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5 Best Game Optimizing Softwares for PC

Updated on July 2, 2016

IObit Game Booster - #1

I’m personally using Game booster as my NO.1 game optimizing software. It significantly improved performance of my games such as assassin’s creed: brotherhood and Dirt 2. This software is not only helpful to gamers. It can be used by casual computer user.Game booster can also raise the pc to its top performance. You can switch between game mode and normal mode in game booster. One another feature I liked is it helps me to update drivers as up to date. And there is a gamebox which you can drag& drop games and boosts instantly when launching it. It saves a lot of ram memory closing the unwanted programs.

IObit Game booster

Gamefire #2

Gamefire almost working like Game booster which saves lot of ram before playing game. You can optimize the computer for maximum performance using gamefire. Gamefire shows system status with CPU usage, memory usage, virtual memory usage and system tweaks. You can defragment system drives to save free space and index faster. With one option “Turn on gaming mode “you can switch to game mode before playing the game. And there are so many other options which can be manually configure.


MSI Afterburner #3

This is an over clocking software which works for both ATi and Nvidia graphics card. You need to expertise the overclocking before using this software. You can adjust the core clock and shaderclock to its optimum level. Adjusting the clock to its maximum will cause over heating and system stability. You can use the MSI Kombustor to find the maximum over clocking value. I get around 44% increases in game performance using this software.

Note: - I don’t know this will work with other card manufactures.


Gamegain #4

This optimizing software doesn’t have so many options. It’s an All in one optimizer with one option. Just select the operating system and Processor type (it’ll auto detect). Then set the speed which you want. Then clicking “GO” button it’ll update the system with tweaks which is necessary to get maximum speed and performance. You need to restart the system to get effect. Then you can see your new enhanced system. Now a Gamegain 2 version is out.


3D- Analyzer #5

It is my favorite game optimization tool until I get a graphics card. If your computer doesn’t have any graphics card you can use this tool to work casual games and some mid- games. It’s a tiny tool that optimizes the game to work on pc. It’s highly recommended to use this software if you don’t have any video card. This software is working by disabling the game features that requires huge resources.


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    • profile image

      smartadolf 2 years ago

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    • mackyi profile image

      I.W. McFarlane 6 years ago from Philadelphia

      Iamalegend, this is some good information for my nephews and daughters,especially now that they have their own computers and play stations.