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Top 5 Creative Geocaching Containers

Updated on July 5, 2016

Creativity In Action!

This excellent example fit right in.
This excellent example fit right in. | Source

Is it a Rock, or a Geocache?

Some of the trickiest forms of Geocache containers are indeed the classic hide-a-key rocks! If hidden in the right location (like a pile of rocks or public park landscaping) these fake rock hide-a-key style geocaches can create quite a challenge for geocachers. A trained eye can tell the difference between a real rock, and a fake rock, but novice geocachers may find themselves walking around in circles trying to find these clever caches.

These fake rock caches provide a great opportunity to start hiding your very own geocaches. They are creative, well made and also very inexpensive. They can provide a great container for those backroad caches, as well as a great camouflage for those tricky city urban caches. You can practically use them anywhere except wet areas, so they are very practical as well!

Check Out These Fake Wooden Log Caches!

One of the more challenging and creative geocache containers hidden across the world are the ones that blend perfectly into their environments. Geocaches that are so real looking they leave you scratching your head and marking that DNF (Did Not Find) on your geocaching app! Some of the best examples of these ridiculously creative caches are the fake wooden log geocache containers!

Taking a hike into the woodlands and forests to do a little geocaching and appreciate how beautiful nature is, happens to lead to another case of the "did-not-finds" when cachers neglect to turn over every log and find one of these bad boys. They aren't the cheapest of options but you can always make your own out of any old log if you got the skills!

DIY Evil Fake Log Cache

DIY Birdhouse Cache Tips

That's a Cozy Looking Bird House Cache!

So you are adventuring through the forest (or residential area) and the geocache of the day on your list is a new cache called "Bird Is The Word". You look at the Hint and it says you shouldn't need a hint. There is only one explanation to this mystery---a bird house cache!

Birdhouse caches are one of the top 5 creative Geocaches on our list because they can be so many different things! From homemade, to store bought and modified, you can make a birdhouse say so many things. They also create a great storage space for plenty on small swag items and if made correctly can still offer a safe habitat for local wildlife! Check out some pictures of these creative birdhouse caches and watch a video on how to make your own!

These Geocaches Drive Me "Nuts"

Many creative geocache containers often can be found hidden in urban areas. The reason for this is because there are a lot of people (or what geocachers call Muggles) around and most geocaches require players to use stealth. When too many "Muggles" know where these caches are hidden, it can lead to the geocaches demise. For some reason people steal them or throw them away thinking they are junk!

Either way, these caches can be challenging and there are many different kinds available. The cleverest of them all could just be the fake Nut & Bolt geocache. These only offer room for a log sheet but are always a fun find and a great way to creatively hide a cache in urban areas. Some bolt caches are magnetic, but many still screw right into a regular threaded hole, like any real bolt would.

Another Great DIY Option

"Find a penny, pick it up. All Day long you'll have---a Geocache!"

These crafty creations are pretty diabolical! On your way to a geocache and you bend down to pick up a shiny new penny when you get there. Well, not exactly. These cool kits disguise the geocache as a penny on the ground. Just when you thought hope was lost and you would be logging one more Did Not Find, you got your smiley face on the Geocaching app map!

These penny trick geocaches are a very creative way to start placing new geocaches for all to find and they can be used for a variety of different caches. Some would beg to differ but every one has their own taste in favorite cache types.


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