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Top 12 Free Online Games to Play When You Are Bored

Updated on July 4, 2016

Over the past few years, I have spent too much time playing free online games. This is a list of some of my favourites, with screenshots, brief descriptions, and links to the games.

1. Shadez 3: The Moon Miners

Created by Sean Cooper and released in 2012, this strategy game is based on alien warfare, with a simplistic and unique design. The previous game in the series, Shadez 2: Battle for Earth, is similarly addictive, equalling Shadez 3 in storyline and depth of strategy, and lacking only slightly in graphics.

Click here to play Shadez 3: The Moon Miners.

2. Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

Another great game from Sean Cooper; this one was released in 2008, and is part of a series centred around the distinctive box-headed figures.

Click here to play Boxhead: The Zombie Wars.

3. Raze

There is more than one sequel to this game, but in my opinion, the original, released in 2010, is the best. Sometimes tough on my laptop's fans, but definitely one of the best free online shooter games.

Click here to play Raze.

4. The Space Game

This game seems to take the classic Space Invaders and add multiple dimensions. The intuitiveness contributes to its addictiveness.

Click here to play The Space Game.

5. e7

With a character reminiscent of Wall-E and a similar visual style to Shadez, e7 creates a melancholic yet hopeful atmosphere, which will keep you engaged throughout multiple levels.

Click here to play e7.

6. Bloons Monkey City

Combining the well-known Bloons Tower Defense gameplay with a real-time city building screen has produced a great game that will keep you coming back.

Click here to play Bloons Monkey City.

7. Creeper World

Creeper World uses an innovative twist on standard tower defence games to create an abundance of potential strategies to approach each well-designed level. Success will require constant attention across the whole screen.

Click here to play Creeper World.

8. Battlefield General

This game combines an upbeat soundtrack with fairly primitive graphics to create a very fun game, with relatively complex controls, compared to other free online games.

Click here to play Battlefield General.

9. World Domination 2

Despite the simple concept, this game has character, and is fun to watch.

Click here to play World Domination 2.

10. Warfare 1917

I've never found another game quite like it (apart from the sequel, of course); there are games set during the world wars, namely Dogfight, but none achieve this level of innovation.

Click here to play Warfare 1917.

11. Warzone Tower Defense

The relatively simplistic towers and upgrades mean that more of the strategy is based on creating the path of the enemies. Games can quickly become hectic, requiring a bomb or two of assistance.

Click here to play Warzone Tower Defense.

12. Battalion: Vengeance

Battalion: Vengeance is the fourth instalment in a series of games, which could be described as modern chess. It takes time to learn the rules associated with each unit, and the gameplay can often require significant brainpower.

Click here to play Battalion: Vengeance.

Which game is your favourite?

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    • phoenix2327 profile image

      Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon 21 months ago from United Kingdom

      Cool list. Thanks.