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Top 10 Memorable Metal Gear Solid Moments

Updated on July 23, 2015

Metal Gear is completely packed with tons of moments in every game that you can never forget. From the first all the way to Ground Zeroes they just keep on coming with every entry. In preparation for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, I thought it only appropriate to list some of Metal Gear's best moments. Boss fights are not included in this because I will make a separate list for those. Enjoy!


10: Snake and Otocon's handshake (MGS 2)

Check out the cool kids
Check out the cool kids

When you think of Solid Snake, what comes to mind? Cool guy? Strong silent type? Well in this scene towards the end of MGS 2 he unleashes his inner nerd by engaging in a seemingly secret handshake with his longtime pal, Otacon. We all know Otacon is a huge nerd, guess he kinda grew on Snake. This scene is memorable because, while the MGS games are known for their humor, this was just a tad bit unexpected. But it was also kind of indicating a promise between friends to return to eachother in one piece after everything is said and done. Otacon just lost his sister, he can't lose his best friend either. So despite it coming off as funny, this handshake between friends also comes off as a powerful moment.

9: Snake climbing the ladder (MGS 3)

Don't look down
Don't look down

This part in Metal Gear Solid 3 is very memorable, but does anyone remember why? It's intense. It's cinematic. It's perfect. Snake begins his ascension up this normal ladder. However, as you begin climbing, you realize this is a very, very, very long ladder. Seems monotonous at first, but then that beautiful voice appears and begins singing the game's theme song, Snake Eater. Suddenly climbing the ladder is more interesting as you begin to wonder what could possibly be up at the very top waiting for you. Thoughts begin to surface. "Is there a boss?" "Am I at the end of the game?" "Should I be worried?" But no matter what you may wonder about the sudden inclusion of music, one thing is certain. You won't forget it.

8: Snake Boards the Tanker (MGS 2)

"Kept ya waiting, huh?"
"Kept ya waiting, huh?"

Snake is pretty awesome. He can make almost everything he does look cool. That's why the beginning of Metal Gear Solid 2 is not easily forgotten. Starting off on a highway bridge with a mysterious person in a rain jacket walking on the side in the rain, you should know right then who it is. Down below the bridge is a massive tanker making it's way underneath. Snake breaks out into a sprint as he activates his stealth camouflage and his jacket is thrown into the air. He then leaps off the bridge with a bungee cord strapped to him as he lands over the tanker and removes the cord. With a gracious front flip he hits the ground. Ocelot notices him and says "Our boy is right on schedule." Snake slowly stands up, looks up into the rain, and the title appears. It gives you all the excitement you need to begin this amazing game.

7: Ocelot Time Paradox (MGS 3)

Look at what you've done now.
Look at what you've done now.

What if you could go back in time and change something? Metal Gear Solid 3 kind of, in a way, gives you that opportunity. It's really more of a little easter egg that may make you laugh, but the amount of thought that went into it makes it super interesting. After your attempt to rescue Sokolov, the Cobra Unit comes to ruin your day and take Sokolov away. Among these bad guys is a young Ocelot. Ocelot, the series' main villain. Snake fails to rescue Sokolov, but he does manage to take out almost every Cobra unit enemy, including Ocelot. If you're feeling violent, you can shoot Ocelot and kill him. But wait... Without Ocelot there is no game. It's over. Nothing that happens in the future games will have ever happened. Snake wouldn't have to deal with so much crap. Therefor you create a time paradox. The game over screen appears and it says, "Ocelot is Dead." If you stay on this screen long enough you will notice the letters changing. Once they stop changing, they form the words "Time Paradox" And you can hear Zero in the background telling you what you've just done.

6: Meryl's Codec Number (MGS 1)


Okay, do any of you remember playing through Metal Gear Solid on the PSX and wondering, "What the hell is Meryl's Codec number?!" I'm sure most of you called the Colonel to see what he had to say. Then all he tells you is, "Wasn't Meryl's codec frequency on the back of the CD case?" And to make matters worse, you actually had an item in your inventory called a CD so you spend time frantically pushing buttons on it hoping it will say something but it never does. So at this point you're just getting frustrated. Most people eventually look it up. Then they find out it is literally on the back of the CD case. As in, the game's actual case. You become torn between two feelings. "That's really cool and clever!" and, "Are you serious? Oh my god..." But either way, you'll remember that. And you'll enjoy watching new people play the game and experience the same struggle you did when you started.

5: The Torture Scene (MGS 1)

Don't get finger cramps
Don't get finger cramps

Most of the time when choices are given to you in a game, you just pick. You may regret your decision, but at least you could choose. In Metal Gear Solid 1, you're given a choice. And you do have the power to choose, but you don't have the power to succeed. After Snake is captured by Ocelot and Liquid after trying to rescue Meryl from Sniper Wolf, he is taken to a torture room. There is a bit of talking, and then everyone leaves Ocelot to deal with Snake. He tells Snake that If he endures the torture, Meryl will live. He is also allowed to submit, but in doing so, Meryl will die. It's an easy choice, no one wants Meryl to die, but what follows is the hard part. You must painstakingly mash the circle button repeatedly to keep your life bar up as you are electrocuted. It goes for roughly 10 seconds and stops at first. But after it stops, you must keep mashing the button to try and restore what little health you can before it starts again. To make matters worse, it goes longer every time it stops. Also you must do this several times after each torture session. This makes it hard to make the right choice and depending on what you manage to do will determine an item you unlock for your second playthrough.

4: Crawling through a giant Microwave (MGS 4)

Hot Pockets!
Hot Pockets!

Man, MGS 4 was an emotional rollercoaster if you're a fan of the series. One of them is this iconic moment where Snake must crawl through a giant hallway of microwaves with the Metal Gear MK. 3 in order to get to the center of the SOP operations in an attempt to shut it all down. Otacon watches as his friend, who is rapidly aging due to effects from FOXDIE, struggles to move. The farther he gets, the more seemingly discouraged he gets. He's probably thinking about how his life is coming to an end very soon and wondering if this is it for him. It becomes more and more painful for him and at almost the very end he starts to give up completely. While this is going on, the screen is split horizontally displaying his comrades also fighting to survive. It gives off a feeling of despair for everyone as the bad guys start to push through and destroy everyone. But Snake gets one last spark of hope as he gets back up and presses on through to the end.

3: The Bait and Switch (MGS 2)

"Look, kid. You're not me, ok?"
"Look, kid. You're not me, ok?"

Ah yes, the legendary bait and switch. At the end of the excellent 2 hour introduction to the game, Ocelot appears and blows up the Tanker Snake is on. The screen fades out, and when it comes back, you hear Colonel Campbell giving orders for a new mission. You get pumped up until you realize there is no Snake. Well, who the hell is it? None other than pretty boy Raiden, a newbie to the game. You're not wrong in feeling a bit betrayed, but you'll get used to it. He can be a bit annoying but it's all good because Sna.......Uhhh, Pliskin is there by your side. And he's pretty cool, right? Yeah, he's cool.

2: Zero and Big Boss (MGS 4)


Remember what I said about MGS 4 being emotional? Yeah, this unexpected scene is the icing on the cake. So Metal Gear 4 ended. Meyrl and Johhny got married. Everyone is happy. Except Snake. While standing at the grave of his mother, Eva, he says one final goodbye and then puts a gun in his mouth. The camera pans upwards and you hear a gunshot. Credits. But wait! There's more! Of course Snake didn't kill himself. He backed out at the last second. Suddenly out of nowhere, Big Boss shows up to kickstart the longest cutscene in video game history, clocking in at about 71 minutes. But that doesn't mean it's boring. Far from it, as Big Boss explains the reasoning behind why he is still alive and what is going on. There is so much that happens in this scene that I'm gonna leave it up to you to watch it, but eventually he reveals that Zero is still alive. Zero is the only remaining tie to the SOP and he must be killed. You see Zero in a wheelchair, he is a vegetable and he likely has no idea what is going on. Once the decision is made, Big Boss pulls the plug on Zero. After more talking, Big Boss has what looks like a heart attack from the FOXDIE in his veins. Snake says one actual final goodbye to his father as he dies next to Eva's grave.

1: I Need Scissors! 61! (MGS 2)

Oh, hello there
Oh, hello there

If you ask any Metal Gear fan what their most memorable moment was, it's likely going to be this incredibly weird section of the game where you must escape the torture chamber as a naked, cartwheeling Raiden. That's already pretty weird, albeit funny. But when you get a call from the Colonel with his face facing different directions or with a layout of a skull and him saying things like, "I need scissors! 61!" or "I hear it's amazing when the Purple-stuffed worm in Flap-jaw space, with the tuning fork, does a raw-blink on Hari-kiri Rock!" things start to get freaky weird. It turns out that the Colonel is an a malfunctioning AI. What.

Okay, that's it for my top ten memorable Metal Gear Solid moments. There are so many that I didn't even list so if you haven't played the games and if you ignored my spoiler warning, maybe you should just go play them. They are fantastic and absolutely worth the time. I hope you enjoyed my first hub post on this website. There will be many more to come and eventually I'll find my ground with this kind of stuff. I'm new to it so it I didn't write the list well, please cut me some slack, I'll get it down eventually. See you next time!


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    • Elijah Mckinley profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah Mckinley 

      3 years ago from Claremore, OK

      I realized a mistake I made. I meant to put that they were in front of The Boss' grave in number 2


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