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Top 10 League of Legends Plays of All Time

Updated on November 4, 2019

League of Legends and it's best competitive plays

Legends of Legends - Competitive History

League of Legends has been the biggest game for almost 10 years now and it is still growing. People from all over the world watch, play and enjoy the game.

Over the years there have been many exciting plays, but this top 10 list will show you the best competitive plays from the last ten years.

#10 - The infamous inSec from All Stars 2013

What is now a regular mechanic for every Lee Sin player, was first shown to the world by the korean jungle star 'inSec' during a match between Korea and Europe.

The move basically is activating your second part of your 'Q' ability, using a ward behind the enemy, jumping on that ward with your 'W' ability and then using your 'R' to kick the enemy into your team. In the League of Legends world, people still use the inSec's name for that particular mechanic.


#9 TheShy on Aatrox against G2 2018

TheShy was the best toplaner in the world in 2018 and he showed his skills, while basically winning 1 vs 5 against G2. TheShy's team just lost their jungler before the dragon fight and he simply went alone into battle with his Aatrox. He almost killed G2's whole team, before his team came to the fight and finished G2 off.


#8 Uzi on Vayne against OMG at Worlds 2013

In game 2 of the series between RYL and OMG, the marksman Uzi just showed his insane mechanics on Vayne. The whole game was basically a show off game from Uzi, where he could just display his mechanics, which were ahead of it's time.


#7 CLG against RNG during MSI 2016

This is one of the few clips, where NA showed their potential. In a game between RNG and CLG, CLG was behind 15k gold, but still made the comeback happen. First it started with a teamfight at the dragon pit, where Xmithie delayed the death of the drake with Kindred's 'R', then CLG won the teamfight. The drake would have been the fifth for RNG, which basically would have been the end to the game.

After that fight, CLG managed to win another one and made the impossible comeback to win the game.


#6 MadLife Hook - LCK 2013

During a match in the Korean League of Legends league, the support player MadLife, who was by far the best support player at that time, made some crazy hooks happen. If you land a hard hook to hit, people call that hook a 'MadLife', named after the support player.

In this game, was just one of these crazy hooks.


#5 Faker against KT Rolster in LCK

During one period of time, the infamous Telecom war ( SKT vs KT) was the most hype thing in League of Legends. Also during that time, Faker emerged as the greatest League of Legends player of all time and he created many crazy plays. This play was one of the few, which were crazy. He flashed over the wall, used Syndra's 'R' ability onto Leblanc, which was dashing away, and then hit Syndra's 'E' to stun two seperate enemies, to just finish them off afterwards.

It was just crazy to see, how amazing someone could play a specific champion.


#4 Pray's Ashe Arrow to win the game 2015

During the match between the former Team Rox Tigers and SK Telecom T1, Pray shot an amazing arrow to win the game. The arrow flew through the whole map, to stop Ekko's Teleport back to base, so the Rox Tigers could finish the game.

The arrow was timed perfectly and was the only reason, why Rox Tigers were able to win the game.


#3 Clid against G2 in Semifinals 2019

In game 2 of the semifinals between G2 and SKT, SKT's jungler Clid singlehandedly won the game during a Elder Dragon fight. Although SKT had the lead throughout the game, they were losing later on, until that fight happend. Clid flashed into the dragon pit, smited the Elder Dragon away, kicked out Ryze, who was the main carry on G2's team, into his team, followed him with his 'Q', killed him and then they won the finishing teamfight.


#2 xPeke Backdoor at IEM 2013

The former player, now owner xPeke made a crazy play, during one of the games at IEM 2013. He teleported to the enemy base and was barely able to destroy the enemy nexus. During that backdoor, the enemy team was trying to kill xPeke, but he basically dodged everything, finished the nexus and popped off.


#1 Faker on Zed against KT

This is probably the most infamous clip of all time. The Zed mirror match between Faker and Ryu in game 5 of a LCK series. Back in the day, game 5's in LCK used to be blind pick. Both Faker and Ryu picked Zed and they had an epic fight towards the end of the game, were Faker outplayed Ryu as hard as anyone can outplay anyone else.



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