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Top 10 Call of Duty Guns of All Time! - w/Dreammore

Updated on September 14, 2017
Dreammore Blog - We love video-games, and are actively bringing new content for/and about the Call of Duty franchise.
Dreammore Blog - We love video-games, and are actively bringing new content for/and about the Call of Duty franchise.

Welcome to the Dreammore Blog

This is the best spot for the latest news, community gripes, concerns and online how-tos, for Call of Duty games. We try.

The Dreammore blog uploads daily entries that basically covers the Call of Duty universe, and we hope that this blog grows into an entity of Call of Duty fans complaining about everything that Activision is doing wrong. At least, that is what we are going to be doing.

Dreammore Uploads Daily

There is more information to come, as we explore the Call of Duty meta space, and any other area to the Call of Duty universe, and our opinions will stand tall.

So, be sure to subscribe to get a load of the latest news and gripes first here at Dreammore.

I Love Call of Duty Multiplayer

If you have clicked on this page then chances are you are a Call of Duty gamer. The more seasoned of Call of Duty franchise players will have played a fair few of the online titles from the past and present.

The best guns online within Call of Duty spreads across the board, as there is always one gun that gets used the most in a Call of Duty title, within the multiplayer mode. That one gun that simply melts from any range, and makes for an easy time getting high kill streaks, and competitive kill/death ratios.

For the newer of the Call of Duty players from the community, you are an important entity within the franchise in the current day, and may only really have experience using weapons from the futuristic Call of Duty titles.

This list throws a lot of shade over the futuristic guns, as the weapons from the futuristic Call of Duty games are typically imaginary and have no use in the world of warfare today. Heck, we could not imagine a future where these weapons would ever become a reality. Because of this, we are not including any weapons from the futuristic titles.

We have to say that we are not against the futuristic Call of Duty games, but they did not defeat the modern day system for warfare when it came down to the weapons that they thought up for the future setting.

Arguably, since Black Ops 3 was still popular throughout 2017, it seemed clear to many Call of Duty fans that the meta players within the larger part of the games multiplayer were calling out for modern day weapons. This resulted in multiple supply drop weapon additions that brought weapons back to the later title from Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2.

If you completely disagree, then be sure to put us straight in the comments, and be sure to let us know the weapons that you would have included from the futuristic set Call of Duty titles. We would love to hear what you think.

I Love Call of Duty's Multiplayer 'Gameplay'

Without a love, or at least an enjoyable mindset for the Call of Duty multiplayer gameplay, there would simply be no love for the Call of Duty online weapons.

Call of Duty's multiplayer gameplay has been evolving since the dawn of the franchise, and no other FPS franchise to this day has been able to do what Call of Duty has done to the same level of depth and detail to the gameplay mechanics.

The way the character handles the weapon makes for one of the most enjoyable gameplay experiences in the FPS universe of gaming, and leads to a craftsmanship like situation where the longer the gamer plays the game the more they learn how to dominate the game. This is true for almost all competitive video-games, but Call of Duty has a unique experience that cannot be had anywhere else.

The gameplay within Call of Duty 4 and World at War, which were franchise titles from back in 2007 and 2008 still play extremely well, today. Only, the graphics and mechanics feel so much smoother in the current Call of Duty titles. But, this proves that Call of Duty was good back then, and now they have evolved into a whole new series of titles, the formula is still very much the same.

If you love the Call of Duty multiplayer formula, then you will love one of the developers for the franchise a little bit more than the others, and this is down to the mechanics being unique to that one developer.

The Call of Duty developer that gets the most love in 2017 is Treyarch, as the Black Ops 3 game from 2015 still has a large player base that has refused to shift into more current COD titles.

Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games seem to be in equal second place as Infinity Ward has disappointed fans two titles in a row, Ghosts from 2013, and Infinite Warfare from 2016. Although, we will say that Raven Software has renewed hopes for the Infinity Ward studio, as it is there efforts that made Modern Warfare Remastered a reality.

It is in large, because of the love that many Call of Duty fans have for the boots-on-the-ground gameplay that made so many fans exit the franchises doors in 2014, as the gameplay changed significantly with having the player super-boost jump into the air and wall run. The mechanics were still impressive, but it took away the simplicity behind the warfare settings, and the gameplay altered too much for an enjoyable experience, when thinking solely of boots-on-the-ground.

The complaining suddenly starts to quiet down in 2017 as it was announced that the next Call of Duty launch would be boots-on-the-ground, and better yet, set in world war 2, titled WW2. Anyway, the complaining is unique to those who hated the future setting and stuck with the franchise regardless.

Those who exited the franchise in 2014 for multiple reasons may likely make a swift return in winter of 2017 as the franchise has a whole new fresh boots-on-the-ground release. Sledgehammer Games deserves credit where the credit is due, as the private BETA made it official that the franchise still has the edge when it comes down to the boots-on-the-ground gameplay mechanics.

Top 10 Call of Duty Guns

Call of Duty's multiplayer has long been at the top of FPS player base leaderboard records. This has meant that the developers could explore a whole different array of war eras, and today we are focusing on the real weapons that have been seen in wars from the past, to the wars happening in the present.

We have found it difficult to stop focusing on one title, and this would be Modern Warfare 2, as there were so many great weapons, and the Modern Warfare series as a whole had some of the most memorable guns.

No.1 - M16

The M16 is practically the most used weapon across the board of multiplayer titles that had the weapon within the Call of Duty franchise.

It was at its best back in Modern Warfare 2, as this game sought to make all of their weapons over-powered. This, in gaming terms, means a heck of a lot better.

In Modern Warfare Remastered, the remaster for Call of Duty 4, we have once again had the opportunity to use the M16 in an iconic war setting for the FPS franchise.

Arguably better in MW2, the M16 still remains one of the most powerful and best used Call of Duty weapons within the franchise.

Modern Warfare Remastered has brought fans back the M16, and it operates entirely different in this game to that of MW2. This is, in a nutshell, why we have chosen the M16 as the top Call of Duty weapon of all time. If it stands as being the most popular, most used gun in MWR and MW2, then this is the undisputed champion for this listing category.

In MW2, the M16 has quite the kick, which means that many players will opt to having the sleight of hand red perk alongside the primary weapon, whereas in MWR players will typically opt for the stopping power red perk as the MWR games multiplayer is more balanced.

No.2 - ACR

The ACR is an iconic assault rifle from MW2, and this gun was perfect for cancelling out players using the M16, as the ACR has practically no recoil, and is a fully automatic weapon. A deadly weapon in the right hands, and many will have used this gun to dominate matches, and essentially go for the nuclear 25 kill streak.

It also looks like quite the beauty, and compared to the M16 it would not have been used quite as much as the number 1 contender for our list, but it comes in at a close second place.

No.3 - Intervention/S-Tac Aggressor

Coming in at number 3 we simply had no options when it came down to the weapon that everybody would be expecting to see at this point. This would of course be the Intervention - a gun that solely popped up in MW2.

The Intervention was the gun that started the trend of quick-scoping/no-scoping, and would eventually lead to trick-shots that would appear in a whole bunch of montage videos on YouTube. Does anybody remember Machinima?... there are still some sick montage videos from back in the day, and Hutch was a big time MW2 professional player from the old men of Optic.

We have also included the S-Tac Aggressor which is a straight-up copy of the Intervention in Modern Warfare Remastered. The S-Tac was released within the supply drop system on MWR, and has become one of the most used sniper rifles in the game.

No.4 - MP40

Many might have the case that they would like to put forward for another World at War gun that should come before the MP40, but there can be no dispute in that the MP40 was the most used weapon in World at War.

It shredded, and was better in use at close to medium ranges, but there was no doubt that this gun could take out enemies from afar.

It not only functioned brilliantly as a weapon within World at War, but the gun was also stunning to use, and remains one of the most iconic weapons from the world war 2 era.

No.5 - Thompson Sub-Machine Gun

The tommy gun is the weapon we were previously referring to, and the reason it is one of the best guns from the franchises history, is down to World at War, which came in as a handy weapon to melt MP40 users. It was its only use.

The Thompson (and the MP40) is set to make its debut return within Sledgehammer Games Call of Duty: WW2 this year, and fans are going nuts for these weapons making their return.

The aim down iron sight is the main reason why the Thompson did not win over the MP40, as the MP40 has a far nicer iron sight, but the Thompson's is not bad and melts enemies at a close to medium range, so it does surely compete with the MP40's stats.

No.6 - AK47/AN-94

The AK47 is one of the more iconic weapons from the Modern Warfare series, and still stands as being one of the best weapons from the Call of Duty franchise.

The AK47 shreds enemies in a manor that cannot be seen throughout any of the other assault rifles or sub-machine guns. It has also recently made its return in Modern Warfare Remastered, and has the feel that it had from back in the day, so fans are pleased.

Although, the AK47 was far better in Modern Warfare 2, as the power seemed much more destructive.

Black Ops 2 also had the AN-94 which is a cousin-like weapon for the AK47 so we figured we would include the weapon to the listing.

No.7 - Famas

The Famas was the best and most used assault rife from Black Ops 1, and if you were a fan of the game then chances are this would be a weapon that would make it into your own personal list.

It was accurate and reliable in short-range, medium-range, and long-range gun battles. This was a gun that would be used to dominate the match in Black Ops.

No.8 - Barrett 50.Cal

The 50. Calibre sniper rifle is a dab-hand at picking off targets from afar in pretty much any of the Modern Warfare series.

Modern Warfare Remastered is the latest game to showcase the Barrett 50.Cal, and it still shreds enemies, and to this very day it is still the best sniper rifle for no-scoping, and probably quick-scoping, as well.

No.9 - Honey Badger/Lynx CQ300

The Honey Badger was a gun from Infinity Ward's Ghosts, and it felt more accurate and smoother to use than all of the other guns in the game.

This, however, was all only enhanced when Raven Software added the Lynx CQ300 to their supply drops in Modern Warfare Remastered as the graphics are far better in MWR than they were in Ghosts.

The Lynx CQ300 is far from the best (in terms of reliability) in MWR, but it is the most fun out of all the assault rifles in the game to use. This is perhaps because of its smooth accuracy feel, and its cool, slick reload animation. We will never get over how cool the reload animation is for the Lynx in MWR. Too great!

No.10 - MP5

The MP5 does not get enough love in our opinion when it comes to the comments on the greatest guns within the Call of Duty franchise, and a lot of this is down to it sucking in MW2. Honestly, in MW2 the gun is complete trash.

However, in Modern Warfare Remastered the MP5 is god-like, and is one of the most reliable sub-machine guns in the game. Probably better than the AK-74U (cue the hate comments), but definitely superior over the P90 because of its damage and slick feel in combat.

A Couple of Honourable Mentions

Two, to be precise.

The first - Commando - functioning similar to the MP40, the Commando was an automatic assault rifle that popped up in Black Ops. To this day, it still remains one of the top weapons in the game, but has not been in any Call of Duty before or since. Basically, it has been forgotten.

The second - M4A1 - that is right, the M4A1, as it was one of the best guns throughout the Modern Warfare series. But, it just never quite did it for most players, as in Modern Warfare Remastered the M16 feels more deadly, and if you are looking to go automatic the G36C feels like more fun to use.

And, in MW2, the M4A1 was again a great weapon, but the M16 shredded in comparison to the M4A1 feeling less reliable or fun to use.


We are super excited for the release of Call of Duty: WW2 in November, and we sure hope that the MP40 and Thompson are as good as they were back in World at War.

We will be comparing.

Be sure to share, comment and subscribe for more content like this.


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