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Top 5 Survival Kits that Any Serious Hiker Must Have

Updated on January 30, 2017

If you are an enthusiast of outdoor games, you will agree that hiking is one of the more fulfilling endeavors that you can engage in. After all, it boosts your mental health, opens new avenues of making friends and the chance to interact with a whole lot of a new world.

Even then, the hiking train also comes with its own share of challenges. These range from cold weather, freak accidents, insects and pretty any other thing that can happen in the wild. While some pose no real danger, other can be deleterious. That's why you should arm yourself appropriately before you hit the road for next hiking endeavor. This guide points to five survival kits any serious hiker should always have in their sojourns.

What Determines Which Survival Kits to Buy?

The Geographical location you intend to visit.

The existing conditions in your area of interest should be a determinant of the type of tools you will pack in your survival kit. It's the area is majorly cold, for instance, you should carry an insulated sleeping bag and some energy giving foods.

Your Personal situation

If you are under medication, it's important to ensure you pack the medicine packs with your other items. It also means that you carry with you any necessary items that can help stay safe in the duration of your outing.

The expected duration of your outing.

The duration that you intend to be on the hiking trail should determine the quantity(s) you pack in your survival kit. The longer the stay, the more the supplies that you should pack.

Use cord to rig a tarp shelter in a pinch.
Use cord to rig a tarp shelter in a pinch. | Source

The 5 Must-Have Survival Kits

1. Paracord Survival Bracelet.

This is an essential tool for a hiker as it can be used for a range of activities geared towards one's survival in a harsh environment. Basically, you can use your paracord bracelet to create a fishing line, make survival bows and arrows, use them as hiking boot laces and can even be used to make a snare trap for hunting small game.

2. Cutting Knife.

Whether it's chopping through entangled knots or carving tent stakes, a cutting is a must for a hiker. A cutting knife can be of great help when it comes to drilling holes for firebows or preparing quick-ignite ribbons.

3. Rescue Whistle.

A whistle comes in handy when things get out of situation and help is needed. A whistle is far louder than your voice. Always to carry a whistle in your hiking sojourns and ensure that whichever piece you opt to go with is loud enough to be heard from a long way.

4. Fire Starter & Tinder.

A firestarter is a critical survival kit that every serious hiker should have in their possession. After all, no one would want to freeze out in the cold while a simple, well organized back pack could have saved you the trouble.

5. Home made First Aid kit.

This kit should have, among others:

Absorbent compress dressings, an adhesive cloth tape, Antiseptic wipe packs, pairs of nonlatex gloves, bandage roller, scissors, tweezers and a First aid instruction booklet among others.

Survival Kit Overview

Some Useful Survival Preparedness Tips

Craft an escape plan.

In order to stay safe, it's important to create an escape plan that you can turn to if things turn ugly. This may be in form of vehicular support to help in case of an injury or excessive tiredness.

Have a reliable communication route.

Ensure you have a reliable channel of communication that you can use to call for help, seek guidance on your current location among many others.

Remain alert through out.

Do not overindulge in activities that may affect your alertness through out your hiking journey. Do not excessive alcohol until it affects your vision and decision making.

Let a friend or relative know you have gone for a hike.

Let someone back at home know that you have gone for a hike. In case of an accident, it's easy for them to follow up on your case when your location is known.

Always have company.

This is yet another important cautionary measure that can save your life in case of a problem. Do not ever try to go hiking alone however much things may seem to be in order.

Do you always remember to carry your survival kit in your hiking endeavors?

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Bottom line

Do not risk your life in the wild while you can prevent it all together. Keep these safety in mind and surely, your hiking journey will be pure bliss.


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