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Top 10 Best DOTA 2 Wallpapers HD

Updated on January 5, 2013

DOTA 2 uplifts the classic Warcraft 3 Map DOTA into a much higher level graphic-wise. Those who loved DOTA will surely find its second installment much more entertaining compared to its counterparts namely League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth. Almost everything in DOTA 2 is identical to its predecessor including gameplay, skills, and items. The only difference is a much lively and exciting experience with remodeled and improved DOTA heroes.

Have you been searching for DOTA 2 Wallpapers online for hours but can’t decide which is best as a computer background? To help you out, here is a list of the Top 10 Best DOTA 2 Wallpapers HD. Feel free to browse through my list and leave a comment whether each of these works of art belongs here. Have a good read everyone and keep the DOTA 2 battles coming!

Traxex the Drow Ranger is one of the most widely-used carry in DOTA 2. Her agility and damage can be matched by only a few. Probably the best thing that keeps Traxex above compared to most agility hero carries in DOTA 2 is her strong lane presence. Traxex can easily harass melee heroes regardless if they boast high amounts of health points or armor by simply spamming her Frost Arrows. With a lane partner having a reliable disabling skill such as Crystal Maiden and Vengeful Spirit, early-game lane domination is almost assured. Traxex Drow Ranger is very easy to handle and does not require a player to be an expert in DOTA 2 to bring out her true potential making her a great pick for beginners.

Pudge the Butcher is feared because of his tanking and early-game killing ability. His first skill can instantly separate an enemy hero from his team denying the chance for his allies to help out. Pudge’s second and ultimate skill combination can be a pain particularly for agility and intelligence type heroes. His third skill on the other hand provides magic resistance bonus and grants him permanent strength gain for every enemy hero killed with his presence. Nevertheless, this hero is best used by experienced DOTA 2 players. Pudge’s first skill requires pinpoint accuracy and wise judging that only those who played DOTA 2 for years and understand every aspect of the game have.

Magnus the Magnataur is a very reliable strength hero in DOTA 2. He can play various roles such as tanker and initiator. Magnus can also act as a carry as his high-damage and absurd cleaving attack can wipe out an entire team in a matter of seconds. With the right items, Magnus can be unstoppable especially during the late game. Another interesting fact about this hero is the fact that he can efficiently take the middle lane. By simply spamming Magnus’ first skill, taking control of any lane won’t be a problem while earning both experience and gold. Probably the only downside of Magnus is his low mana pool and regeneration.

Morphling is a peculiar agility type hero since he is often used to rely on spells for both offense and defense. Though Morphling starts slow, he usually picks up pace in terms of farming and killing after maxing out his first skill which offers considerable AOE damage. It is also his main escaping and chasing mechanism. Unlike majority of agility type heroes, Morphling can become a great tanker. His third skill allows him to convert base agility points to strength. This skill is especially handy during chases and if Morphling’s health points dangerously dropped after a team clash. If you successfully famed well and purchase the right items, Morphling can turn into a force that’s impossible to match.

Slardar the Slithereen Guard can initiate team clashes and hunt enemies down like no other. His first and second skills are perfect combinations as it provides him extra movement speed and the ability to stun enemies in an area. Slardar can also carry because of his 3rd skill bash passive. And to complete his arsenal, Slardar’s ultimate enables him to greatly weaken an enemy and keep them visible. The only problem with Slardar is his slow start. He is prone to harassment in the early game especially if his lane partner doesn’t have any support skill. Nevertheless, Slardar can easily dominate a game after surviving the early game and purchasing the right items.

Eredar the Shadow Demon has one of the most annoying skills set in DOTA 2. He specializes in crippling enemy heroes and rendering them very vulnerable against spell damage. As an intelligence-type hero with decent range, Eredar can easily harass during early game. He can do so either through normal damage or by spamming his third skill. Eredar is also a very effective ganker so his mid-game presence will surely be felt. Though others believe that Eredar will end up useless in the late game, they simply don’t realize this hero’s potential especially in keeping the enemy team’s hero carry at bay and controlling a lane. Eredar may rarely standout in the game but his support and offensive skills can easily lead a team towards victory.

Mortred the Phantom Assassin is one of the most dangerous carry in DOTA 2. She boasts the best critical strike passive in the game and among the agility type heroes with insane ASPD. Though this hero’s potential is undeniable, she is not a good hero pick for beginners. Mortred’s lame health points can be a very big problem in the early game. She can easily die after being caught up in an early game ambush so map awareness and great timing is imperative which of course most DOTA 2 beginners don’t have. Nonetheless, a well-farmed Mortred can singlehandedly eliminate a team of heroes including their tanker particularly if the user decided to purchase a Battle Fury which grants cleaving attack.

Roshan is the strongest non-hero character in DOTA 2. Taking him down won’t be easy especially during the early game. Roshan has a disabling skill and is periodically immune against magic. He also boasts a high amount of health points so your team needs a very good hitter to somehow breakthrough his defense and eliminate him. Though killing Roshan in DOTA 2 obviously involves a lot of effort, it’s a must especially during the mid part of the game. After death, Roshan drops an item called Aegis which grants its holder reincarnation. This item is perfect for a team’s carry and can turn the outcome of an important team clash upside-down.

DOTA 2 is a never-ending battle against good and evil. It’s an illustration of how the Sentinel protects the World Tree against corruption brought by the Scourge. Nevertheless, it won’t matter whether you are in the side of good or not since the main objective of the game like in any is to win. Sole effort is futile in this game since the only way to guarantee victory is through teamwork. Every team member should support each other. Intelligence and Strength type heroes are tasked to protect their team’s carry during the early game. On the other hand, the team’s carry should farm as much as possible to dominate the late game. It sounds simple but the drama and action involved in every DOTA 2 game can’t be found elsewhere making it a must try for every gamer out there.

DOTA 2 Trailer

DOTA 2 also features gorgeous but deadly lady fighters. One of the all-time favorites is Crystal Maiden. She is a reliable ally who can disable and cripple enemy heroes. Her ultimate skill can also set forth heavy damage to the enemy team. Traxex the Drow Ranger also belongs to the beauties in DOTA 2. She may be an undead yet her graceful marksmanship skill makes up for it. Traxex is a popular hero carry who can easily control a game during its later part with the right item and skill build. Lyralei the Windrunner is also a DOTA 2 beauty worth mentioning as she is one of the few intelligence-type heroes who can matchup against agility-type heroes in terms of physical damage and attack speed.

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