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Top Christmas Toys- Zoomer Chimp

Updated on December 6, 2016

Sequels are often a poor version of the previous film or project, but the Zoomer Chimp is a great follow up to the Zoomer Chomplingz Z-Rex which was good in itself but did not have the range and multiple sounds, movements and phrases that its electronic primate friend boasts.

In terms of housekeeping, there is very little to trouble the quick start player. The Zoomer Chimp can be charged via a USB cable in a hour and can be played with for a decent duration before running down on power.This is enough to entertain but short enough to leave the kids able to fill the time with another toy while wanting more.

Three Modes of Play for Zoomer Chimp

The Zoomer Chimp has three modes which are all part of the fun. Autonomous is a kind of adventurous “see what I can do” playfest of madness where the king of the jungle roams around singing, dancing and strutting his stuff.

Command Mode is where you can really get to see what kind of variety act this mad Chimp is capable of. He reacts to a number of pre-programmed voice commands such as “Let’s Dance” and “Flip”. He is also capable of some musical interludes that will ensure a lot of hilarity.The imagination can tell you more than a review does, but there’s a definite ”wow” factor in his ability to do a gymnastic somersault only to stand up again and go on the prowl. The element of care and attention to combine a model of cuteness, craziness and laugh out loud fun is pitched just right. If a hand is waved under his chin, the Chimp senses this and starts moving towards the owner

There are plenty of tricks that are just too good to spoil with much detail here. Half of the fun is discovery and Spin Master has clearly put much thought into the variety.

Guard Mode is perhaps a good pre-emptive reason to get a child into bed. The Chimp will protect the owner’s possessions and bedroom and charge at anything, King Kong style, should anyone threaten to breach security.

Multiple Options on Zoomer Chimp

The creature is aimed at children aged five plus and despite the large volume of commands, there is a quick play option that comes with a kind of cheat sheet which ensures that all light ups and command modes can be picked up naturally without too much double checking.

One of the most noticeable features is that the Chimp has a lifelike kind of quality in that its teeth and mouth move in a style that can only add to the character. With a library of over 100 tricks, fun sound effects, and the ability to respond so forcefully and frenetically, this really is a step up from the Zoomer Dino. The Chimp can seamlessly move from sitting to crawling to standing and this gives it an overall "come back for more" quality that all the best toys bo

10At first glance, the price point on the Zoomer Chimp might be a sticking point for some as it retails at around £89.99. However, on the other side of your precious coin(s), there is much to delight the younger child. The plug and play aspect, the different colour schemes for commands and reactions and the sheer volume of options are real plus points.

This is what makes the Zoomer Chimp a top 10 toy this Xmas.


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