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Top 5 Best Survival Games on Xbox One

Updated on March 4, 2018

State Of Decay 1 and 2

Love Zombie games? If you want a close enough survival game with the undead then I cannot recommend the State of Decay enough, it’s a fun game that will keep you busy for hours while the State of Decay is aging and it sure doesn’t have the best graphics, its defiantly the only zombie game you will get to play right now that allows base building, resource looting and managing your survivors and their tasks.

The game isn’t to challenging but can get harder if you slack around and are unprepared to face small hordes that will frequently attack your base the longer you survive, by unprepared I mean, when your survivors have bad gear or they are unhealthy, maybe, they have contracted a disease and are basically unable to help defend the base when you are out scavenging for supplies.

You can also send survivors out on scavenge runs ones you have found good spots, though if they are unequipped they could get injured and even killed and once they are dead, they are dead for good, let’s not forget that you will get to meet other groups of survivors and for them to join, you will need to provide them with assistance in many forms or ways, like helping them defend against a horde.

Managing the survivors on this game is fun and once you have gained the trust of a few you can ask one to come with you on scavenging runs, you will also have to spend equal time between characters as each one does get tired and will require sleep and in order for them to sleep you will need to play as a different character, each survivor has their own up and downs and that really can affect the game and how you play some have a lot of stamina but low health, some are good with guns and others is only good with melee weapons.

In order to keep your base in good shape you have to gather materials for building, food for eating and medicine for disease there are many houses, workshops and farms all over the map, some are dangerous to go to while others not so much, some will give you plenty materials and resources while other spots will give you none.

Having no materials means you can’t expand your base, having too little food will leave survivors unhappy and even leaving them useless in combat, having no medicine to cure disease will also leave them useless in combat with the risk of them dying. You will also need a lot of resources to relocate your base later on in the game once you have enough survivors mainly for more space to build beds and other structures.

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  • State of Decay: Breakdown

This mode is included in the State of Decay: Year one survival edition, its not much of a difference compared to the base game, though much harder if you survive long enough, this mode is pretty much based on that, before starting the game you can select one character to play with, with this character you need to survive and establish a base until you find and repair the RV once this is repaired your group will move to a different location though this time the game will be harder and will increase in difficulty every time you move with the RV.

Also making this mode different is the fact if you die that character is dead, you will then get the option to select a new character as you play through this mode and find survivors or help survivors you will unlock more character for your roster.

While I enjoyed this mode a lot more than the base game, the only annoying thing I could find is that it’s easy at the start and will only become better with the first RV you repair this sadly takes a lot of time as resources won't respawn until you move to RV.

  • State of Decay: Lifeline

This is where I enjoyed most of my time playing, Lifeline ads a new perspective to the game, where you play as military combatants and their goal is to save as many survivors as possible, the game still keeps everything from the base game, though you can find a gun here and there on the base game, it was more melee focused, Lifeline on the other hand is more guns blazing oriented.

You will have to take care of your brother in arms and reinforce the base, scavenge for resources, more ammo and more guns to survive the next big horde the city will send your way, each horde more dangerous than the last.

State of decay 2

This game is not out yet, but I bet it will be great as the developers seem to have worked on everything that was important and loved about the game, survival will be deeper than ever if they stick to their word, resource gathering will be more intense and more important than ever, while base building got a huge overhaul allowing larger basses with more survivors, managing your survivors also seem to have a working hand from the developers as it’s a bit more in depth especially in a zombie apocalypse giving you options to exile or kill your own survivors that get infected, the choice will be yours.

Metal Gear Survive

The latest entry in the Metal Gear Games and while some hate it I really kind of enjoyed it, some won’t want to support Konami whether it be they Konami parting ways with Hideo Kojima or the fact that they will charge you an extra $10 per slave slot, so yes that means you can only have one save and play only with that one save, no one else will be able to join in and start a new game unless they delete your save data to use, the game is also always online.

This seems like personal grudges people will have depending on how they feel for me on the other it’s a fun game to play, everyone has a choice if they want to buy silly things like Save slots or in-game items, I honestly don’t believe you would need more than one unless you have a brother that wants to play his own game.

If they team up on you, it can get difficult fast to deal with them.
If they team up on you, it can get difficult fast to deal with them.

Metal Gear Survive takes place after Metal Gear Ground Zeroes and before The Phantom Pain, at the end of Ground Zeroes the remaining survivors are sucked into a wormhole and this is where the game begins, you and your character will need to survive long enough without contracting disease from dirty water, you will also need to manage hunger and oxygen and at the start of the game all of this can be a pain as they go down rather fast and the zombie-like creatures aren’t a pushover either especially in groups.

Once you have reestablished some of your base and have found some extra members the game becomes easier and a lot more fun even though you will still see bars go down pretty fast making them feel more like timers and are always rushing you, if it were to be a little slower I am sure I could have enjoyed the game a little bit more, none the less this is a title you definitely have to try, if you like hunting for food, getting water, doing missions, this include stealth combined with base building.


I guess I can say it again, Minecraft will remain on many survival lists for a long time, it’s a game that I really enjoyed when I had it on pc and even though I am done with it, having it on console was not a bad idea either, simply because I enjoy playing it with my cousins split screen.

Whether you just want to build or simply want to reach the end of the game with friends, this is a good game to start with, its simple yet fun, with building, crafting as well as surviving in a large open world, you will also enjoy 4k textures if you have the Xbox One X and a 4K TV making Minecraft look and play better then ever.

This War of Mine

If you enjoy platformer games than this one is no exception, it’s an incredibly fun game to play this is coming from someone that isn’t really into platform games.

The game is about surviving a war-ruined city, while this sounds interesting we have a few well thought out survival tactics here, as you have to go and scavenge for resources as well as make dire decisions, for instance, do you leave your home and survivors and protected? While you go on a run, do you raid an old man’s home in the hope he has some medical supplies? Do you take your chance and raid raiders that might have better weapons?

Not only that, you will also have to make other important options, strangers will visit you frequently in need some assistance, do you send one of your survivors to help them or do you leave them to their fate.

Only three survivors here, one can always go out raiding, while one rest and the other one guards.
Only three survivors here, one can always go out raiding, while one rest and the other one guards.

The Game might sound straightforward but one wrong move and you can lose everything, once a survivor dies there is no way in bringing them back, if you leave your base you can be raided, survivors will try and defend the fort but if they are unequipped and unprepared you will have some injuries and even death.

This is maybe one of the many reasons I enjoy it this much, there is a lot of things to think about, a lot of consequences, one wrong move and the game becomes much harder or even game over.

Ark Survival Evolved

This is a game I only started playing recently for the last few weeks, and honestly, I have no idea why certain people complain about it, sure maybe at the start, it had bugs and was unplayable though now I see no problems with it and I enjoy it loads.

You can enjoy this game on your own, with a friend in split screen mode or online, the game will drop you in nearly naked from here on out the survival begins as you have to defend yourself against all types of dinosaurs as well as other players if you are playing online, while doing this you will also have to do things like crafting and building for safety but also to increase your level to unlock better gear and increase your stats all of this has to be done while you manage your thirst, hunger, cold and heat, to top that you also have to worry about earth quakes as well as disease.

The game is extremely challenging for new players but once you have gained a few levels the game becomes extremely addictive with taming, breeding and raising your new little dinosaurs, mammals, and other sea creatures especially if you do all of this with a friend with split screen and it’s even more fun on the servers, either PVP or PVE.

PVP is brutal but once you joined up with a clan things get better especially for low leveled players as higher level players will give you gear that would have taken you a while to craft.

PVE is easier the entire focus here is to tame rare dinosaurs and hunt for rare trophies or maybe defeating one of the all-powerful bosses.

Taming and breeding is not the only thing you have to do, you need to hunt dinos in order to get skins as well as find loot boxes for better gear in the form of blueprints.
Taming and breeding is not the only thing you have to do, you need to hunt dinos in order to get skins as well as find loot boxes for better gear in the form of blueprints.

This is definitely a game you would want to check out in its full glory and thus I recommend you get Ark Survival Evolved: Explorers edition, this will include the base game, Scorched Earth a blazing hot desert with new things to tame and a new way to play, you will also get Aberration another new map with new things to tame in a large and vast underground tunnel system and somewhere in this year (2018) you will also receive Extinction also a new map and most likely new things to tame, I believe this will be the last expansion.

You will also get the Centre and Ragnarok map to play on once you complete the game, this is the only reason I would agree to spend the extra cash as all of this is totally worth it or at least to me it was.


All the survival games I have listed here is what I enjoyed personally, they are in no way assigned to the number they have on the list, they all play well and in their own way and they are all worth checking out, there is still plenty of Survival games out there to try, but only when I try them will I write about them.

If you enjoyed a few other survival games, not on this list then leave the title in the comments and why you enjoyed them.

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