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Top 5 Coolest Water Toys On The Planet!

Updated on November 25, 2011

#1 Sea-Doo Seascooter GTI Water Scooter

So you want to be the next James Bond 007... then you've got to get yourself one of these high-performance dive propulsion vehicles.

With speeds up to 2.5 miles per hour and dive capabilities as deep as 100ft, this awesome product will get you where you want to be. Explore your lake, pool or favorite ocean destination with the Sea-Doo Seascooter GTI.

Running time of 2 hours per charge and adjustable buoyancy control make this the perfect snorkeling vehicle. Everyone will fight over it, so you may need to buy a couple. You don't need to be a SCUBA diver to enjoy this bad boy. Rugged enough for even the most ranbunctious kids.

Cost: $399.00


#2 Aviva Sports Saturn Rocker

You tired of just swimming in the water? Are you looking for some kind of challenge?

Well challenge your friends to a game of Saturn Rocking.... see who last the longest. Will it be the crazy kid with the death grip who never lets go, or the heavy kid who can bounce the others off, or the smart kid who calmly waits for the others to panic?

Last summer at bible camp, we anchored one of these behemouth Saturn Rockers in the lake and held a tournament to see who was the king of the Saturn. I lost...

Great fun for the kids.

Cost: $1,599.00


#3 Wahii WaterSlide


Awesome backyard waterslide! We own one and the kids love it! You've got to have a hill at your home (or maybe grandma's house). Bought it for my son's birthday party last year and it was the hit of the summer. Very durable. We used it a half dozen times over the summer.

The Wahii WaterSlide is 75 feet long x 12 feet wide! It's BIG. Excellent value for the money when compared to the giant inflatable waterslides that cost $400-$700.

Our favorite thing to do on the Wahii is race (I'm Tony Stewart). Yes, the adults use it once in a while too... We line up 2 or 3 kids at the top and race to the bottom. Awesome fun.

Cost: $149.00


#4 Beast 300 Yard Mega-Slingshot

This is way cool.... The Mega-Slingshot has an incredible range of over 1/8 mile! You thinking you're some kind of sniper, well try your hand at this one. Just don't aim it at anything you don't want to destroy... Hmmmm, Haaaaa!

The Beast can be mounted to a rigid structure (like a tank?) and used as a launching platform. Set your coordinance.... aye, aye captain.... preparing to fire, sir. FIRE!

The bands are super-thick and 80" long. Kit includes biodegradable water balloons (cool), 2 balloon fillers with hose nozzle and target. (So that's what you shoot at)

Cost: $44.99


#5 Super Soaker Aqua Shock HydroBlitz

Sweet name. Sweet water gun. It has two firing modes: continual stream or burst mode... think, machine gun on full auto or single shot! Very large capacity water tank (101 oz.) so you can soak your target completely. That's right, this is not a pea gun from the old days. This thing is high-tech.

I have not used this Super Soaker Aqua Shock HydroBlitz, but I've seen the video and the video has all the proof I need. It is a little pricey... but what do you expect for the best.

Cost: $129.95


Honorable Mention

When you've only got yourself..... you can still fire this balloon launcher. Need I say more?

Cost: $24.99 (Overton's or Gander Mountain)



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