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Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Rocket League

Updated on April 13, 2019
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Jay is an up-and-coming gamer specialising in sci-fi, action and sport games.

1) Customize Your Car

Whether you're bronze tier or grandmaster, looking the part is key when it comes to gaining respect in the Rocket League world. Playing as Octane with the classic orange paint and a pirate hat will never do! Just playing games will earn you a small amount of decals and toppers but if you really want to rock the arena, you need to open crates and buy DLCs!

Crates are easy to come by, but the keys you need to open them with can only be bought and are quite expensive. However, every so often, when an event comes around, you may be able to earn an opened 'crate' or the equivalent of a key. For example, during the 2018 Haunted Hallows event, you could unlock a 'Golden Pumpkin' which was pretty much the same as a crate but didn't need a key to open.

Buying DLCs is also a great way to pimp your ride! There are many available, each containing at least one car as well as decals, wheels and even player banners! A one-car DLC will generally cost £1.50 which is a fair price for all it contains.

Once you have opened a few crates and bought a DLC or two, it is time to go to the garage! When it comes to design, anything goes! It is a good idea to show off rare items possibly from past events or seasons as other players will know you mean business!

The most important thing to do though, is pick a car you're comfortable with and get driving!

Basket Ball (Hoops) in Rocket League
Basket Ball (Hoops) in Rocket League

2) Play The 'Extra' Game Modes

The 'extra modes' section of the online game selection includes; rumble, dropshot, hoops and snow day.

Rumble is played much like a normal game of soccar but with power-ups! After 10 seconds, you will be given one of 12 abilities which can be kept for as long as you like. You may given a massive boot to kick away oppositions or a magnet to draw in the ball. As soon you use your power, the 10 second timer will reset and you will be given another one! Rumble gives a twist to the classic car football game associated with Rocket League.

Dropshot is a whole new game altogether! The octagonal pitch is divided into two halves, your side and your opposition's. The aim of the game is to score points by breaking through the floor of your opposition's side of the pitch. When the ball touches the ground it breaks of a layer of the surrounding panels. There are three layers before the ball can fall through and you can score a point. The more touches the ball gets between touching the floor, the more power it builds up. If the ball has full power, it has the potential to break through the full three layers of the floor. If you like to show off your aerial skill, then this is the game for you!

Hoops is basically basketball in Rocket League. The rules are pretty simple and the teams take up the usual 2v2 format but at each restart, the ball is thrown into the air. This allows for spectacular aerial baskets seconds form the starting. Whilst players can drive underneath the baskets, the ball rolls up the 'net'. This means all shots will have to gain height, no easy shots here! Hoops is great fun and a great way to practice aerial accuracy.

Finally, Snow Day is soccar with a puck. The pitch is the same, the rules are the same, the only difference is that it is played with a puck in snowy conditions. The pucks abnormal physics can get annoying but all in all it is another fun variation of the classic soccar game.

All of these games are great for mixing up your gameplay and are even ranked like in soccar but you may struggle to find a match as they are not as popular as the standard mode.

3) Join A Club

Clubs are a relatively new addition to Rocket League and have brought the ability to join, or create, a group of players who can take part in matches privately, or against other clubs. The club leader can set news to be viewed by all the members and start private matches without being in a party. This allows for 3v3 matches which cannot be played using parties (only 4 people can be in a party).

Another fun feature is that the club leader can choose the club's team colours (primary and accent)!

If a party of the same club happen to be put against a party of a different club through matchmaking, it will become a club match and the club's team colours will be used.

4) Play Exhibition Matches With Funny Mutators

From changing the strength of gravity to choosing the ball's shape, in exhibition matches you can edit just about all the aspects of the games.

My personal favourite is changing the ball physics to curveball. You will be able to score near-impossible goals and miss shots that, with standard physics, should have been!

Whilst it won't give you much match practice, playing exhibition matches with crazy mutators is fun and great for playing with friends.

5) Training

Training isn't just great for when you're waiting for an online match, it can be a fun way to practice and improve your skills, especially custom training.

In custom training, you can either create your own drills or play others. People have made some great ones and more are being created every day so take a look. From aerial shot training to practice saves, you will be able to find the right training for you.

If you can't find anything that suits your needs just make your own! You can decide where the player starts, in what direction the ball fires and at what speed and the aim of the drill. If your happy with your creation, you can upload it for others to try!

6) Play A Whole Match On Your Back (Or Whatever It's Called On A Car!)

It won't improve your skills. It won't be easy to score. It is sure to annoy your teammates. But it will be funny!

Just fill up your boost, flip over your car and be a turtle! You can actually see how many 'turtle' goals you have scored in your stats!

7) Trade

When in a party with other players, just click on their icon and invite to trade. You will be able to offer any of your tradeable items including crates, wheels and bodies.

By doing this, you may be able to pick up some rare items without having to spend any money. Just remember, once you have traded something, there is no going back!

8) Record Cool Replays

You've just won a match 10-0 and want to show all your friends, just save a replay! In the menu after a game, select the 'save a replay' button and name it. Once saved, you will be able to view it in the extras section of the main menu. You can choose the view and fast forward and rewind to your heart's content!

9) Play Matches!

It may sound obvious, but playing simple matches of soccar online or against the computer is fun and gives you the best practice. There are some techniques you won't be able to learn in training, only in real match play.

Start a local season, play online in competitive or set up a private match with your friends, however you like to play, get playing!

10) Have Fun!!!

Isn't that the point of videogames?!

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