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Top 10 Best Strength DOTA Heroes

Updated on March 9, 2013

Are you one of the millions of DOTA fanatics today? This game took the gaming industry by storm a couple of years ago yet its fire never stopped burning until now. DOTA’s fame paved way to the creation of other increasingly famous games such as League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, and DOTA 2. Though these new packages offer better graphics and exciting new features, many are still hooked up to their predecessor.

If you are new to DOTA and is interested to know more about the strongest strength –type heroes, this hub is definitely the best place to be. This list features the Top 10 Best Strength DOTA Heroes and their respective assets which helped them gain countless fans worldwide through the years. If you think a strength DOTA hero deserves to be in this list more than the ones mentioned, please feel free to leave a comment explaining why. Have a good read and shout out to every DOTA player out there!

Sven the Rogue Knight fan art
Sven the Rogue Knight fan art

Sven the Rouge Knight fans will surely be disappointed after seeing their favorite heron at the bottom of this list. Nevertheless, Sven is without a doubt a formidable strength-type hero. His cleaving attack and AOE stun are more than enough for most heroes to handle. With his God Strength on, stopping Sven in eliminating every enemy hero that crosses his path is almost impossible. Though he lacks enough mana pool and regeneration at first to fully maximize the potential of his skills, Sven tends to cope with this weakness through items like bottle and Battle Fury. A Buriza Do Kyanon is a must for Sven during the late game to boost his physical damage and make it easier for him to take down enemy heroes with impressive amounts of health points.

Slardar the Slithereen guard fan art
Slardar the Slithereen guard fan art

If you want to use a DOTA Hero who can chase, have a decent physical attack, innate bashing ability, a dependable initiating skill, and en effective way to counter invisible and excessively tough enemy heroes, Slardar the Slithereen Guard is without a doubt your best pick. The only thing left for you to do to turn Slardar into a merciless killing machine is by boosting his attack speed. An Assault Cuirass and M’jolnir should do the trick. Moreover, Dagger of Escape can maximize Slardar’s initiating ability but you must think twice about buying one if you are up against an enemy team with strong carries. The dagger will improve your mobility but waste a slot which could have provide you more health points or evasion to efficiently match up against strong agility-type heroes like Faceless Void and Night Crawler.

OmniKnight the Purist DOTA 2 adaptation
OmniKnight the Purist DOTA 2 adaptation

OmniKnight the Purist is worth mentioning in this list of Top 10 Best Strength DOTA Heroes due to his dependable support skills. His ultimate skill, Arc Angel can toughen up every ally in around him rendering them almost invulnerable. With the right timing, this skill can lead your team towards victory in a crucial clash even if most of your members lack items and are far behind in terms of level. OmniKnight’s Repel and Heal are also excellent support skills perfect for keeping your team’s carry alive. Lastly, enemy heroes will find it almost impossible to escape your team’s ambushes with OmniKnight around with his Degen aura at play. Probably the most exciting fact about OmniKnight aside from being a well-versed support strength hero is that he can easily transform into an attack-type hero with the right items. A Mask of Madness and Cramium Basher are good item picks for this purpose.

Kunkka the Admiral DOTA 2 adaptation
Kunkka the Admiral DOTA 2 adaptation

Kunkka the Admiral hits the seven spot with his superb AOE skills, innate chasing ability, and cleaving attack. Many admire Kunkka mainly because he can solely take on an entire team given he has the right items. A Buriza do Kyanon and Battle Fury on Kunkka’s inventory can threaten even the mightiest tankers in DOTA. He can easily score a 1k critical which is evenly distributed to every enemy unit in a huge area making him a killing machine during the late game. Because of this frightening fact, harassing him at the early stage of the game is imperative. However, such goal is challenging to achieve given he is a strength-type hero giving him a decent health points regeneration rate and a handy first skill which he can spam to gain both experience and gold.

Tiny the Stone Giant fan art
Tiny the Stone Giant fan art

Absurd damage, high movement speed, and a skill combination which can instantly kill majority of agility and intelligence type heroes in a flash, what more can you ask for Tiny the Stone Giant? This is one of the most favorite strength heroes in pubs mainly because he can be used is various ways. Many prefer him as a skill-type hero but focusing on improving his attack speed is not a bad idea as well. Tiny can offer massive blows which can have a cleaving effect once he managed to get an Aghanim’s Scepter. An Assault Cuirass and Sange and Yasha combination should be enough to compensate the attack speed he loses after upgrading his fully upgrading his ultimate skill. A Mask of Madness will seal the deal. Nevertheless, it’s important for you to study the enemy team’s hero composition before deciding what build to work on.

Huskar the Sacred Warrior fan art
Huskar the Sacred Warrior fan art

I personally admire Huskar the Sacred Warrior and consider him a hero for the courageous. This hero is fearless enough to sacrifice a considerable amount of his health points just to damage and cripple a target. Though he gains attack speed and damage in every life point missing, he often gets killed especially if up against a team with several disablers. Nevertheless, Huskar can be unstoppable with Black King Bar and Butterfly. Having these items in Huskar’s inventory almost assures a win for his team. Another interesting feature of Huskar is his range which is the farthest among all the strength heroes in DOTA. Though it’s not comparable to agility and intelligence type high-range heroes, it’s more than enough to let him bully lane competitors with by kiting through his second skill called Burning Spear.

Raigor the Earthshaker fan art
Raigor the Earthshaker fan art

Raigor the Earthshaker is often band in DOTA competitions because of his innate prowess as an initiator. Being a strength-type hero gives him enough survivability to initiate a clash and still come out of it alive. All of Raigor’s skills can cause AOE damage making him a big problem of his opponents during late game clashes. He alone has what it takes to wipe out an entire team within a few seconds. Probably the only problem of Raigor is his measly mana pool and regeneration. This can be a very big challenge especially during the early minutes of the game. Nonetheless, having a bottle and arcane boots in his inventory should do the trick to let him spam his skills and turn the tide of any battle to his team’s favor.

Naix the Lifestealer DOTA 2 adaptation
Naix the Lifestealer DOTA 2 adaptation

Naix the Lifestealer is a nightmare of intelligence type heroes because of his skill called Rage which renders him immune to most magic attacks in a brief period of time. The skill also has a minute cooldown time so it’s safe to say that killing Naix through spells alone is close to impossible. Known DOTA tankers such as Centaur Warchief will end up squishy in front of Naix since he gains bonus damage depending on the health points of the unit he is currently attacking. Naix is called the Lifestealer for a reason and that is because he has the best lifesteal skill in DOTA allowing him to regain health points in every hit depending on his enemy’s present health points. To complete his arsenal, Naix’s ultimate skill allows him to hide inside any creep or ally and evade dangers. After he decides to get out or if the unit where Naix hides dies, AOE damage is released and he regains some health points. This skill is perfect against heroes boasting highly-damaging AOE spells like Sand King and Earthshaker.

Bradwarden the Centaur Warchief fan art
Bradwarden the Centaur Warchief fan art

Bradwarden the Centaur Warchief is a perfect example of how a true strength DOTA hero should be. He relies on his absurd strength and life points to survive even the fiercest clashes and set forth havoc to enemy ranks. Bradwarden can also play as a team’s initiator by simply having a Kelen’s Dagger in his inventory. This hero’s survivability made him a favorite not just among pro DOTA players but beginners as well. Though Bradwarden often struggles at first especially if up against known harassers like Drow Ranger and Bone Clinks, he can still help in dominating a lane as long as he is paired with a hero that compliments to him perfectly like Vengeful Spirit. If the enemy team won’t do something to counter Bradwarden’s tanking ability, they’ll surely pay the price especially during late game clashes.

Magnus the Magnataur DOTA 2 adaptation
Magnus the Magnataur DOTA 2 adaptation

Magnus the Magnataur earned the top spot in the list of Top 10 Best Strength DOTA heroes of his ability to efficiently perform any role. With a considerable amount of strength gain, Magnus can tank with the right item step. A Kelen’s Dagger Magnus’ inventory can instantly turn him into one of the best initiators in DOTA. Magnus is also known for his powerful cleaving attacks which can eliminate an entire team if he manages to cast Reverse Polarity with excellent timing. Another amazing fact about Magnus is his immense lane presence. With his Shockwave at play, Magnus can instantly dominate a lane and even play efficiently while occupying the mid lane, a task only a few strength heroes can handle.

Breathtaking DOTA action!

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Who is the best strength DOTA hero?

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    • profile image

      Methsara (Soul Hunter) 

      3 years ago

      What about chaos knight ?

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      you forgot elder titan

      cc for days

    • profile image

      Dan Rowe 

      5 years ago

      what about pudge

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Wait... How about the legion commander ? His first skill gives him good movement speed and damage his second skill gives him Atk speed and hp regeneration and removes all debuffs. His third skill, gives him the same amount of life steal as the satanic while boosting a superb amount of atk speed while his last skill, the duel, forces the enemy to attack you without using any skills or items at a given amount of time, and whoever wins the duel will be given 10+ permanent damage and it only has a little cooldown

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Treant should also be qualified. He does not get banned due to his lack of popularity but he is really useful anytime throughout the early, mid - late game. Actually, for me, he is the hardest strength hero and best ally in competitive games. Especially his active 3rd skill because it can regen and add damage blocks to allied heroes, creeps and especially towers in global range. 1st skill is also good for chasing, hiding and ganking, like the way of using smoke of deceit to your allies, adding movement speed when near trees. His 2nd skill can be used for pushing or helping a dying ally being chased by an enemy with slow and heal, also a nuke against the enemy. Finally his last skill, not a stun but a hold. Other than casting, it can disable attack, movement and blink to enemies around him for almost 5 seconds.

    • Michael Poon profile image


      7 years ago from Australia

      Omni and huskarr have no place in the current meta. And huskar is only played by low level pubs.


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