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Top 5 Pennies to Collect

Updated on December 17, 2016

Have you ever wondered if there are any hidden treasures in your own home? What about your own pocket or wallet? There could be! These 5 pennies, if in good enough condition, could earn you more then the face value.

Pennies Worth More Than 1 Cent

1.) 1969-S Penny

A 1969-S penny double die has sold for as much as $28k. The double die will be found on the obverse ("Heads") side of some of the 1969-S pennies. To see clearly you may need a strong magnify glass. The double die is the "S" stamp, which strikes separately, and so there is not a double image.

2.) 1992-D Penny

The 1992-D penny with a close "AM" in AMERICA on the reverse ("Tails") side has been sold for as much as $20K. There are only a few of the 1992-D penny that have an abnormally close "AM" in AMERICA, so close that the bottom of the letters almost touch!

3.) 1955 Penny

The 1955 Penny with double die has sold for as much as $10k. There was nearly 24K of these pennies made. The double die is on the obverse ("Heads") side, most of the obverse side is a double die. Collectors favorite!

4.) 1970-S Penny

The 1970-S double die penny has sold for more then $5k in the right condition. The double die is located on the obverse ("Heads") side and is strongest in the "LIB" of "LIBERTY" and "IN GOD WE TRUST" . If there also any doubling on the reverse ("Tails") side then it is just a double struck coins and not worth more then face value.

5.) 1922 Wheat Penny

This 1922 Wheat Penny has sold for more then $1,000. You will know you have the correct penny if it does not have a "D" mint mark under the year and will have a strong reverse ("Tails") side. Around 17K of these pennies are out there somewhere.

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