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Top 5 Android free games

Updated on February 8, 2011

Andriod Market

Android games


In this hub I will try to list top 5 free google Android games which can be downloaded from Android Market using mobile phone running on android operating system. Android market is an online application store just like Apple app store which which has been developed by Google to store Android apps for mobile phones or any other device running on Android Operating system.

These mobile phones or devices already have an app called 'Market' pre -installed which is used for browsing, downloading and installing applications which have been developed by various third party developers based on Android OS.

There are currently more than 160,000 application available on Market for download. There is a huge list of both paid and free games which can be downloaded. How ever I will only list down top 5 free games only. So here goes the list.

Angry Birds
Angry Birds

1. Angry Birds

This is the best and hottest free game available on Andriod Market. Little birds fighting for their eggs against cruel pigs have been a phenomenal success. This has been developed by Rovio Mobile ( They have recently produced an updated version 1.4.2 on 9th Nov 2010 which now also support QVGA screen which means devices with compact resolutions can also play the game. Number of levels have been increased to 195 and have also fixed some issues with the devices running on Andriod 1.6.

Paper toss
Paper toss

2. Paper Toss

Created by Backflip studio (, it is a hilarious game and great hit with more than 250,000 download since it was available on Android operating system. This game is about tossing a ball of paper into trash can with various levels of difficulties.

  • Games include 6 level of difficulties
  • Online leader-board
  • High resolutions
  • Latest version : 1.0.7

Live Hold'em
Live Hold'em

3. Live Hold'em

Live Hold'em is an excellent interactive live poker game which you can play with your facebook friend or other Android users. With more then 250, 000 downloads this is an ultimate game from DragonPlay (

Since this is a live poker, you need to get your self register first. You can register either using your facebook account or as a normal user. Once registered you will be given play money and avatars to choose from. For more details you can check the developer's website.

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Bubble Burst Free
Bubble Burst Free

4. Bubble Burst

Produced by Androgames (, Bubble burst is a strategy games where you need to build large group of same color balls and burst them.

The free version comes with add on the top. You can remove them by upgrading to paid Bubble Burst Pro where you will get more levels as well.

Overall a nice game to kill time.

Air Traffic Lite
Air Traffic Lite

5. Air Control Lite

Air Control Lite is yet another simple but addictive game on Android where you take the role of Air Traffic controller guiding aeroplanes to runways while avoiding collisions with other planes.

This has been developed by Logisoft Games (

A new beta version has been produced but that is not currently available on Android.

I hope you like this list of Top 5 Android free games. If you have any suggestions, please use the comment section below. For any other communication, please contact me at


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    • profile image

      jtag 6 years ago

      Only decent game listed was air controlling, what about world war, imobsters, zombies,

    • My SciFi Life profile image

      My SciFi Life 7 years ago from London, UK

      cool - just got an android device and was wondering what to install! thx very much.