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Top 10 Gameboy Color Games

Updated on April 10, 2019
Roy Blume profile image

Just a guy in his 20s who feels nostalgic about the videos games he used to play when he was younger

Top 10 Gameboy Color Games of All Time

At the age of 4, my childhood took a turn for the best. It was Christmas morning and I ripped open wrapping paper to reveal a purple GameBoy Color. From that day forward, that handheld device rarely left my grasp. Whether I needed to sneak it in my waist band to play at church, or extend my 5 minute bathroom routine to a 30+ minute session because I did not want to leave my 'seat' mid-game, the GameBoy Color kept me entertained for hours on end. With the click of a switch, I was instantly transported to dungeons, caves, and mysterious worlds full of trainable creatures. Today, I have gathered my favorite titles and put them in a list.

Without further adieu, this is my list of the top 10 GameBoy Color Games.

10) Mario Golf

Developer: Camelot

Starting off with a sports title, Mario Golf got me hooked by the familiar Mario mascots combined with the enjoyable golf gameplay that translates well to the handheld device. While golf is the main focus of the game, the story element added another layer that allowed for a lot of character interaction and environmental exploration!

9) Donkey Kong Country

Developer: Rare

I never actually played the original Donkey Kong Country on the SNES, so when I first got this game on the GameBoy Color, I was floored! Whether navigating Donkey Kong through a jungle, riding underwater on the back of a swordfish, or traveling at high speed down a coal mine, the gameplay never ceased to surprise me.

8) Dragon Warrior 3

Developer: Chunsoft

Better than Dragon Warrior I & II, Dragon Warrior 3 expanded on what its predecessors began. The graphics and sprite design were impressive for its time, really pulling me into the gameplay. Not to mention, this title's universe is absolutely massive, taking me MANY hours to score every corner of the map.

7) Metal Gear: Ghost Babel

Developer: Konami

This 2D stealth action game builds upon the Metal Gear series, with its countless items and weapons that are presented to the player throughout the course of the game. I’m not even particularly a Metal Gear yet still I find myself picking up this title and completing it every couple of years. Definitely check this one out if you have not yet.

6) Super Mario DX

Developer: Nintendo

Super Mario Bros DX is another great game that was originally ported on the NES. With this game, you did not only get the original game, but you also got some fun mini-games. For example, challenge mode required you to complete all of the levels, collecting five red coins and a Yoshi egg within a time limit, while Versus mode was a race against Luigi that made full use of the GBC’s link-up cable. Unmissable.

5) Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

Developer: GameFreak

If you have never heard of this game, you must have been living under a rock for the past 3 decades. This classic was the first game that I played on the GameBoy Color and it is a memorable one. I have probably completed this game around 20 times, one such instance was in the span of a single day!

4) Wario Land 3

Developer: Nintendo

Not until revisiting the GameBoy Color through an emulator, did I come upon this gem. This game that follows Wario, Nintendo's anti-hero, is a superb platformer, in which you can't die! The game is quite different from the Super Mario platformer that we know and love. It's mechanics and overall style is a nice change of vibe from other Nintendo classics.

3) Survival Kids

Developer: Konami

This a game that I am sure many of you have never heard of. Survival Kids is a survival game that takes the best gameplay elements of The Legend of Zelda and the story aspects of The Secret of Monkey Island to procure a beautiful masterpiece. Whether exploring the island, building tools and weapons or discovering the secrets of fire, Survival Kids rewards thoughtful experimentation as well as resourcefulness to create an enchanting adventure that you’ll play until the batteries run dry.

2) Link Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons

Developer: Capcom

These two titles could have easily been put at number 1 because the story, soundtrack, and amazing gameplay made these games so memorable. Released simultaneously, Oracle Of Seasons and Ages featured plenty of new items and characters that enhanced the familiar top-down perspective from previous Zelda games. It's hard to put into words how much fun and enticing these games are, so go out and play them!

And for my number 1 pick

*drumroll please*

1) Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Developer: GameFreak

When thinking about the GameBoy Color, the first game that comes to mind is Pokemon Gold. The new Pokemon sprites, the updated graphics, and the many enhanced gameplay mechanics made this addition to the franchise a better iteration of Generation 1.

The first day playing it, from dawn till dusk, I was so impressed by the real-time clock that reflected my night time to in-game night time. With certain events now appearing at specific times of the day, Gold/Silver/Crystal were given a ‘real life’ quality that was missing from previous Pokémon titles.

Additionally, the 100 new species of Pokémon made me so excited to play more to discover and catch them all!


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    • Larry Slawson profile image

      Larry Slawson 

      12 months ago from North Carolina

      Had totally forgot about the Dragon Warrior series until reading this article haha. Such a fun game!


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