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Top 10 Best Selling Kids Bikes

Updated on December 3, 2012

Make buying kids bikes a little easier with a top 10 best selling list.

Kids have a better idea of what they want because they see friends with their new bikes and want one the same.

Television advertising too has a huge influence on the decision kids make.

Perhaps your child hasn't actually told you what kind of bike they would like, and it's been that many years since you last bought one that you really have no idea what one to go for, when you see such a vast array of choice in the shops.

This list features the top 10 best selling kids bikes on Amazon, that wonderful online retailer that sells to the public cheaper than any shop.

Have a look at the features of each bike, keeping in mind the age of the child you are buying for, and there is sure to be one here that is just perfect for the child you have in mind.

The number 1 best selling kids bike this year is the Disney Princess Girls' Bike with 16" wheels.

Recommended for age 3 - 6, this little girls' bike has removable stabilizers for learner drivers, a chain guard to protect their little legs, a rear coaster brake to make stopping easier and a quick release adjustable seat post.

The number 2 best selling bike is the Mantis Boys Lil Burmeister Bike (12-Inch Wheels).

Specially designed with little boys in mind, the Mantis Boys Lil Burmeister Bike features

  • an oversized frame
  • alloy rims
  • a chain-guard to protect little legs and fingers
  • removable stabilizers for learner cyclists
  • handlebar pads
  • real air tyres for a more comfortable ride and
  • coaster brakes for safer stopping.

In number 3 position comes the Schwinn Scorcher Boys' Bike (16-Inch Wheels).

  • This is a BMX style bike with removable stabilizers for beginner riders.
  • Rear coaster brakes makes stopping safer.
  • Also includes both front and rear caliper brakes.
  • Adjustable seat post, handlebar pads and an enclosed chain guard for added safety.
  • Recommended for ages 3 - 6.

Spider-Man Bike (12-Inch Wheels)

The Spider-Man Bike (12-Inch Wheels) takes 4th position in the top 10 best selling kids bikes.

  • This is a heavy duty steel framed BMX bike that is Spiderman themed.
  • With pneumatic tyres and secure training wheels, this sturdy little bike is just perfect for any budding superhero!
  • With a fully enclosed chain guard and rear coaster brakes for secure stopping, the Spider-Man Bike is recommended for children ages 2 - 5.

In 5th position is the Huffy Disney Cars Boys' Bike.

Brightly colored Huffy Bikes are based on the Disney character Lightning McQueen from the Disney/Pixel movie Cars.


  • removable training wheels (stabilizers)
  • safety coaster brakes
  • quick release adjustable seat post
  • padded handlebars and
  • enclosed chain-guard.

Comes in two sizes - the 12-inch wheeled bike is recommended for ages 2 - 5, and the 16 inch bike is recommended for ages 3 - 6.

Back to girls again, the Mantis Girls' Maya Bike (12-Inch Wheels) is in 6th position in the top 10 best selling kids bikes.

This cracking little bike features:

  • removable wheel stabilizers for learner riders
  • an oversized frame
  • alloy rims
  • padded handlebars
  • adjustable seat post
  • safety enclosed chain guard and
  • real air tyres for a smoother ride.

Strider PREbike Balance Running Bike

The 7th in the top 10 list of best selling kids bikes goes to the Strider PREbike Balance Running Bike which I'm not sure can be called a bike.

It doesn't have pedals so there is no way a child can actually ride this!

However, the designers of the Strider PREbike Balance Running Bike say that it helps small children to learn balance and co-ordination, as a pre-requisite to actually riding a real bike.

It is described as lightweight and easy for a small child to control, with adjustable seat and handlebars to accommodate a growing child.

It has launch pad footrests for use when gliding on the all terrain puncture-proof tires. It is designed for kids aged 1 - 5.

Polaris Edge LX20 Kids 20-Inch Bike

The Polaris Edge LX20 Kids 20-Inch Bike takes position 8.

Aimed at kids ages 8 - 12, the Polaris Edge LX20 Kids 20-Inch Bike is like a small adult bike but with extra safety features to ensure your child is safe while riding.

It has a sturdy T frame and pneumatic tires to withstand the roughest of terrains.

With linear pull brakes at the front and safety rear coaster brakes, it also features a kickstand, fender and padded frame.

Polaris Edge LX120 Kids Bike (12-Inch Wheels)

ThePolaris Edge LX120 Kids Bike (12-Inch Wheels) is the number 9 best selling kids bike.

Back to the little kids, the Polaris Edge LX120 Kids Bike (12-Inch Wheels) is aimed at 2 - 5 year olds.

With removable stabilizers, this sturdy little bike will see your child through his pre-school years no problem.


  • a heavy duty T frame
  • super strong training wheels and chain guard
  • 12 inch pneumatics tires with rear coaster brakes
  • a frame pad set
  • ball bearings
  • fender and
  • spoke wheels.

This is not a toy. It is a real bike.

Huffy Disney Princess Girls Bike, Purple, 12-Inch

The Huffy Disney Princess Girls Bike, Purple, 12-Inch takes position number 10 in the top 10 best selling kids bikes list.

Brightly colored purple and pink bike has 12 inch knobby wheels and removable stabilizing wheels for learner cyclists.

Features an enclosed chain guard, quick release adjustable seat post, rear coaster brakes and a removable Disneythemed backpack for storing small items when out and about.


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    • IzzyM profile image

      IzzyM 7 years ago from UK

      This will maybe help any mum or dad out there who haven't yet bought their kids presents. Or maybe even help grandparents!

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Good ideas..