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Top 10 Best Tips to Beat & Win PC Games FM Football Manager 2011

Updated on July 11, 2011
FM 2011 Logo
FM 2011 Logo

New Features

With the latest installment of PC Games Football Manager 2011 (FM 2011), I have decided to write another hub about it. I have played 2 seasons with Manchester United and have the same success as FM 2010. I still use the same 4-4-2 tactic with the same arrow. Note: I switch the view to classic view. If you miss my previous article, please check FM 2010 and LLM FM 2010.

Couple new features with PC Games Football Manager 2011 aka FM 2011 are:

  1. Newer Contract Negotiations feature. There is a new live contract negotiation system with new agent fee. The manager will deal with different types of agents for new signing.
  2. Newer Re-vamped training system. This includes more basic training schedules and individual training for players to train in 14 different skills. There is new match preparation training for training different tactic before the match. I thought this feature is too excessive and have little use. I could be wrong though since I just play for 2 seasons.
  3. Interaction to board is also different and has more features. SIGames also include various new player interaction such as private conversations and interaction for suggesting training new skills.
  4. New features in News subscription service
  5. The play engine or match view also got a facelift with better simulation. According to website, there are 100 new animations including player models, goal celebration, stadium and more.
  6. There is new Dynamic League Reputation. As the league acquired better and new player, the league will become more famous and has better rating. Better players will join the league etc.

4-4-2 tactic
4-4-2 tactic

Top 10 tips

Last update: November 29, 2010

Top 10 tips and more to beat PC Games Football Manager 2011:

  • Buy low and sell high. I usually buy undervalue young player less than 20 years old. I will then sell the player when he reached 28 years old of age. For example, I usually sell my striker when he reached 27-28 years old. Goalkeeper can be sold when he reached 31-32 years old to get good value. I also notice selling a player in FM 2011 is harder than before, the computer will only pay for premium with younger player. But it is still doable.
  • Find new younger players or wonderkid with great potential (< 20 years old). Typically, if you manage England team, try to find English player or Brazilian. I usually do extensive search every preseason. When you notice you have received new young player batch, you can start your player search since the play engine should have regenerate some great young players. Since most of these young player is still in non professional contract, you can sign them easily and pay only very little to compensate the original club. For example, I played in English Premier League, I will do my searching when the game date is hitting June 25th till June 30th every year. Try to scout the player before you sign, your scout will provide a salary range to sign this young gun.
  • Use consistent tactic. I have been playing with 4-4-2 formation. I have only tweaked slightly if I need to. Look below for details. Don't tweak your tactic from game to game. Also check your opponent tactic and see whether they are using the same tactic to beat your team. I notice the computer will play a 5-3-2 formation to match 4-4-2 formation. But I'm still able to beat them with 4-4-2. Sometime your tactic will not work due to some bad rating player or bad team/ individual morale.Substitute these players during the game.
  • Hire more good coaches to coach your current or younger player.
  • Deploy your scout to various regions to find great player or great young player. Try to scout the player you want to buy, to check the salary range they will accept. Then offer the salary according to your scout's suggestion.
  • Substitute any player that performs poorly during your match. Usually after 30 minute, you can check the player rating. If the player rating is 6.3 or below, you will need to substitute this player as soon as possible. Usually this change will improve your chance to win, poor performing player will perform poorly and getting worse throughout the match. I also observed the rating of FM 2011 is started higher than previous FM 2010. Probably 1 point higher. The player is started with 6.7 rating from the match start for FM 2011.
  • Try to play narrow width if you play against any bigger team.
  • Sign new coaches or scouts around January till April timeframe, I usually found some good coaches or scouts around this time. Usually, a free agent coach less than 45 years old with regional or national reputation is good for your team. Also check their skill set though.
  • Try to sell old player around April or May. If you can’t sell any, just wait until June-August period.
  • To manage national team, you need to keep winning in club level. FA will offer national team manager contract after major cup such as World Cup or Euro Cup. It is much difficult to win game with National team. The team morale is easily drop and change due to their team performance etc.
  • I noticed individual/team morale can change drastically from one match to another match in 2011 version. If you lost, the whole team morale can drop instantly. I usually try to provide more positive feedback and encouragement during team talk etc. But don't overdo it. Also, try to get positive during manager exchange with reporters such as go to personal category "I get on really well with this manager, he is a fine manager and person" Usually your team will response in positive way or the other team will be overconfident and lost.
  • Always discipline player who get two yellow cards and red cards. For two yellow cards in a match, just issue a warning. For red card, fine the player 1 weeks or 2 weeks pay depending on how regular he got the red cards. If you didn't do this, the team moral will get negative and more players will become disturb by low discipline level in your team. Also discipline player who perform poorly <5.9 rating with warning.
  • Important and underrated skills. Dribbling skill is underrated in Football Manager and Crossing skill is overrated. I have set my winger with "Often run with the balls". You need to check "Composure" skill for your striker. For defender, "Concentration" skill is very important.


Sample Man Utd Standing
Sample Man Utd Standing

Good Young Players or Wonderkids

Good young players on FM 2011 are:

  • Matej Delac – Goalkeeper (GK)
  • Luis Guilherme - GK
  • Alphonse Areola - GK
  • David De Gea – GK
  • Phil Jones – Defender Center
  • Danny Wilson - Defender Center
  • Romario – Defender Right
  • Rafael – DR/L
  • Diego Renan- DR/L
  • Fabio – DR/L
  • Jack Wilshere – M,AM RLC
  • Giuliano – M,AM RC
  • James Rodriguez – M, AM LC
  • Douglas Costa – M, AM LC
  • Douglas Costa - M, AM LC
  • Gael Kakuta - M, AM LC
  • Zezinho - M, AM LC
  • Miralem Pjanic – M, AM C
  • Sergio Canales – M, AM C
  • Jonjo Shelvey – M, AM C
  • Coutinho – M, AM C
  • Levan Kenia – M, AM C
  • Aaron Ramsey – M C
  • Jack Rodwell - D,DM,M C
  • Nicholas Nkoulou – D, DM C
  • Paulo Henrique – Midfielder Center
  • Eden Hazard – Striker
  • Sercan Yildirim – Striker
  • Cedric Bakambu – F C
  • Miguel Medina – F C
  • Yaya Sanogo – F C
  • Vaclav Kadlec – F C
  • Connor Wickham – F C
  • Khouma Babacar – F C
  • Mario Barotelli – F C
  • Neymar – F C
  • Romelu Lukaku - F C


Update November 29, 2010

I have played for 3 seasons using Manchester United. I have won 3 titles and 2 UEFA Champion Cup. Looks all the tips will work out just fine.

For National team, I also manage the England National team, though it is much difficult than previous FM 2010. The team morale is very easy to drop to poor. This certainly affect the tactic, I hope this is not a bug on FM 2011. I do managed to win World Cup, but it will be a challenge with current setting.


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    • chan0512 profile image

      chan0512 6 years ago from Camarillo, CA

      Hi Nick,

      You can check my other article to see how I manage the lower league and manage to win the premier league.

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      nick 6 years ago

      Rubbish info, how about some tips for people who play the game properly? Not starting as the best and richest team...

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      Thank a lot friend!!!! so useful for me.... :)!!!!

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      nice hub!

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      Thanks my friend!

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      Lori J Latimer 7 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      This is such a well laid out Hub on a subject that is really hopping. Thanks again for sharing.