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Top Ten Retro Games

Updated on September 17, 2011

My Top Ten

The days of Playstation, Nintendo 64 and Gameboy may have been years ago but their memories still live on in our hearts and memory cards. The days of polygon shaped characters with pixelated faces maybe gone but our time with them will always be treasured. As a dedication to a few of my favorite games I decided to make this hub with some of my favorite classics in mind. Introducing my Top Ten Older Generation Games!!!

#10 The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening

The memory of my gameboy advance. The first time I cracked open the box one of the games to come with it was The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening. Link washing ashore on a mysterious Island embarks on an epic quest to awaken the Wind Fish who has been put into a slumber by the nightmare monsters. As Link you must travel through multiple dungeons in an incredibly fun game. Complete with many weapons The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening was a game that kept you entertained for hours upon hours. Characters that you met on your kourney such as Marin and Tarin and the people (animals) in Animal Village made this game a memorable experience to relive again and again. The ending brought a tear to the eye and that is all I will say about that. Here are some memorable moments in The Legand of Zelda Links Awakening.

Ballad of the Wind Fish

Caught Stealing

#9 Soul Blade

Soul Blade, the precursor to Soul Calibur where the tail of sould and swords began it's story. Warriors battling it out with swords, axes, claws, halberds fighting to either claim the demon sword Soul Edge or destroy it. Besides the fighting each character has a mission mode where you go through battles and earn new weapons adding more depth to the gameplay. Characters such as Mitsurugi, my favorite, and Cervantes slash and stab each other to complete their goals. With an intro with a catchy beat, lets give a shout to the classic that brought the birth of Nightmare. Soul Blade!

Soul Blade Intro

#8 Mystical Ninja

Oh no! Aliens have invaded Japan and want to turn it into a giant stage for their perfomances! In an old classic Mystical Ninja it's up to Geomon, Ebisumaru, Yae and Sasuke and the incredible giant robot Impact to stop them! Fighting through hordes of enemies including robotic fat ladies, Geomon and crew set out to stop the invaders from carrying out their plans. Traveling through Japan enjoy health restoring dumplings and bath houses to take a break from the action. Each character gets a special move that helps get through the game and with the memorable music Mystical Ninja is a title to remember. I am Impact!!! Go Go Go!!!!

Some of the Best in Gaming Music!!!

I am Impact!!!

#7 Super Mario 64

The Mascot of Nintendo in his debut on the Nintendo 64 ladies and gentlemen It's a me Mario!!!! These are the first words you hear when you turn on Super Mario 64 and see a giant face that you can stretch to your hearts desire. Once again Bowser has kidnapped the princess and it's up to our favorite plumber to rescue her. This time mario gets a few more special abilities besides a fireball. With the ability to turn invisible, turn into metal and fly mario is on his way to rescue Princess Toadstool. Becareful in this world as drowning has become a possibility in Mario's world and the Ghosts are more vicious than ever. From beginning to end Super Mario 64 is a fun filled ride that will have you craving more.

Mario's First Battle!

Encounter With Bowser #1

Devil May Cry 3

Not as old as the other games in the Top 10 but still an awesome classic is Devil May Cry 3 starring the iconic Dante and his awesome brother Vergil. From the beginning you are introduced to the ever cool stylish Dante that tears the stage up while being greeted by killer demons. With guns blazing and a giant sword swinging Dante discovers some destructive latent abiliites while fighting his brother Vergil and Arkham. Not to forget Dantes nemesis turned friend the incredible Lady or the insane Jester this is one high octane ride that is a legend in gaming history. Oh yeah the music is awesome too.

Devils Never Cry


#5 Final Fantasy 9

Into the realm of fantasy with #5 in my line up Final Fantasy 9. In this installment of the Saga called Final Fantasy you take on the role of Zidane a thief who is taking princess Garnett from the clutches of her piggishly evil step mother. As expected in a Final Fantasy game a simple task of thievery turns into what could be the destruction of the entire world if our heroes do not level up and collect cool weapons to kill the final boss. With rememberable cutscenes, an engrossing story some cool battle music, and nice summon sequences Final Fantasy 9 is a title not to be forgotten. Bahamut go!!

You Are Not Alone

Bahamut vs Alexander

#4 Final Fantasy 8

Ahh the list grows smaller and smaller and the games get better and better! Final Fantasy 8 is a Final Fantasy that has had some mixed reviews but in the end turns out to be a great game. Squall Leonhart is the main character of the game and it's up to him and your band of heroes to stop the evil sorceress from destroying the planet. Armed with allies and the incredible GF's fight countless battles power up and save the world! Oh don't forget to junction magic to your stats and don't level up without the stat boosts at level up equipped or you may have really weak characters even at level 100 like I did the first time. Beautiful music score also.

Eyes on Me

The Lion Heart

#3 Final Fantasy 7

The final Final Fantasy on my list is drum roll please........ Final Fantasy 7. Cloud Strife the spiky haired hero starts off as a mercenary working with the group Avalanche to bring down the evil coorporation Shinra that is draining the planet of it's life force. While this is a gigantic task in it's own right, the journey Cloud and the heroes embark upon takes a huge turn when it is discovered someone from the past thought to be dead, can someone say Sephiroth, has been manipulating the scenes to can you guess it? Destroy the world!! With tons of gameplay a story to remember and some one of the most memorable deaths in gaming history Final Fantasy 7 is a treasure to behold.

Your Ultimate End

Death Of A Loved One

#2 Metal Gear Solid

One of the greatest games of all time full of betrayal, emotional scenes and character depth is Metal Gear Solid. As Solid Snake you job is to stop the weapon Metal Gear from being used to fire nuclear weapons by the group Fox-Hound. The hero of heroes the legenedary Solid Snake sneaks, shoots, punches, and explodes his way through the scene to complete his goals. With a very well thought of and detailed story, amazing music, and cutscenes that have the potential to bring tears to your eyes Metal Gear Solid is a giant among giants in the gaming world. An excellent choice for the second spot.

The End of Wolf

The Best Is Yet To Come

#1 The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time is my all time favorite game of old. Ocarina takes the spot because no matter how many times I beat it I was always back for more. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina charges our hero Link with restoring balance to the world after Ganondorf has wrecked it by entering the sacred realm and taking a piece of the triforce, although you inadvertently help him accomplsh this goal. As Link you run around the world of Hyrule with sword and shield in hand, and also an Ocarina that plays some cool tunes, defeating evil monsters and conquering dungeons Zelda style. A nostalgic journey, Ocarina of Time will have you coming back for second and third helpings.

Songs of the Ocarina

The End of A Legend Warning Ending!!!

Relive the Classics

I've grouped the classics all right here. Just in case anyone wanted to add any to their own collection. Enjoy!!!


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      6 years ago

      Holy Jesus, are you ten years old? These aren't retro games. Trying going back another 5-10 years.


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