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Top 10 Best Xbox 360 games of 2013

Updated on July 21, 2013

Xbox 360 is one of the most successful and highly-celebrated game consoles in our time. For many, it’s not just a mere gaming tool but a door which can take anyone to thrilling adventures and countless hours of fun. The processing and rendering power of Xbox 360 are second to none. You can also choose from a wide array of Xbox 360 games sold in the market today so you don’t have to worry about getting bored even after playing with the console for years. The best part of all is that XBOX 360 supports online coop gaming through the XBOX live which is an innovative feature that totally changed how we perceive console gaming.

Have you recently purchased an XBOX 360 but can’t decide which of the many game titles to try out first? Read through this hub and discover the Top 10 Best Xbox 360 games of 2013 which will surely keep you at the edge of your seat while enjoying console gaming at its finest!

Pinball FX 2: Star Wars Pinball XBOX 360 game cover
Pinball FX 2: Star Wars Pinball XBOX 360 game cover

Pinball played a crucial role in the development of digital gaming. Despite being introduced to the market almost a century ago, Pinball still hasn’t lost its fame. It underwent various revisions and the latest one, Pinball FX 2: Star Wars Pinball for XBOX 360 can be considered as the most successful amongst them. This game combined one of the best arcade game in history and a classic Sci-Fi film everyone loves (Star Wars) so its fame and overall success is not a big surprise.

Pinball FX 2: Star wars pinball trailer

Gears of War 2 XBOX 360 game cover
Gears of War 2 XBOX 360 game cover

“Non-stop action” is the perfect phrase that describes Gears of War 2 for XBOX 360. This gem developed by Epic games was highly anticipated and successfully surpassed virtually everyone’s expectations. Aside from boasting high-end graphics and a unique gameplay, Gears of War 2 managed to achieve undeniable success by offering challenging stages and a unique gaming atmosphere. Unlike majority of third-person shooter games out in the market today, Gears of War 2 is far from being monotonous. Though the plot seems to start out slow, you’ll eventually be hooked to it after finishing the first two stages. It’s easy to learn but hard to master, a characteristic every avid console gamer is searching for.

Gears of War 2 trailer

Metro Last Night XBOX 360 game cover
Metro Last Night XBOX 360 game cover

Metro Last Night for XBOX 360 envisions Earth as a barren wasteland. It’s the result of a nuclear war and the current population is paying for every bit of wrong decision made in the past. Instead of uniting, surviving cities locked down and lived secluded from the horrors of the outside world. In this game, you’ll play as a soldier who is part of a team with a mission to explore the ruins in Moscow. You need to not only survive mutants and other dangerous creatures the polluted Earth has created but also slowly discover the last survival hope of the human race before it’s too late.

Metro Last Night trailer

Dead Space 3 XBOX 360 game cover
Dead Space 3 XBOX 360 game cover

The struggle against human corpses reanimated by the “Marker” continuous in the third installment of Dead Space. You’ll still play the role of a dedicated space soldier named Isaac Clarke but this time Sgt. John Carver will tag along. This game is loved both by casual and hardcore gamers due to its thrilling story and relentless action. In Dead Space 3 for XBOX 360 you’ll find yourself making crucial decisions every now and then so successfully beating this game definitely requires more than shooting prowess but impressive planning as well. If you never played any of the prior Dead Space games, now more than ever is your best chance to join the fun and experience a breathtaking space action ride!

Dead space 3 trailer

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare XBOX 360 game cover
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare XBOX 360 game cover

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for XBOX 360 will take you to a world where making a wrong turn is fatal and failing to obey even the simplest command could mean lives lost. War is unforgiving and this game lets you experience how destructive and treacherous it is. Armed with the latest gears, you’ll be sent to various crucial war missions where failure is not an option. How you successfully carry them out will decide the future of a nation and whether the sufferings caused by the war will continue or subside to welcome a better and peaceful era. It’s true that there are tons of war games out there available for XBOX 360 yet Call of Duty 4 rises on top as it offers the most realistic experience and a truthful vision of how modern wars happen.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare trailer

Halo: Reach XBOX 360 game cover
Halo: Reach XBOX 360 game cover

Halo is the father of modern first person shooting games. The series’ success is proven by a number of game titles it currently offers both for PC and console. In its newest release, Halo: Reach, you’ll play as a future soldier named Noble Six. Your mission varies from protecting a base, rescuing team members, reaching a certain area of the map, eliminating enemy units, and various more. Halo is teeming with futuristic weapons, armory, gadgets, and vehicles. Halo’s rich content is one of the main reasons why gamers across the globe continue to patronize it through the years. Halo: Reach for XBOX 360 will surely entertain every console gamer regardless of age particularly those who have a great passion towards first-person shooting gameplay.

Halo: Reach trailer

Far Cry 3 XBOX 360 game cover
Far Cry 3 XBOX 360 game cover

Tired of playing with old-fashioned shooting games sharing the same worn-out plot? Give Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon a shot and you definitely won’t regret it. This first-person shooting game is a standalone expansion of Far Cry 3 featuring a fictional year 2007. The main goal of its developer is to deliver a game which can serve as a VHS tape containing how people in the 80’s foresee the future. This has never been done in a new game series so it will surely provide an escape route away from overly used game themes. Despite embracing a retro feel, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon for XBOX 360 offers impressive cinematography and enticing graphics which never fail to wow its patrons.

Far Cry 3 trailer

DMC: Devil May Cry XBOX 360 game cover
DMC: Devil May Cry XBOX 360 game cover

A troubled Dante is featured in DMC: Devil May Cry of XBOX 360. Dante just recently knew about his true identity and he is struggling to accept it. Aside from an enticing plot, this game successfully gathered millions of patrons across the globe as it offers heart-pounding action scenes, well-crafted game contents, challenging bosses, and many more. Devil May Cry is one of the most successful game titles released in history and this series is a clear indication that it will continuously reign and be placed on the top tier for many years to come.

DMC: Devil May Cry trailer

Mass Effect 3: Citadel XBOX 360 game cover
Mass Effect 3: Citadel XBOX 360 game cover

Can’t get enough of Urdnot Wrex? Mass Effect 3: Citadel will take you to an adventure like no other as it lets you venture onwards unexplored areas of the Citadel, unravel mysteries, solve puzzles from its previous titles, and meet up with old game characters you once loved. This game for XBOX 360 is a great pick for those who enjoy both suspense and action. The plot is intriguing and will keep you guessing in every turn. The best part of all is that this game is built to be played with a team so it can introduce bonding opportunities for the whole family or your close friends.

Mass Effect 3: Citadel for XBOX 360 trailer

Bioshock: Infinite XBOX 360 game cover
Bioshock: Infinite XBOX 360 game cover

Bioshock Infinite easily grabbed the number spot as it features a thrilling plot, exciting graphics, and out of this world content. This game offers hours of non-stop action. Though its controls are a bit tricky at first, even novice gamers find it very easy to learn. Bioshock infinite for XBOX 360 is obviously aiming to deliver fun and excitement without compromising the game’s complexity and difficulty level so both casual and hardcore gamers can enjoy it. This XBOX 360 title is definitely a must have on everyone’s game collection.

Bioshock Infinite trailer for XBOX 360 trailer

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      4 years ago from Davao City

      Thank you for appreciating my work. Have a great day!

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      Jason Wan 

      4 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      I really like how you put all your ads for games together with the games you're reviewing, smart idea :)

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      Victor W. Kwok 

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      Nice hub.


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