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Best Goalkeeper in Fifa? (Bag-a-Bargain)

Updated on April 22, 2013

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Article 1 - Goalkeeper

Hey guys, Mr Awbery here and I am writing another article due to the fact I have now received 30,000 views, which is absolutely incredible, so if you can keep viewing, liking and subscribing, i might be able to get more and more views. It has been fantastic to know that my writing is being seen, and that it is not just a waste of time, so all the support is greatly appreciated.

So anyway, enough chatter, let's get straight down to my new article based on the top five goalkeepers in FIFA 13, and specifically on Ultimate team. If you would like to see more, and other suggestions on articles you would like to read, please comment below, I would really appreciate some feedback, as although I have had a lot of views, I haven't had much in the way of feedback, but that's no complaint guys, just having you read is enough for me!


So having built many, many a team on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, one thing that has become more obvious in recent times is my complete neglect of Goalkeepers as an asset. I mean it sounds ridiculous, but when deciding on a team, my focus is primarily on my attacking options rather than my defensive or goalkeeping ones, which is absolutely not the way to go. I have time and time again been frustrated by the opponents goalkeeper making insane saves,double saves and generally keeping the ball out of the net, in comparison to my goalkeepers, who have let in near post shots, longshots, weak shots, and generally all shots!

So I invested some time to try out different, and better goalkeepers, with the intention of seeing whether they actually made a difference, and lo and behold, a good keeper saves more shots, ridiculous isn't it!

However, I mention now that I have identified my three key stats which goalkeepers need to have to be a beast in ultimate team. These stats are Diving, Reflexes and Positioning. Although Speed, Kicking and Handling are important, they do not affect the keepers ability to save the majority of shots. Handling can be important, to make sure your keeper does not spill the ball, but all in all, the three mentioned stats are the ones I will focus on during this.


I am trying to include the goalkeepers who are less well known, as we all know that Casillas, Cech and Neuer are the best in the game, and will clearly be great additions to a team, however, I will try to bring you some unknown players who are quality.

Rene Adler - Why is he not well known!

Rene Adler was in line to be the Goalkeeper for Germany, and even got the nod before Mauel Neuer, but injury struck and he lost his place. If this wouldn't have happened, maybe he would have been the man which was on everybody's tongues when it comes to keeping ability. None the less, he is an absolute beast in game, and also in real life, being given three different upgrades during the course of FIFA 13 UT this far. This clearly shows that the designers saw they had created him too low, and have now improved him to a whopping 85 on Ultimate Team, which is an inform card. He has also had an 82 IF, and an upgraded card to an 84, so big things can be expected of him in the net.

Standing at 6ft3, he is hardly short, and this height enables him to reach across the net to save shots which could be troublesome for a shorter keeper. Having used Adler extentsively in my German squad, time and time again he would pull off saves which I would usually have just expected to go in. I have also had him save a fair number of one - on - one saves, which previously would have been a no go area, so I seriously suggest purchasing him if you can fit him into your ultimate team. A possible combination with German CB Boateng, or the Brazilian duo of Felipe Santana and Naldo are possible ways in which you can have strong centre backs and a goalkeeper.

Statistics :

I will be basing his statistics on the card which I would suggest buying , which is the uprated 84 Rene Adler, who is a steal at 5,000 coins on XBOX , or a slightly higher 8500 on PS3. This is just an insane price for such a good goalkeeper, and the other players in his range (Casillas, Buffon, Neuer) cost above 50,000 , so bare this in mind!

Name: Rene Adler

Height : 6ft3

Nationality : German

Club: Hamburg SV

Key statistics:

87 Diving

86 Reflexes

83 Position

81 Handling

Diego Alves - Like a cat !

This guy is just insane at diving, and on the word of a friend, created a brazilian team to check him out. Now it is no understatement that this man can save the most powerful shots to the very top corner, and the reflexes of the man allow him to react very quickly to shots from close, far and everywhere. I would seriouly suggest investing in this man if you have either a brazilian, or Liga BBVA defense.

Diego Alves plays for Valencia CF , which in my opinion is odd for a brazilian keeper, but nonetheless this puts him in aa very competitive league, in comparison to the Liga do Brasil, which is not as competitive in my opinion. Valencia are a very good squad, but i do believe he may move on to bigger clubs if they notice his performances from this year. He stands at 6ft2 inches tall, which is not overly tall for a keeper, but is tall enough so you do not feel this is a disadvantage. He made his international debut in November 2011, and this could put him in the limelight for big clubs to move in.

The main place which I felt Alves was strongest was saving finesse or power shots to the top corner, or snap shots such as close range headers. However, it has to be stated that his positioning and handling are below average, so you may notice he drops a few more, or pushes them round the post rather than picking them up. His below average positioning means he may not be in the best spot at all times, but his diving certainly covers this shortfall


Diego Alves has not had an inform, or upgrade, so the statistics are based on his 82 rated card on Ultimate Team - He costs a measly 2,400 coins on XBOX, and a similar 3,200 coins on PS3, so he will hardly bust the bank account in comparison to other high rated keepers.

Name : Diego Alves

Height: 6ft2

Nationality : Brazil

Club: Valencia CF

Key stats:

Diving: 91

Reflexes: 90

He won't be "Given" Goals away!

Please excuse the bad pun, but it had to be written, I mean it just wrote itself. Anyway, this may surprise you, but one of the best keepers I have found is Shay Given from Aston Villa. Now i understand that he may not be one of the best keepers on your mind, when you reel off the likes of Casillas, Neuer, Buffon etc. But this is FIFA, and all that matters is their in game performance - and I have to say that Shay Given is one of my favourite players .

In all honesty, if you look at his career it's no surprise that he is a great keeper. I mean his career has spanned over several quality clubs, including Celtic, Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United, Manchester City and Aston Villa. He is clearly a good keeper to be picked up by these teams, and I am glad FIFA reflect this. He is also 36 years old, so his reading of the game is based on years of experience. Not forgetting he has been the Irish National keeper for decades (slight exaggeration i must admit)

I now have him in my Premier League Team, ahead of the likes of David De Gea, Jose Reina and Jo Hart. This is due to his price - he is just 400 coins on xbox, and I cannot find out the price for the PS3, but i assume that it is very similar. He is nothing! You can pick him up from one games earnings, and also, if you have a costly keeper in your team - you can reduce the cost by picking Given up, I promise he will be brilliant (Actually, i don't promise, I do not want thousands of comments saying that my promise was broken )

Down to his stats -

Name - Shay Given

Height - 6ft (Did not realise he was this short before writing the article, but I have never noticed this as an issue)

Nationality - Irish

Club - Aston Villa

Key Stats - Diving - 85

Reflexes - 86

Position - 79

Thibaut Courtois - This guy is huge!

A youngster, and rarely used in FIFA - Courtois has a promising career ahead of him, currently on loan at Atletico Madrid, but actually he is owned by Chelsea F.C . Right there should highlight his ability, playing for a club doing extremely well in Liga BBVA, but owned by the giants Chelsea. The man has performed brilliantly this season, contributing to the success of Atletico, but enough about his career, lets talk about him in FIFA.

This goalkeeper is also very very cheap, i picked him up for under 1000 coins , so he is no way a bank buster, but let me tell you, he is a save maker. He reaches saves which i thought were definitely going in, ones where i have even thrown my pad onto my bed because I had given up hope, but Thibaut never gives up hope. He is from Belgium, and plays in Liga BBVA, so ties in well with both a Belgian team, and a Liga BBVA squad, and honestly i really recommend trying this guy out, later when i discuss his stats, you will see why.

The overwhelming thing i noticed when i played with Courtois is his ability to reach shots going into the very top corner, from set pieces he is a god at a claiming the ball, and in general just makes good saves every game. I have found myself saying his name a lot, and thanking him for his services, whereas with a keeper such as David De Gea, i find myself saying his name for all the wrong reasons. This is why i suggest purchasing him, because he will do a good job in the net, i would guarantee it.

Name - Thibaut Courtois

Height - 6ft 5

Nationality - Belgium

Club - Atletico Madrid

Key Stats - Diving - 73 (height makes up for this)

Reflexes - 82

Position - 77

Handling - 89

Be A-Frey-ed Be very A-Frey-ed

Frey is a little known keeper who is currently playing for Genoa in Serie A . Insanely, he is only around 600 coins or cheaper, simply for the fact he is a non rare keeper. However, I have to say using him I found that he produced some world class stops, and was able to win me matches, simply by being a beast in the net. Once again I will say I am trying to bring you keepers you wouldn't consider usually, as we all know about the big stars, i want you to discover the little gems i have found too. France has produced a flock of quality goalkeepers and this man is no exception.

First and foremost, he is French, in the Serie A , which allows him to slot into both a ligue 1 team (with french centre backs) and also a serie A team , making him a very versatile keeper. With an 82 rating, which cannot be discredited, his one of the highest non rare goalkeepers in the game, and i just cannot understand why he is ignored. He made his career at Parma and Fiorentina, both reputable clubs, and even played 35 games for Inter Milan, proving he can cut it with the largest of teams. Standing at 6ft2, he is not short, which allows him to get to the top reaches of the net to make saves.

He has been a brilliant addition to my teams, and i have used him in both Serie A, and French teams to great success. He makes great 1 on 1 saves, something which is highly valued on FIFA and received several man of the matches for his performances. I received two messages complaining that my keeper was ridiculous , which shows his ability right there.

Name - S├ębastien Frey

Height - 6ft2

Nationality - French

Club - Genoa

Key Stats - Diving - 84

Reflexes - 86

Position - 82

Handling - 80

Who is the best keeper on this list (or have you found better?)

See results

So there you have it - please subscribe and like the page (only if you like it of course) and come back soon as this is the start of a comprehensive review of every position. In future articles, I will review every single position, and hopefully this means you guys will understand the best players in FIFA to use .



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