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Top 10 Gaming Series

Updated on March 27, 2010

Here's the low-down on the high-up

Sup guys.. so you all know by now that I am a game geek. Oh well.

Anyway, here's the top 10 gaming series of all time in my opinion. Let me know what you think of it. It was very difficult to choose these, but I pulled through (I think). 

10: Halo

Possibly one of the most popular games of all time, if not the most popular FPS of all time.

Halo was THE reason to buy the original XBOX, and IS the reason to buy the 360 today. Microsoft lucked out with this baby.

SO good.

9: Grand Theft Auto

One of the most original gaming series to date.

Yes by now there are like 100 iterations of the game from Rockstar and non-Rockstar developers, but still.. no one has done it as good as GTA.

From Vice City, to IV, to Chinatown Wars. Amazing.

8: Pokemon

You do know that there's a show called Pokemon right? And that it's the best show of all time, right?

Now what if I told you that the ever most popular show was made from the original video game, Pokemon?

Yes, it's THAT good. 

Yes, the gameplay is very similar between every generation of Pokemon, and yes there are too many Pokemon.. but the games are just so addicting!!

7: God of War

Let me just start this one off by curising at Sony for letting the best game ever (GoWIII) be the last game of the series.

This is one of the finest game series ever made. If there were like 3 more games added to it, then it will be in no doubt my top game of all time. 

6: Metroid

Like I have mentioned in another blog about my top 10 games, i love Metroid because of Samus. Samus is just a hero to me.

I love her, and I loved and will love every game that has her in it :)

5: Legend of Zelda

One of the most inspiring video game series of all time is LoZ. Every Zelda game that I have ever played made me say "wow". 

From the NES, SNES, N64, GBA, GCN, Wii, to the DS. Just amazing. 

4: Castlevania

I love every 2D Castlevania game, and believe that this game will never be well-done in 3D. 

I love 2D Castlevanias, and they are amongst the best series of all time, because of its originality. I mean the thing talked about vampires before friggen Twilight!!! ;) 

3: Final Fantasy

With like a billion Final Fantasy games that have been released since the NES, this series will never die as long as there's such a genre called RPG.

Just about 99% of all Final Fantasy games have been rated in the 90th percentile by the press, and don't expect this to change. 

Love this series to death! 

2: Half Life

As you know I am a huge FPS fan, and I love playing on my PC. This game actually got me into PC gaming. There's no way that this series isn't on everyone's top 10 gamings series list.

Some of my favorite games, including Portal, was derived from this game.. so this is a no brainer.

Valve = <3

1: Mario

The Super Mario Bros. series has been played by just about every person to have ever played a video game. It's usually the game that gets people into gaming.

Do I really need to say much?

It's the Italian plumber Mario! 


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      Chen 7 years ago

      Loved it :-)