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The Top PS vita Games

Updated on September 21, 2014

10 Best PS Vita Games (PSV) Games

Last year Sony released their latest handheld beast PS Vita aka. PSV. We are all excited to see that the level of graphics PSV can produce. The device is awesome. And here’s the list of 10 best games for PS Vita. You can read it on any order. It doesn't matter.

EA Sports FIFA 13

FIFA 13 didn't bring anything spectacular to the PS Vita. But the game is live up to the expectation. It’s the best soccer game you can ever get on PS Vita. And I’m reminds you there’s no other soccer game on PS Vita. The previous installment FIFA 12 is also worth to consider.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2

The racers and cops are back. The cars, action, police, collision, chasing and has everything you wanted to enjoy. The game has exact console like graphics on PS Vita. NFS: MW2 is an open world racing game developed by criterion. NFS most wanted 2012 will be released this November for PS vita along with other platforms.

Hot Shots Golf

This game was on fire sale when it released. It was the number one selling game when vita released. Why? This game provides the best entertainment value. You won’t get bored. The game features cool funny characters from all around the world. You can also challenge others and play online against 39 other players.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

This game astonished everyone with its console like graphics. The gameplay is not different than the consoles. And the game takes advantage of dual analog sticks and rear touch pad. If you’re not yet decided what’s your first game then this is the game you should get.

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F

Project diva F is in the top chart when it is released. People say it’s the game that saved PS Vita. Project Diva F is rhythm game developed by SEGA. The game is already been released in JAPAN.


When most of the game developers are stickered with the same game on all platforms, Ubisoft has its own plans. The story of the game is different from other sequels. The game features first woman savior in the series. The game has absolute value in its gameplay. Assassin’s creed: liberation is one of the games that test the ability of PSV.

Best Games We want to see it on PS Vita


GTA 5 is in the progress. GTA VICE CITY is the first best game which I played. GTA is thrilling, exciting, and awesome. Cool characters, best story line, and action packed adventure makes GTA different. Will Rock Star games release GTA for the Ps Vita? Or they will come up with more exciting games for PSV? I’m waiting and waiting to play this game.GTA 5 is the most anticipating game all players are looking. I’m not different. I’m dying to get hands on this game. The new trailer is also out. It’s look amazing.


One of the best selling games of all time .The game which won game of the year. One of the best games I played. It’s a pc game. This game won 39 “game of the year “awards. And I want to play it on PS Vita. Can I see it on PSV? Or it will be a bad dream of mine?


God of war and it’s all series are available on all Play station consoles. So I’m predicting that this game will also be released for PSV. God war is the best action game I ever played on My PS3. The latest installment GOW: ascension is coming PS3. The GOD’S and swords sounds like very interesting game to play on Vita.


Sims 3 is another best game from EA. It is the best simulation game I ever played. Sims 3 is a humor game. And I want to laugh when I play Sims 3. If Ea release this game the crowd will go wild. And I also hope EA will release expansions for PS vita too. A good DLC support on Vita is excellent. To face the tight competition from Nintendo 3ds, PSP Vita need some serious titles.


PS vita need some brain and puzzle games too. Tetris will be great. If EA released this game for puzzlers the vita will become an all-rounder in handheld game consoles. Millions copy of Tetris has been sold last year (100 million) on mobile devices. I phone is the main platform were Tetris really worked. Will PSP Vita beat this record of smart phone? Remember that Sony unveiled the Play station suite for Android. I also read somewhere that the Mensa HQ is also coming to PS Vita.

DBZ- Dragon Ball Z

DBZ is the top selling game of Namco Bandai. Vita needs action heroes like Z warriors in their console. To win the war between 3DS and PSV, Vita need DBZ like games. Will I see Goku on Next bestselling video game title for PSV?


I want to see Naruto game titles in PSV. This best selling game of Namco Bandai is very crucial. Naruto games are blockbuster hits in Japan. Since the Playstation roots are in Japan, Sony needs this strong title. The Naruto game title will help Vita to Become No.1 best selling console in Japan.

The Final and Best game for PlayStation Vita

I don’t know what this going to be for Ps vita. The best game for PS vita always changes. And it’s ultimately decided by you.

Which Is the Best PS vita Game ?

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    • profile image

      seth_agd 4 years ago

      They already announced DBZ for the Vita. And you can play Sims 2, Sims 2: Pets, and Sims 2: Castaway. You have to download them off the PSN store on the PS3 and transfer them over to your Vita.

    • profile image

      mike 5 years ago

      dbz is so cool i hope they put one out for vita even the playstaion 2 verson for the vita botiki part 1 2 3 that would be cool

    • profile image

      hassan 5 years ago

      best is goku

    • profile image

      yasir 6 years ago

      plz tell me relese date in india

      my fav game is god of war

    • profile image

      Critic 6 years ago

      DBZ and Sims 3 are very unlikely to come out for the PS Vita.

    • profile image

      hannah 6 years ago

      the ngp will eat the 3ds up anyway!!!

    • profile image

      neho 6 years ago

      the sim

    • profile image

      PlayStation Fanatic :P 6 years ago

      DBZ, tetris, and sims 3 are VERY unlikely titles to be released for the PSV. Although, a God of War or Naruto game is likely to come out, eventually. PSV will most likely push new games debuting gorgeous graphics and simulated environments that let gamers immerse themselves in a whole new experience rather than repeat the old and obsolete. That is how the PSP failed, it didn't appeal to the majority of gamers. I predict the PSV will have an indcredible gaming experience similar to the PS3, downloadable media content, better battery, faster processor speed, and a far superior mobile internet browser than the PSP. The 3G network connectibility is certainly a step in the right direction. Personally, I want the media content to rival iTunes. iTunes encrypts everything and when you buy something its instantly worthless due to the fact you can only play it on 3 different computers and your ipod, iphone, or ipad. When you attempt to play your purchase on any other device it won't play. Thats why I like to buy DVDs rather then waste money on iTunes. If Sony can do the PSV will be very successful and popular.

      Yours truly,

      PlayStation Fanatic

      Apple & Nintendo

    • profile image

      neogeo 6 years ago

      what really "naruto" bleach should be on the vita like i dont know uh... BLEACH BLADE BRALERS 2 or uh gundum vs gundam x 2, really man for a hanheld system as good looking graphics like ps3 you put TETRIS dude.

    • profile image

      Pyr0 6 years ago

      If I get anything on the Vita, or NGP, I hope it's a real sequel to Okami, not a side story like okamiden on the ds.

    • profile image


      If modern warfare 3 is on the ngp then the ngp will EAT THE 3DS!!!!!

    • iamalegend profile image

      iamalegend 7 years ago from EARTH

      @kashmir- thanks.

    • iamalegend profile image

      iamalegend 7 years ago from EARTH

      @Mystery Party Fan- thank you very much

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 7 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi iamalegend thanks for the game line up, all good choices!

    • profile image

      Mystery Party Fan 7 years ago

      good choices!

    • iamalegend profile image

      iamalegend 7 years ago from EARTH

      may be. After the psp2 has been released all questions will be solved. I also want to play god of war in portable.

    • vydyulashashi profile image

      vydyulashashi 7 years ago from Hyderabad,India

      My favorite game of PS is God of War.

      Is it available in portable version.

      Nice selections.

      God Bless you!

    • iamalegend profile image

      iamalegend 7 years ago from EARTH

      @apostle jack. Thanks

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 7 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      Good shot.