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Top 10 Underrated Video Games You Need To Play

Updated on January 31, 2015

1. Jet Li: Rise to Honour (2004)

Now this game, Jet Li's Rise To Honour might just be one of the greatest games of all time yet many people may not have not heard of it. I actually love playing Rise to Honor to this day. It is really great one. I would really recommend checking it out because they use the actual motion capture from Jet Li himself. Which makes for a fantastic game, also check out the trailer below, it should give you an idea.

2. Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone (2001)

And the runner up goes to, that's right Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone (2001). I had always loved reading and playing video games, so it is kind of a coincidence that one of my favorite video games of all time just so happens to be a book turned video game. I guarantee any Harry Potter fans will love this game. It is a classic in my books. I haven't played the game in years but from what I could remember, this game was among the best looking in its day. If you can try it, I would really recommend doing so.

3. Final Fantasy X (2001)

I love this game. I used to play final fantasy a lot when I was a kid, so when this one came out I could not wait to play it. The game features a very well written story line if I might add. I specifically like how the game gets you right on the edge of your seat, right away, and continues like that for the entire campaign. And it is not only a masterpiece of a game, it is a masterpiece in story telling also. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed playing this game and listening to the amazing storytelling along the way. 5 out of 5 from me.

4. Final Fantasy X-2 (2003)

Now this one is just as fun as the first one. It follows the same storyline as Final X, but this one has slightly better graphics, it is a work of art, I will never understand why people never really heard about these ones. I loved them! Arguably the best series in video game history, Final fantasy has a rich history. The first ever Final Fantasy game was created in 1987, so you can kinda get the picture of how big this game series is. In my mind Final Fantasy will remain the greatest video game series of all time. And these two games are my favorite ones out of the dozens, yes I said dozens, I am not exactly sure how many they made, because they also have a number of spin offs. Heck I don't even think Nintendo knows.

5. Prince of Persia (2003)

The Prince Of Persia series has been around for about 25 years or so, but let me tell you something.. The absolute best Prince Of Persia game, hands down has to be The Sands Of Time. It was released on all platforms. The assassinations on here are ridiculous, in a good way. Also one of the many awesome features this game has to offer is time travel. Well time reverse really. And the Once you get far enough into the game, you unlock a dagger, the dagger has the ability to reverse time. Say if you were to be killed by an enemy, or you were to fall to your death, you'll have the ability to travel back in time and try again, but you have very limited amount of energy to time travel so use it wisely. Trailer below, enjoy.

6. Twisted Metal Black (2001)

Don't get confused with the remake made in 2012, that one couldn't match this one, "Twisted Metal" as we called it back then, was pretty gruesome game, but that doesn't take away from the fact that this game is one to remember. Don't get me wrong this game was incredible, but I think me and the people who played it can agree that it scared the living hell right out of us. The cut scenes (A cut scene or event scene is an in-game movie, like the in game movies after you finish a mission.) in particular were the most terrifying, it is unlike any other game. It features a number of spooky characters, and their vehicles, the most popular of the characters is a clown with a flaming skull named Sweet Tooth, he is featured on the cover. Below is just one of the many terrifying cut scenes this game displays.

7. Jak 2 (2003)

Jak 2 also known as Jak 2 Renegade in Australia, Europe, New Zealand and Africa, is unlike any other. As an open world game Jak 2 delivers with a little bit of everything, from very intense firefights, to hover boarding around the city. I can tell you from personal experience, this game deserves way more credit than it was given. A very well put together video game, Jak and his little friend Dexter, will keep you entertained all day long, there is literally no end to your possibilities in this one, oh yeah except for the barriers if you go to far, but hey every game has those. And did I mention it is an open world game? I could not ask for more. Except, for them to keep on making these beautiful masterpieces.

8. Rainbow Vegas Six 2 (2008)

To this day I'll never understand why so many people have never heard of this one before. It is a spectacular game. It's a Tom Clancy game, it has a multiplayer campaign, It has amazing graphics. That alone makes for a great game. From raiding buildings to propelling down buildings, this game really deserves to be among the best. The developers at Ubisoft Montreal did a fantastic job on this game. I really recommend it, please watch the trailer below.

9. Max Payne (2001)

Okay many people may not know that the Mark Wahlberg movie Max Payne was actually based off a video game made in 2001. The game if I might add, is very entertaining. It has I could still just sit there for hours on it. It is actually pretty incredible how they were able to create such an exceptional game, for the technology they had. Remedy Entertainment really knocked it out of the park with Max Payne. Everyone involved did a splendid job. I hope this series never dies.

10. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (2002)

Okay I'm going to start this one off by saying I really adore this game. A lot! It is a Star Wars spin off, as you can probably already tell, definition of a spin-off (For those who don't know) -a spin-off is, In media, a radio program, T.V. program, video game, film, or any narrative work, taken from one or more already existing works, that focuses, in particular, in more detail on one aspect of that original work. If I remembered that correctly. This game focuses primarily on the life, and works of the beloved Star Wars character Jango Fett. In the game you are hunting Dark Jedi Komari Vosa. That is all I can say, you just got to play it yourself, it is a great game, I promise you'll like it, also, the trailer for this game is, if I could put it into words.. simply amazing. Watch below.

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