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Top 10 Fallout 4 Moments

Updated on July 12, 2017
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I have played games for 25+ years and have been watching movies and television for as long. I hope you find these articles interesting.

Don't say it Garvey.
Don't say it Garvey. | Source

Fallout 4 is a massive, varied and amazing game and there are lot of fun moments to be had. Here are some of my favourites. They appear in no particular order. Spoilers below.

10. Sending Preston Garvey Somewhere Far Away

Preston Garvey is easily one of, if not the most hated character in Fallout history. Even that crazy doctor guy that trapped you in Tranquility Lane and turned your Dad into a dog is more likely to get a birthday party invite than Preston "Settlement" Garvey.

So imagine the sheer thrill of being able to eventually send Garvey to any settlement of your choosing, as far away from you as possible. Unless you are forced by the story progression, you should never have to see his stupid face again. How the Minutemen survived at all with Preston being as useless as he is will be the greatest mystery of the game.

9. Causing Mama Murphy to O.D

Mama Murphy is the second, most hated character in Fallout history and I dare you to say otherwise. She's the Sanctuary crack addict who thinks she can see the future, all as long as she's off her face on whatever drugs she fancies today. The best thing about this is that you can appease her long enough that eventually she takes an overdose and dies. Brilliant! Wasteland Justice at it's finest. Now we won't have to hear the worst "old woman voice" ever again.

8. Killing Father For Being Annoying

Father is your son. I did warn about spoilers at the top but don't worry, this is so boring a revelation that it won't really matter.

Upon meeting him, it's not long before he makes you aware that he's dying of cancer, because that's what needs to be happening right now for the feels to kick in. During his reign as Institute supremo, he's been sending synths out into the Commonwealth and letting them cause merry havoc. He also admits he let you out of cryo "for a laugh" (words may be ad libbed for comedic effect).

As cancer takes too long, it's much more fun to have a heart to heart with him and then batter him with a four-by-four while he's in bed. The Father, killed by the son, is now a holy ghost. How apt.

I am your Father, son.
I am your Father, son. | Source

7. The Prydwen Arrives

This is easily the best moment in Fallout history in terms of pure spectacle. Liberty Prime's appearance in Fallout 3 is impressive but his smaller form (or at least what feels like it) in Fallout 4 is disappointing. Therefore, I have to make a shout out to the Prydwen's arrival.

You've just murdered Kellogg and are finally able to leave Fort Hagan. Upon opening the exit, the Fallout Theme starts playing and you look up to see a massive blimp flying overhead. Flanked by multiple vertibirds, the Brotherhood's PA system belts out that they are here to help, ready to restore order to chaos. It's a truly epic sight in a series that does show brilliance at times, but has very few truly memorable, singular moments.

6. Realising How Weak You Are In Survival

This one seems backwards, but I promise you it's a good thing! You've likely played the game already on one of the regular difficulties and enjoyed it. It's a great way to learn the map and get an idea for the playstyle you may want to use in the second revision of "Survival Mode".

However, you are ill-prepared for the sheer brutality of the first 10 levels of Survival. You can forget how you used to play and how you were an indestructible God (at least until around level 50) as survival will kick your rear right off the spiked bat and that's where the fun lies. Playing a second time through, you should absolutely choose this difficulty because it will feel like an entirely different game. Look online for the changes including diseases, less carrying capacity and no manual saves.

5. The Intro Bomb

It's a ridiculous yet visually impressive scene taking place shorty after you signed up to join Vault 111. Fifteen seconds later and already, you're having to run to for your life towards the safety of the underground bunker. It's unfortunate, but your wife comes along too and grabs the baby. Damn you scripting, I wanted delicious roasted Shaun when I came out of cryo.

You stand on the Vault platform, which for unknown reasons seems to be the only one with this weird elevator setup, when just as it starts moving... BOOM! A nuke explodes in front of you. The shockwave clearly reaches you and irradiates you thousands of rads, but you take it quite well and arrive in the vault unscathed. The weight of the explosion and the visuals make it a great moment.

Boom baby!
Boom baby! | Source

4. When You Realise You Don't Need To Build Anything

At some point while playing, you'll get really bored of setting up new settlements. It'd be ok if there were maybe just five of them, but there are far more than that.

Slowly, it dawns on you how little you have to do before you can forget these places forever. A few turrets, beds, water and crops and then you can leave and never return. Build your own damn settlements you lazy wasters!

3. Siding with Danse Against Maxson

During the Brotherhood quest line, you'll likely get the chance to either kill or assist Paladin Danse. He's hardly been the most hospitable person up to this point, but seems like a rare "good guy" in this world of moral greys. The only problem is, he's not human; he's a synth.

Danse, upon learning he's a synth, power-sprints away from the Brotherhood and instantly becomes their number 1 most wanted man/robot thing. When you find him you can either kill him or reassure him that you've got his back (which is the better option is your call). If you help out, you can try to leave when to no-one's surprise; Maxson is outside. After being a total robo-racist, winning the argument in favour of Danse, Maxson will give you the evil eye but let him live, albeit it no-one will ever talk about him again and he'll be shot by any of the Brotherhood that see him. Gotta adhere to the Bro-Code though.

Come on Maxson. You don't gotta be that way!
Come on Maxson. You don't gotta be that way! | Source

2. Being A Jerk To The Synths

Fallout 4 has lost some of the "New Vegas" RPG elements which made the latter a more deep and involving game. However, when you get to the DLC "Far Harbour", you do have the chance to be a real jerk to the Synths living in Acadia. Not only can you convince certain people that they are human or not, but you can advise the Brotherhood who will fly over and take them out, with extreme prejudice. You may even choose to have the main Synth publically executed if you fancy it. Then there's the brilliant moment where you are able to show one synth (that has no idea she's a synth) her real, very dead human skull. That's the kind of evil I can get behind.

1. Saving and Then Murdering a Whole Town

If you are playing on one of the regular difficulties which allows manual saving, you find it hard to resist killing certain NPC's that wind you up. This is when you drop a save and then let your evil side out.

Roll up to Bunker Hill, drop save, murder them all! Diamond City? Start with those rich toffs and then take everyone out that objects. Fast-travel everywhere and become the scourge of the Commonwealth... then reload and act like it never happened. Wish-fulfillment at it's finest.

Honourable Mentions

+ Meeting Dogmeat. Such a cutie pie
+ Going 50+ on Power Cores
+ Killing everyone in Covenant
+ Making Preston Garvey wear a dress
+ Romancing Cait
+ Making Danse feel weird by romancing him instead
+ Finding X-01 Power Armour in Blue

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