in using this hero’s skills. Items such as Force Staff and Kelen’s Dagger of Escape can even make it hard for anyone to catch Mirana. Nonetheless, this hero is not just all escape. She can launch arrows which deal heavy damage and stun a target in a certain period of time depending on her distance prior casting. This skill is called Elune’s Arrow which is regarded by many as one of the best skills for ganking in DOTA. Though it’s hard to land a hit with this skill at first, constant practice will make you an expert in no time. The key is counting steps and analyzing enemy movement patterns. Mirana is effective in every part of the game and is very versatile when it comes to builds. She can be a support, semi-carry, full carry, or even support depending on her team’s needs.

Ulfsaar the Ursa Warrior is among the few agility type heroes who play well against tankers probably because he has decent strength gain and often given items which boost health points. Ulfsaar’s ultimate skill grants him bonus damage based on his current health points which is why professional DOTA players aim for a Vanguard and Heart of Tarasque while using him. Probably the only problem you’ll find about this hero is his lack of mobility. To cope with this issue, Phase Boots and Kelen’s Dagger of Escape are must haves. With these items in his inventory, Ulfsaar can be an effective roamer, keeping carry enemy heroes away from their usual farming areas and pressuring the enemy team as a whole. Another amazing thing about this hero is that he can solo Roshan, DOTA’s mightiest neutral creep despite having only a Vladimir’s offering or Helm of Dominator in his inventory at lvl 8.

Azwraith the Phantom Lancer is a master of confusion. He can generate up to 15 weaker images of himself as he attacks. He also has a skill which grants him brief invisibility allowing him to avoid early game ambushes with ease. Azwraith’s first skill cripples an enemy and deals a considerable amount of damage. Its cooldown rate is also lower than the usual making it a perfect spamming tool. This skill helps Azwraith control a lane and harass heroes with very low health points during the first minutes of the game. Like majority of agility type heroes, Azwraith’s power will fully bloom during the late game. A Diffusal Blade and Radiancein his inventory are more than enough to threaten a strong enemy team and leave make them think twice about engaging on a clash. Nevertheless, Azwraith lacks health points and is an easy target once the enemy team counters his invisibility so aiming for a Heart of Tarasque or Satanic is a brilliant idea.

Gondar the Bounty Hunter is one of the swiftest agility type heroes in DOTA. His movement speed will increase even more after casting his ultimate skill while granting him more gold after eliminating his target. Gondar’s fist skill assures that an enemy can simply use a town portal to get away from his hunt. This hero also has a skill which renders him invisible for a short period of time and unleashes a critical hit with his next blow. Harassing Gondar in a lane is close to impossible if you don’t use a sentry ward, dust of appearance, gem of true sight, or Necronomicon. Never let this hero farm or else you’ll pay a high price during the late game. With Black King Bar, the Butterfly, and Monkey King Bar in his inventory, it would take two or more well-farmed heroes to bring Gondar down.

Rikimaru the Stealth Assassin has permanent invisibility. Without a Gem of True sight or Necronomicon stopping him in dominating a game is close to impossible. He receives bonus damage based on his agility as he hits his enemy’s back while boasting an AOE skill which provides nearby unit high evasion for a brief period of time convincing enemy heroes that there’s no better option than to retreat. Rikimaru is also an excellent chaser with his Blink Strike. With the right items set, he can easily lash through the defense of any hero and completely eliminate the opposing team within seconds. Mask of Madness is highly suggested for Rikimaru as well as Cramium Basher and The Butterfly. If you are up against strong nukers and spammers, a Black King Bar might come in handy as well.

Murloc the Nightcrawler steals enemy stats in every hit which means even the toughest tankers in DOTA won’t survive a long match against this cunning hero. His first skill called Pounce allows Murloc to dive in closer to an enemy and binding his victim to the ground. Though he lack health points and is prone to early game harassment like majority of agility DOTA heroes, it is well compensated by his immense health points regeneration, movement speed, and brief invisibility offered by his ultimate skill. Mask of Madness is among the best items of Murloc but it should be used with great caution since it can make him squishier. The Buttery, Eye of Skadi, and Cramium Basher are excellent item choices as well for Murloc.

Darkterror the Faceless void manipulates time to bring his enemies to their knees. His ultimate skill stops the time of a certain area so he can freely launch hits without any resistance. During the late game, Dark Terror can eliminate at least one enemy hero through his ultimate skill. But Darkterror does not simply rely on Chronosphere to be effective. He has the best dodge skill in the game which gives him a chance not only to dodge physical attack but thrown spells as well. If you are lucky enough, it’s possible to come out without any damage after receiving a brutal skill combination from known nukers like Slayer and Demon Witch. Darkterror’s first skill is effective in both offense and defense. He also has a bashing skill which made him one of the most feared hero carries in DOTA.

Only a few can stand up against a well-farmed Mortred the Phantom Assassin during the late game. The only weakness this hero has is her measly health points making her vulnerable against nukers. Nonetheless, such flaw can be easily eliminated by simply purchasing a Black King Bar, an item which grants full magic immunity in a certain period of time. Mortred offers both high evasion rate and attack speed. She can also launch the most powerful critical hits in the game which can entirely change a battle’s result especially if she has a Battle Fury. With the right timing, decent support from her teammates, and good item set, Mortred can eliminate the entire enemy team in just 2-3 blows.

Nevermore the Shadow Fiend is a common pick on pub games. His immense lane presence and ability to farm effortlessly are among the few factors which made Nevermore worthy of the first spot in this list of the Top 10 Best Agility DOTA Heroes. There’s nothing fancy about Nevermore’s skill set. His first skill can set from 900 AOE damage if done efficiently while his second skill increases Nevermore’s damage in every successful kill. His third skill on the other hand reduces the armor of enemy units nearby. This skill makes him a nightmare to intelligence and strength type heroes which often have very low innate armor. Last but definitely not the least is Requiem, Nevermore’s ultimate skill which releases the souls he captured and causing immense damage on a certain area. The closer you are to Nevermore, the greater the damage.

Nevermore owning!

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    • profile image

      dimas 19 months ago

      Hey troll war lord is the most poisonous agility

    • profile image

      DENDIMON 2 years ago

      What the hell! Where the hell is Morphling and Spectre. Nevermore does not deserve no. 1. He sucks.

    • profile image

      Kela 2 years ago

      I think you should add troll

      He is a dangerous hero

    • profile image

      secret 3 years ago

      Where is Drow ranger she's the best DPS hero I can kill shadow fiend easily

    • profile image

      My Dota No.acount SaTuRDaY_DrAGoN.....JoIn PLZ 3 years ago

      shadowfield are battle king..... Yeas and iam shadow pro:D

    • profile image

      unknown 4 years ago

      where's magina he's good in getting mana of heroes duhhhh

    • profile image

      NOOBS 4 years ago

      Where is magina , medusa , gyro ?

      slark is not carry , is just PUBSTOM !!!

    • profile image

      caca 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 years ago

      Please add gyrocopter, he is an excellent outsmarting hero against even to magic immune/juking/harrassing/chasing/passive enemies.