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Top 10 iPad games for serious gamers

Updated on September 7, 2013

This list is for hardcore gamers. While everyone likes to kill time with a quick physical semi-puzzler or brainless tower defense game, this list won't cover those. Serious games for serious gamers. This list includes the games up until august 2013.

Honorable mentions:

Battle of the Bulge:

Amazing presentation, amazing game. Game is slick and is a great iPad wargame system. With the sequel coming out, these games are going to be one of the best in iPad wargaming. It didn't made my top 10 list because of the price and content. While the game is very good, it basically just has 1 screen map with 2 missions. It does play differently most of the times you play it, i just wish there were more maps and a little bit more variety for the price they ask. I am content with paying premium as long as I get a full package. Don't get me wrong, this game is still a must buy for anyone even moderately interested in strategy games.

Broken Sword: Director's cut

One of the best point and click adventures of all time and the best old school point and click adventure on the iPad. It was really hard to leave this game out of top 10. I could probably replace any of the games from 4 to 10 with this one. The game is played in 3rd person and is a combination of a crime/detective/mystery/Indiana Jones story. I won't write much about this game not to spoil the story. It will be hard not to buy the sequel after playing through this one.

Football manager (latest)

This game didn't make top 10 because managing a football (soccer) team doesn't appeal to most audiences. This game is almost equal to it's PC part. PC has more options, but doesn't have the option of playing on commute. I usually start playing this game when my Barca is eliminated from the champion's league. After a few months and a few championships I put it away. It serves as a tool to calm me down. And I especially needed to calm down after the beating that Bayern gave them this year.

10. Infinity Blade II

I'm not a huge fan of Infinity Blades. This first game seemed more like a short presentation. This is the best action/fighting game on iPad. There is no way I could leave it out of the top 10 list. The game is good presentation of the capabilities of iOS devices. The sequel is much closer to the game as it presents you with much more path options than the first one. Combat is very interesting. It works very well for a touch screen device, much better than some virtual joysticks. For all the action fans, this is the game to get. I'm not, so this is a 10.

9. The Room

The best puzzler on the platform. The only downside is that it is too short. Yes there are a million other so called puzzlers like Where's my water and angry birds. But those games use stupid star system. To pass the level on 1 star, the game is too easy. To pass the level on 3 stars the solution is either too much reflex based or based on stupid repetition until the pig finally falls the right way. The room is intelligent, challenging and not stupid.

8. Civilization revolution

The pioneer in 4x gaming. EXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate. The best game of this kind on iPad. A little lighter Civilization than the PC game and that is not a bad thing. I've always put a lot of focus on military and this works very well in CivRev. I was expecting more games of this kind on the iPad as it seems like a platform that is well suited for such games. Not really many are made, so this makes this one the best choice. Well... there is also Eclipse... but Eclipse is a board game and CivRev is a video game.

7. Ticket to ride

Best board game done on iPad. Fantastic multiplayer options either over internet or locally via bluetooth. This game can really make me angry. My wife loved this game and we played it constantly. Up until the point that I placed a few wagons in a way she didn't.. well.. like :D. She returned the favor, we got angry, we argued.. and decided better not to play it if we want to continue to talk to each other. We'll see how long that lasts. It is just to addicting connecting all those cities and long routes. A well done complete board game. This is how all should be done.

6. Battle academy

I don't really consider myself a wargamer. I do like an occasional strategy, but I play them more for the theme (WW2, Fantasy) than the strategic element itself. What I like about this is game is the length and complexity of the missions. In a lot of computer wargames limited turns are an annoying mechanic to me. In this game they work perfectly. They add a sense of urgency. Before you know it, you'll be thinking strategically. The game is amazing fun. Even though the price is quite premium, you get a lot of content, so it doen't really feel like you've overspent. I'd rather pay premium for games like this than throw away money for something as dumb as Little Inferno. If there is any strategist in you, than this game is a must. If you're into WW2 history, this game is a must. The only reason I don't have it higher is that not everyone is a wargamer.

5. Sid Meier's Pirates!

This game is an old port. But what a great classic that game is. You get pirates, sailing, boarding ships, shooting cannons, fencing, treasure hunting, trading, plunder, sacking cities, searching for lost family, Blackbeard, dancing and a hot wife. This is the best pirate game ever made. There were a few that came close, but only because they copied this one. I play this every time I want to get a pirate and Caribbean fix. The game was first released in 1987 and first to Apple II. It has been remade into Pirates! Gold then enhaced version and now into Pirates! mobile.

4. Star Wars: Knights of the old republic

One of the best PC RPG games ported to iPad. One of the better stories in RPG gaming. Have you ever wondered if Jedi are even allowed to love? Anakin's love for his mother and Amidala turned him into Darth Vader. Is love related to the dark side? Can you come back to the light side from the dark? That and many more questions are answered in this game. Maybe you'd rather be the dark side? Oh yes and you get to fiddle with your own R2 and you get your own Wookie friend. Because you're either light or dark choices can change the ending of this game, there is good re-playability value also.

3. The Walking dead: The game

I got the first episode of this game for free. After I finished the first episode, I immediately bought the rest. I didn't even think about it, didn't even blink. This is the best story in gaming period. The game itself is not really hard, more of an interactive story than a game. But I don't care. This game is such an amazing experience and with such an amazing ending, it is a masterpiece. A must buy. Holding iPad like a book, also adds to the experience. I watched a friend play it on PC and while still good, it isn't the same.


If not for the price this would be no. 1. It is not as good as the original UFO, but still is a beast of a game. When I see iPad I see the amazing potential for games like these. I'm not really a graphics freak, I'd take good gameplay/story over reality graphics any day. And this game has a ton of excellent excellent gameplay. Researching new weapons, shooting down ufos, equipping fireteams and blasting the hell out of aliens, they are all there. With the new updated, the game has just added a lot of re-playability. This also is a game that will be hard on normal and sadistic on hard. I don't really have much to say. Everyone considering himself a gamer should play UFO. And this is as close as it gets.

1. Plague inc.

It's 1$. It's 1$ for an amazing package. This game is a plague simulator. You infect people, evolve different symptoms and your goal is destroying humanity.... to the last man. From bacteria, virus to brain worm and zombie plague. A vast majority of people visiting my blog, are visiting it because of the solutions for the different plagues. This game has infected people all over the world. New content keeps coming for free and each and everyone of is constantly waiting for the new mutations. If you're looking for the most bang for your buck. If you're looking for an amazing strategy/simulation. Look no further. This is it. And there is nothing similar. Nothing even close.


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    • Witch3lade profile image

      Witch3lade 4 years ago

      It was the hardest game to place. I must admit, that game was an old crush and I had to put RPG on this list.

    • Tonyx35 profile image

      J Antonio Marcelino 4 years ago from Illinois, USA

      I'm surprised that SW: Knights of The Old Republic made it onto the list as high up as it did. Well at least I know of 4 games that I would get if I ever decide to buy an iPad.