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Top 10 Gaming Websites

Updated on June 19, 2013

Top 10 online video games websites

Hello Friends,

I have compiled below a list of top gaming websites which I think are the hottest online video games websites. Some of them provide free video games and some other charge for playing online games. You can also build your teams, play with realtime opponents across the world. So here goes the list.

1. IGN.COM ( is probably the best gaming website on the internet. This web site not only provide you news about the latest and hottest video games but also tells about the new upcoming games. It allows you to download free games and you can also buy chargeble games. It has a guide section which gives you walk through for XBOX 360, Sony play station, Nintendo Wii, PC etc. You can play, download, buy games. You can read reviews about the latest games and if you are a member, you can also write reviews.

It has also got a gamer community and discussion forums where members can talk about the games, tricks and cheats. Over all it one stop for any video gaming activities.


Plus points: Website look, user friendly, rich content.

Rating : 9/10


2. GameSpot (

GameSpot is another highly popular gaming website and fast catching ign in terms of popularity. Look wise its almost similar to ign and provide almost same kind of content as ign. Its currently doing some over killing by including blogs which might be useful to regular users. Apart from that trailer sections and preview sections look almost similar and provide relatively same kind of information. This site is good content wise and also today on the spot section is also good.

Over all this website is among the best available on the Internet and a good competetor to


Plus point: good content and not so bold and fresh look.

Rating: 8.7 / 10

Yahoo Games
Yahoo Games

3. Yahoo games (

With more than 2 million visitors per month, Yahoo games have risen the popularity chart in recent times. This website is simple but yet powerful in terms of content and varieties and it also benefit from the yahoo brand image. It has concentrated more on games than any other side offerings. There is a huge list of free games which can be downloaded from the website. It also provide you facilities for renting games and games DVD will be delivered at your door step.


Plus point: Not so loud and simple GUI, rich content, Brand Yahoo

Rating: 8,5 /10

4. GameFAQs (

 As the name suggests this website gives more emphasis on providing up to date reviews about the current and upcoming games than providing down loadable games or online play. With more than 12 millions visitors per month, this website have clearly made a unique niche. It also provide the latest cheats and codes and gives ability to its users to contributes.


Plus point:Up to date reviews, clear cut GUI

Rating: 8.0 /10


5. 1UP (

1up .com is again an almost a 1 stop website for all the gaming requirement and provide almost the same facilities like ign or gamespot. However its still lagging in terms of popularity with only 3 million unique visitors per day. One of the best feature of this website is its design. Its not so bold and soothing look gives user a good feeling about it. It will have to do some improvement about its content to give ign or gamespot a good competition.


Plus point: Unique design and GUI

Rating: 7.8 /10


6. Gamesradar (

The biggest USP of this website is its fresh and young look. Slightly less on content but very good in reviews and latest updates on popular and upcoming games. It also provide cheats and guidance about the latest PS3 and XBOX video games. it also have a separate section for comic reviews and news. Its video section also have some good content.


Plus point: Looks and fresh contents

Rating: 7.5 /10

7. (

 With more than 2.6 millions unique visitors each month, is one of the emerging website for gaming. Biggest USP for this website is its simplicity and no frill contents. Joystiq looks to be more committed to provide news and information about the latest games rather than providing free downloads.


Plus Point: Simple and to the point

Rating: 7.2 /10


8. GameZone (

Having more than 1.2 million unique hits per month, GameZone stand at the 8th position in my top 10 list. Like IGN this is also almost a 1 stop website for all the gaming related stuff however its still far behind the popularity chart and down loadable games database. website design and looks are amazing.


Plus point: Content and design

Rating: 7.0 /10


9. GameDuell (

 Gameduell is one of the website where you can actually play with the real opponents. You can also play for money where you can win money and loose too (if you loose the game). Its not a place for searching Sony playstations or XBOX games but playing simple games.


Plus Points: Real player and simplicity

Rating: 6.5 /10


10. GamePro (

 GamePro is one of the fastest emerging gaming website with all the information about the latest PS3, XBOX and Wii games. It has got sections for news, reviews, preview and features. There is a video section with latest games videos and trailers.


Plus point: excellent design and news section

Rating: 6.0 /10


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    • profile image

      Aditya 3 years ago

      I would like to add to this list.

    • profile image

      bobbenson 4 years ago

      I would add to the list, which is a great online 3D gaming site. It has a lot of quality content and really nice interface :)

    • profile image

      jack 4 years ago

      NICE! I just Microsoft points for free from this site! :D freemspointsforever com

    • profile image

      fc3 4 years ago

      Ummm where is NAG .....stupid list

    • profile image

      OnlineHack 4 years ago

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      let the crusade of expert gamers help you

    • profile image

      matri 5 years ago

      Free and best games at

      Visit and play online..

      all kind of games..


    • profile image

      Saurabh 5 years ago

      excellent list, however, I would also add on it as well its one of the fastest growing gaming website out there.

    • profile image

      karan 6 years ago

      download ka site batao

    • Tahamtan profile image

      Tahamtan 6 years ago

      Good List. I would have added and to the list.

    • gameznet profile image

      gameznet 7 years ago from Australia

      not a bad list ;)