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Top 5 Fifa 11 Ultimate Team Players

Updated on August 25, 2011

Top Fifa Ultimate Team Players - Inform

Fifa 11 offered a great expirence for most gamers that play the Fifa series and esepcially the Ultimate Team free addon. This game gives fifa a constantly changing arena with the release of the best players of each week into the "Team of the week". This hub is dedicated to telling you, the player which Inform players (black card) are worth saving up the large amount of coins they all cost.

To be honost there are tons of inform players that are not much better than there normal cards, and overpaying for them with your hard earned coins is frustrating. Luckily for you, I have tried every single if player aside from 96 messi and 94 ronaldo.

This is my list of top 5 inform players from Fifa 11 Ultimate Team, based on overall performance. I will also make a list of top value Inform cards, but for this post, it is all going on which players play the best in the game, and will create wins for your team.

1. IF Ribery - 87

Ribery is by far the best player in Fifa 11 Ultimate team hands down. He has complete control over the ball, is as fast as they come, and has a monster shot both long shooting and short curl shots. The attributes that push Ribery over the top are his odd ability to play defense, and tackle effectivly. I was surprised but since he is so fast he gets behind the ball quickly and steals it back almost every time. On top of it all he is a 5 star skill moves player so he is valuable if you are a skill dribbler.

2. IF Ibrahimovic - 87

One of the strongest strikers in the game is Ibrahimovic. The upgraded inform card gives Ibra more strength, 5 added pace, and a better shot and passing. There is no defender in the game that can push Ibra off the ball, and regardless of his low rated heading at 6 foot 4 inches he will still score on crosses. He pairs well with a faster striker that can work off of him. Ibrahimovic has the most powerful shot in the game and great dribbling.

3. IF Augero - 89

One of the quickest strikers in the game is Augero 89. He has 94 acceleration, and 91 sprint speed. This gives Augero the corner on just about every defender. Once you make a move, if you can get the defender to step up Augero is always creating 1 on 1 opportunities with the goalie. Augero is also rated with a very high shot, which gives him great power, great accuracy, and decent long shooting. His dribbling is outstanding. Augero is the key to success for many of the top Ultimate Team's in the game

4. IF Chiellini - 87

Chiellini continues to amaze me as a defender. It was hard for me to put a defender on this list because I enjoy spending most of my coins on top strikers and midfielders to create goals. Chiellini deserves being on the list though, he has great speed for a center back, amazing heading, amazing strength and great positioning. Most defenders in Fifa 11 UT tend to fly out of position during give and go passes, but Chiellini never bites. He is a pain to play against and an amazing player. Top defender in the game.

5. IF Van Persie - 87

It is important to have a left footed player on the right side striker and Robin Van Persie is the best option for any team. He has the strongest and most consistent shot in the game. His long shots are top rated, and he can dribble and pass well. Van Persie is generally slow before the inform stats were added to increase his speed. Ultimate Teams reley heavy on speed with everyone have quick teams, so Van Persie getting this upgraded speed makes him deadly. A must have for any Primer league Ultimate Teams.

Visit the Official Fifa 12 Ultimate Team blog for more information on the upcoming game!

There are many more players that could be on this list but these are the top 5 inform players in the game based on my experience. I currently have 1000 wins in ultimate team all online play and have tried just about every player.

Please leave comments with your favorite/best Ultimate Team players.


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